Jeep Cherokee Limited 3.2 V6 Test im Alltag – Car Report Online – english sub

Hello I don’t really know were the car is we want to test today
Ohh here it is! Now welcome to a new episode of ‘Carreport Online’ today with the brandnew Jeep Cherokee. For the very first time it will be a two-part episode The first part will show you the daily routine skills. In the second part the Cherokee will proove it’s offroad skills So who want to get a full overview just have to watch the complete Playlist. And now have fun with the new Jeep Cherokee since 5th of April the new Cherokee is available at the german dealer ships The pricing begins from 34.800€ three different modell types can be ordered The differ in their offroad suitability and their standard equipment It begins with the ‘Longitude’ the mid is the ‘Limited’ at best Offroader called ‘Trailhawk’ We’re testing the ‘Limited’ today with it’s most powerful engine a 3.2 Litre V6 petrol engine with 272 bhp and the new 9 gear automatic box Jeep also offeres different Diesel engines between 140 and 172 bhp Most of the SUV’s are driving in the towns.
Let’s check how reverse parking does work Looks good move Forward again.. Yep it’s in. tight and low parking garages can be be big Problems for a SUV How simply makes the Cherokee this challenge to it’s owner. Easy parking or have to move back a lot of times Let’s check the size of the tropic So you know us for whats coming up Our test of the luggage compartment of course electric and very high, but ok, it’s a SUV Not really much space the car looks that large but unfortunately it isn’t. So this was part 1 the tests for the allday routine, who’s interesting for it’s offroad skills, just have to follow us in part two

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