Janis Joplin’s Porsche expected to break sales records

Janis Jopline’s 1964 Porsche is expected
to break records when it goes on sale next week at Sotheby’s. The singer bought the car from a Beverly Hills
used car dealership in 1968. The rock legend then asked her roadie Dave
Richards to spruce up the dove grey coloured car and he returned it with a psychedelic
period-inspired work he entitled “History of the Universe”. Not a square inch of the Porsche’s bodywork
was left untouched. This isn’t just an art car. It’s an art car
that’s made with love, made with heart, you know. She asked a friend to do it. He did
it and this is what it was and she drove it, you know. It was kind of a humbling exchange
in a lot of ways. It isn’t about who painted it necessarily, it’s just that somebody else
reflected her personality in it and she was obviously quite proud of it. The auction will also feature 30 other cars
from every decade since the 1930’s, with a collective value of around 90 million dollars.



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"Janice Joplin's Porsche"


Sold for $1,760,000 in New York last week…


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