Introducing BidDaddy Online Auctions!

Time is money! Driven auto is using to buy and sell vehicles online. Idle Motors is headed to a
traditional auto auction. Both have the same amount of time in the day. The difference is how they manage it. With only 24 hours available, 8 spent asleep, 8 spent at work, the remaining 8, should be spent with friends and family. BidDaddy is designed for dealers by dealers to increase profits and give back time. We understand the headaches dealers and wholesalers go through attending a
physical brick-and-mortar auction. Travel time, traffic, weather, and the extra fees. With limited potential to purchase the vehicles you need. This is why BidDaddy
online auctions is introducing… 90 second auctions, five days a week, multiple lanes, and no-sell fee! bid on your time and confidently know, when the bidding is finished you own the vehicle. This industry is shifting… So gear up and get set… To drive your business… With BidDaddy online auctions! Time is fleeting… and by the end of this video you could have bought and sold online with BidDaddy, Designed for dealers, by dealers.

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