Job Roles For Inside Sales – Customer Service,Solve Queries,Professional Sales

Hello all,This is Apoorva from welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers today i will be talking to you about a Job Role of Inside sales representative There are many candidates who choose their
career as inside sales representatives, which are assured to have a great career path ahead.
An inside sales representative is one whose job role is to sit within the office and sell
products over the phone. The representative would be provided with a list of contact details
for the particular chore. A wholesale or manufacture industries would have more of inside sales
representatives. The main duty of the customer would be to call and explain the type of product
that is being manufactured within the industry. The process as well as the way to use the
products is well explained to the customers by the inside sales representatives.
The main duty of the inside sale representative is to call customers for selling products.
They solve any queries with the customer on phone if present, they also they also follow
an email contact along with other details and they would maintain a record of customers
and update it frequently. They also call up new customers each day for professional sales.
The basic eligibility criteria for this category of jobs are a high school diploma or some
other degree related to inside career sales. Few years of experience in sales or a BA or
BS degree in marketing or business administration can be added advantages. The candidates should
possess a strong communication skills and talent to convince customers. They should
also possess basic computer and internet knowledge with required knowledge of web applications.
Overall the inside sales representative is one who assists in the growth of the company
and also dedicates most of his time on phone in order to achieve his sales.
For inside sales representative is taken into Consideration, the salary range for these kinds
of professionals’ changes depending upon the company. The initial salary for these
representatives is Rs 15000 per month and can rise higher as the job role enhances.
At the end they gain an attractive salary along with bonus, commission, profit sharing
and lot more. There are ample companies as well as international
companies which offer job opportunities for inside sales. There are few companies which
also provide cab facilities if they work for the other shift around. A few recruiters for
inside sales representatives are • Adobe
• Dell • Micro excel
• Advan soft • AR associates
• Win Excel • Bodh tree consulting limited
• Aapt solutions private limited • E-centric
• Eli research • Growth 360
• Posist technologies • Flat world solutions
• HP • Honey well
• Soft labs global IT limited • SDL
In the same manner there are few government concerns too which takes responsibility for
inside sales. These jobs can be a great start point for career and can take you to higher
levels in career. MBA in marketing can be an added advantage for ones who desire to
reach managerial position in a short time Inside sales representatives are always on high demand, candidates who desire to get
hold of this category of job can do so by running through the various web pages and
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