ITS BAD – MY REALLY TOTALED Honda S2000 from a Salvage Auction

okay so I did take off all the kind of
bracketry support stuff that goes on my front nose the holds the headlights
comes off here on both sides it’s all messed up a piece in the center there’s
my stuff that piece is moved a little I think I can read it but we’re trying to
figure out what to do with this setup do we take it somewhere to kind of get it
straight now a little bit do I try to straighten out myself
or do we find a new shell and start again over with the motor and
transmission we know it works on the good note I do have the new front wall
new used front spindle because that one was broken and welded and the new rear
suspension and spindle and rotors cuz that one’s busted
I was hoping to get them on today but the stupid the stupid lug nuts I was
blind JDM like that’s that’s suck and I cannot
get it off also another note I did get another
light and a buffer so I got a red fender red bumper new taillight in there so
we’re good there and the door is good with yellow the cars kind of messed up
tops messed up the seats are gone the red seats I traded them four pieces for
the s2000 that’s how we got these new parts and pieces and stuff I needed to
get it to a point where we can possibly use it and then I’ll just look for black
seats to match I’m losing light fast other information
we we did find another shelf for it the guys being super flaky so I don’t know
if he’s actually gonna bring it you know I had money out for him I was expecting
them to bring it on Saturday you didn’t show expecting them to show up today
Monday he avoided all my texts and messages on Facebook so he’s been a
super flake because we had a clean titled shell we were getting delivered
to do the swap and then I would do something with this one do like
steampunk drift rat-rod it don’t fix it get it fixed enough where I can make it
legal and get it titled again you know headlights taillights and put the
fenders on it make it look good get it all approved and done and then go all
out and do some drift build with it so the sign of CRV the old Honda Challenge
is my challenge car I do have a sponsorship through JDM engine pros
again we got things worked out I got a JDM b20 showing up to my work hopefully
this week and then good things can happen to that shell so the goal on that
one is to build that one out of the car but like ARP head studs in it put a head
gasket and a keep it old stock block rods Pistons maybe do the head maybe I
might just throw turbo on it and send it so awesome for JDM engine pros coming
out helping us on this one for the old bill I’ve been collecting parts if I can
get a place with the light I’ll show you all the parts that I’ve had sitting
around that I have got together for the
challenge I can use on the old CRV so yes we were bad out light now
someone had to shut this down and go from there let me show you the goodies I
found I found stuff I didn’t know I had that I can use on other vehicles and I
found stuff for the budget honda challenge build so as you can see this
is like a shifter bushing kit not applicable to the all-wheel drive cable
tranch if ting style I did find a 68 or 70 millimeter B
Series and take manifold D throttle body I just need a saddle position sensor on
this side so that’s good score I found a box of heat rap good old eBay heat rap
that should come in handy I found the whole turbo kit insert stuff
bungs adapters feed lines and fittings works so I found out one of those kits
has all the goodies for the turbo other swell bonds T’s annuals on a reducer
pressure stuff a braided hose the oil return and the
oil supply they get a little herb a 300 horsepower manifold a whole bunch of box
around tunes and couplers so and then I got a big old piece of WRX exhaust
straight exhaust that’s three inch I’m going to use for the old turbo after the
turbo down pipe connected to it maybe have it come a side exit this on my
compression tester which I looked for for hours and I did my dual overhead cam
tool for doing the tiny Bell and stuff holding cans in place we do a B series
so those are the awesome stuff I found for the Honda youtube challenge laid out
here in the old minivan because we lost all the light to show you it outside so
I say some good money from stuff I already had hopefully I can put it to
use buy some auto end things be 20 turbo
manifold and an ebay turbo and I might need some more piping or couplers for
all of that I gotta get the car do a block guard air P head studs and new
head gasket timing belt kit water pump just general maintenance and the
thermostat alright chillin in the back of the old
minivan because there’s some light back here so that’s the kind of an update on
the Honda challenge build again shout out to JDM engine pros for sponsoring
and build for this challenge also shout out to Robert from Burton racing you go
check out his Facebook page your website and I know a YouTube channel is starting
to get calm ten for this on the YouTube challenge
help me out with some computer stuff for the old turbo setup so I’ve been talking
with him today to get things sorted what I need to do to get stuff to him and get
sorted on that so this this is gonna be how awesome it should be a fun challenge
my biggest thing is the distance to get there so hopefully I think it’s gonna be
in Florida so hopefully I can get something worked out where he go for the
weekend see if I get somebody like if Auto sauce or P if I speedy to somebody
if their trailer and like maybe we go in together and get a big trailer to get
the cars there so then I can just fly out and fly back and then maybe sell the
car or while I’m in Florida this one wants an all-wheel drive 5-speed CRV
that’s turbid maybe I’ll just so are all the dry parts I don’t know we’ll see you
when that time comes hey this will have to do the fun the
traveling for the grace so good hope you guys are excited about this Honda
youtube challenge I definitely am there’s a lot of people involved and are
talking about getting in on this there’s a couple all the drive see your ex build
it’s coming to be and Trent and Taker builds crazy Frankenstein H series stuff
like all kinds of unique things that people are putting together for this
challenge – definitely budget I’m trying to do everything within a like $2,000
budget that’s including the car so I’m definitely on the way that’s why I found
all that stuff that I’ve already paid for and I don’t have to pay for that
stuff again so I can spend money on the manifold a decent turbo and computer
management that’s gonna be the big biggest expense for me so I definitely I
buy the fuel pump the block guard therapy head studs head
gasket timing belt water pump timer set and take manifold gasket throughout
throttle body gasket and throttle position sensor so I got a few things
still to go but we’re getting parts together and things are coming together
so I’ve been waiting for my brother this guy to show up with his Infiniti g35 and
he has aftermarket wheels with this key so this key goes on here spline stuff
okay I cannot work on the s2000 today because of these splines I cannot get
them off so I got his key and it freakin worked can’t get luckier than that
I was probably like six styles but this is the style I needed so now I can
borrow this so I can take off the wheels so I can put on the new suspension
that’s hilarious alright guys it’s in the middle of night I’m out in my field
working on a big fat dirt loader and now I literally have to remove eight bolts
to fix these hydraulic lines that burst it on me
yesterday and it’s been super dumb I’m telling you I’ve been out here for at
least four hours trying to get a heat pulse I got to a hose that blew up the
biggest burst off I haven’t got them off there’s the old bursted hose you see see
if I did this in better position there explosions no bueno
but the crappy part is I have this little hole to work on to get to them
and then I have this slot here that’s just big enough to Marmon on the big ol
fat dirt loader so the tires are definitely 5 feet tall they are up to my
shoulders this thing is pretty huge and I moved a lot of dirt in last few days
that’s why I haven’t seen many car videos but yeah that’s the fun for the
night alright guys so I promise haven’t forgotten about you I’ve been filming
I’ve been working on stuff getting things together working on the
Volkswagen working on the s2000 working on the CRV so there’s things are
definitely happening so thanks for tuning into this late night episode of
wide open throttle garage as we fix everything
yay make sure that I can subscribe till next time you you

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