Introducing Gears 5 Horde Mode – New Multiplayer Survival

[XBOX SOUND]>>I’m Catarina, and I’m here
at the Coalition Studio. Today, I’ll be talking with
Studio Head Rod Fergusson, and Multiplayer Design
Director Ryan Cleven about the upcoming
Gears 5 Horde Mode. Just being here at the studio, you can really feel
the excitement and the passion that went into
this game and this mode. So let’s go check it out.>>We always talk about
co-op as cake and not icing. That co-op is central to
what it is to be Gears. So I feel like horde is a really large expression of
that with five player co-op. [MUSIC]>>Everything started
with Gears 2 Horde. It was lightning in a bottle. It was what people look back on as the defining defensive game mode
through all games. It was the idea that you are going to be doing
this as an endurance run, as a three-hour epic experience
and a mode without any cut scenes, without any character development, with only the story had to hold people’s attention for three hours. With Gears 5, what we feel
that we’ve done really is almost the complete realization
of what Gears 2 set out to be.>>The big thing for us now
is this idea of ultimate. There’s basically characters used to be just defined by
the weapons they carried. You were all the same,
you just looked kind of different because you all
could carry the same weapons. But now every character has
its own ultimate ability, its own special ability you can bring to the game that
changes how you play.>>You can look over and
see Kait trying to gather power and you know that she has an ability to turn
herself invincible, so you don’t need to worry if
she gets in a tough fight.>>There’s also a really
big thing called taps now, which are these energy guys
that show up around the map. Because generally once
you find a horde, you would lock in on
a particular place, you would defend from that place
for the entire 50 waves. Now, in order to get as much power as possible to
get as strong as possible, you actually have to move and expand your base to go and
capture those energy taps. Every 10 waves, once
you beat that boss, a new energy tap appears and
you have to go and capture it. So it’s really changed
the dynamic where now it’s much more aggressive
than it was in the past.>>For the first time,
your character will start with all the cards that
they’ve already equipped, but they will then
increase the power of those cards and increase the power of their core abilities over
the course of the game. That progression is then reset and you can do it
again the next game. This means that every game
feels fresh if you can try a different combination of perks that work with your cards
in a specific way.>>Seeing people make a certain build like “here’s a Kait’s build”, “I use these cards with these perks”, and “here’s a double-bill”, then I think it would be
really exciting to see them mix-and-match and see these
different play styles come together.>>One of the things that
we’ve done that is subtle but super important is that
whenever you pick up power, which is the currency in Horde, that power gets equally
distributed amongst everyone. That means that if you see
some power on the ground, everyone will want you to pick it up.>>Then we’ve added stuff to give more information to
the players in things like health bars over
bosses and mini bosses. So there’s a little
feedback mechanisms and it allows you to play
differently because now I can see that the mini boss is on very little health so
I know I’m going to get aggressive because
I know I can do it. Or I can see they still have
a lot so I’m going to hold back.>>To take characters and
push them even further, we’ve added Jackbot as
a playable character inside Horde. It’s one of the most pivotal roles
on the battlefield. Jack can fly anywhere on the map. He moves really quickly, faster than anybody else. He can heal people, repair things. Really, he’s the Jack-of-all-trades, and you really want him
to be your best buddy. Over time we’re going
to add new characters, and with each character we add, the meta will change. We will have different
combinations of strengths, we’ll have different team
compositions that will be beneficial to
certain kinds of players. Every time we add a new character
and every time we add a new map, what we hope to see is
the Horde community come together to explore this space, and show us what the best
combination of characters is. [MUSIC]>>So that idea of finding
five people who know how to balance the classes and
know a balance the characters, and know what the objective
is and what you’re trying to do and everybody’s playing together
in lock step with each other, there’s nothing more
special than having that alignment and
succeeding on that goal.>>It’s really by far, from our point of view, the most intense,
engaging, action-oriented, fierce, epic, defensive mode
there is in video games.>>I really like that Horde creates a dependency where you
work together as a team. You can be successful
lone-wolfing it, but not as successful
as coming together. That’s our motto for the studio. We always say “If you want
to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go
far, go together.” That’s true for Horde as well. [XBOX SOUND]


The weird abilities like going invisible and shooting through walls absolutely destroys the immersion into the world. If it doesn’t follow the rules of the world in campaign then it should not be in horde or escape. IMO

I hope this doesn't mean classes are set per character because you'll often get those randos that only pick their favorite character for aesthetics as opposed to whatever class the group needs.

So the abilities are character locked and you’re gonna “add new characters” wow they just killed horde

I don't know. They are taking many mechanics from gears of war jugdment. I hope I can play with any character that I want to (i mean they share the same skills)

Hey! Why you guys talking about multiplayer. Why can you talked about campaign more often and more gameplay and storyline.

Would NOT want to be responsible for the cleaning if this studio, SO many ledges to keep dust free in those passages!

Games are getting way too complicated for the average gamer but I guess we’re the minority now so makes sense

I can't wait fot people to drop halfway through because they lost interest or just had to leave somewhere. Who has the time to play for 3 straight hours?

locked classes to specific characters doesn't sound fun at all, playing as one character all the time will get boring very quickly.

great, so now instead of playing my favorite character, i have to play the correct character. there's a reason why i stopped playing overwatch, guys!

ya'll remember gears 3? can we just do gears 3 again?

Locked characters in GEARS 5 :

– players can´t choose same character, so one of them gets random one
– round starts
– players get mad, they got something else and leave
– after wawe 5 there are only 2-3 players in the game with AI

Good job Coalition, awesome balance 😉

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