Jesse Milne from Jones Chevrolet Buick GMC Testimonial – ACV Auctions

I prefer ACV over a traditional auction because it keeps me at the store focused on profit building activities and not wasting my day all day in the lanes at the sale. The selling experience is second to none. The guys from ACV come in, make the process easy, fast, and simple, and usually my vehicles are sold within 20 minutes. Having to not transport our vehicles is another huge plus with using ACV. Especially in our climate, the winters can be terrible and there’s been several instances where they’ve actually been wrecked on your way to the auction. ACV eliminates that by taking care of it right on the lot. We’re selling the vast majority of our wholesale vehicles through ACV along with fresh trade ins. And it helps us make more car deals and give better deals to our customers. When it comes to condition reports I would definitely say that ACV is more comprehensive and more detailed. The go green is definitely helpful. I know I’m not going to have any headaches coming down the road and when the vehicle sells the deal sticks. I had a vehicle that really wasn’t one of our big sellers and the ACV live appraisal tool helped me put the right money with the buyer and helped us make a retail deal on the spot. I was home watching the Sweet 16 basketball finals and the guys at ACV were still going to bat and we sold two cars that night. We recently had a three quarter ton pickup truck with over 400,000 miles on it, that I know would not got any bids at a live auction. On ACV it was sold within 20 minutes and it went across the country. They have the most eyes on the most vehicles period. The seller fees are very easy to understand and very competitive. There’s no surprises that you get at a traditional auction of gas or a jumpstart or a wash or what have you. They make it easy to do business. I would definitely recommend ACV to all of my fellow automotive colleagues. Sometimes it’s hard to make a change but this is definitely for the best. Take it for me, an old car guy. ACV makes a difference in your day to day operations, your profitability, and ultimately your bottom line.

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