JIMEX Tutorial – Setting Up a JIMEX Account and Searching for Cars

Hello and welcome to the ‘How to Guide with
JIMEX Global Car Supplier’. My name is Andy and today we are going to
be running through how to set up your account as well as how to search for your first car
with the Japanese Auctions. So the first thing we are going want to do
it’s to set up our account. So we come over here to the ‘Be a Member’
tab and hover over that which keeps a list of information to fill in. Once all these have been filled in we come
down to the verification box, fill in the code that is displayed to the left and click
Register. After clicking Register you’ll receive
an email from JIMEX letting you know that your account was set up successfully.
From there we take the JIMEX ID and the password, fill these in here and click on the icon to
the right in order to login. We know we’ve been logged in successfully
because the BE A MEMBER Text changes to the name of the account. Now that we’re successfully logged in, we
can start searching for a car in the Japanese Auctions. To begin this, we come over to the Auctions
menu, drop down and select Auctions again and this will open the Search Page. After a little bit scrolling, we can see all
the different criteria that we can search from and the first thing we are going to do
is choose the ‘Make: Toyota’ and the ‘Model’, we are going to go for a Land Cruiser Prado. Now at this point, we could click search
and see all the auctions available, but we are going to go a little bit more specific,
and we’re going to go with a 2010 to a 2014 unit. The engine size we are not worry about but,
I definitely think that the mileage should be below 100,000 km. Next we have the Auction grade. Now the Auction grades run from 5 which is
basically a new car, all the way down to 3, and then we have “R” which is a “Repair Car”
and 3 Stars, which is a Wreckage car. Knowing this I’m going to choose a car that
is between 3.5 and 4.5. So, quick check over that, I’m happy with
all those details, and we’re going to click search. This will show me all of the cars that meet
my criteria and we can see there are 16 of them. Now, after looking over these, if they are
any that really do meet my fancy, what I’ll do, for example this one, I’ll come over here,
I’ll click on lot number and this will open the page for this car. From here, I can see several more pictures
of the car, as well as, the all important Auction sheet with all the information. So then we go with that , we are successfully
logged in and searched for our first car. Many thanks for listening! I look forward to working with you in the

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