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Welcome to Joe Bullard Collision Center today. This is Live With Ty. We have a guest, who you can see here, who
is Tom Clough. Welcome, Tom. Welcome. Good morning. I’m so glad to have Tom here. For those of you who don’t know, there’s probably
a few people that I’m extremely thankful for in our organization, and certainly one of
those people is Tom Clough. Because he is our Collision Center Manager,
and so he deals, when your car gets in an accident, however, that happens, which would
or are unfortunate, he has to put it back together and make it perfect. And I’ll tell you that is not an easy job. And so anyway, I want Tom to share with us
this morning a little about what he’s doing back in his collision center. This is a part of our business that tends
to kind of be in the back of everything we do. It’s in the back of our lot. It seems to be kind of on the back of our
marketing. But at the end of the day, this is a big business
and we have to tell people, ask us about our business. Well, what do y’all sell? And I’m like, well we sell these brands in
this brand and these brands. I’m like, but yet we got a big collision center
back here that’s its own entity itself that’s really taking care a lot of customers. It’s got a big team and really substantial
business that Tom really, totally oversees and manages and does a phenomenal job for. Thank you. So Tom, tell us a little bit about where we
are, why we’re sitting here and just kind of want to do a little education on kind of
what you offer that, I don’t think we do a good job of telling people we offer. So tell us a little about that. Well, good morning. My name is Tom, Tom Clough. At Joe Bullard’s, we have a very large collision
center. We work on multiple car lines and not necessarily
what we sell, but we work on anything that’s out there. We have four or five special programs that
we offer. We are a DRP direct repair facility for five
of your major insurance companies. Which of the insurance companies? Like All-State. Yeah, okay. State Farm. Big name insurance companies, yeah. Farmer’s. Yeah. Alfa. And one important thing, that you always have
to kind of understand, it is your choice. When an insurance company, when you have a
wreck and you call it in, it is your choice. Where you want to take it. A lot of times they will suggest shops, but
the most important thing is trying to find you a shop that you’re comfortable with, that
you can trust what people are sharing and telling you. So when you call it in, they will have a list
that you can pick from or you tried to make sure you reach out and establish a shop that
has many options. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a great point, Tom. Because so many times I get a call and generally,
I get the call when it’s just happened. And if you’ve never been in an accident and
God forbid you are in one. But if you are, if you’ve ever been in one,
you probably remember it. It’s really kind of a panic time. You’re in an accident. It’s totally just interrupted your schedule. Just, it’s kind of just in general when you
get in those moments, you kind of panic a little bit and you don’t necessarily think
clearly and everything. Right. And so I’ve noticed people call me saying,
“Hey, can I get a car? My car’s at the body shop?” And I’m like, “Well what body shop is that?” He said, “Oh well, they took it over here
and they said I had to get it fixed over here.” And I’m like, “Wait a minute, hold on. No, we can do it.” And so there is a choice. And so no, I think that’s a great point because
at the end of the day you do have a choice where you want your car fixed. Right, right. So we represent a lot of brands, but Tom and
his team here do an excellent job. And so many times they call me saying, “Well,
I thought they had to take it over here.” I’m like, “No, no, no, no. You can take it where you choose to.” So at the end of the day, it’s just good information
for you to know. And I think that’s a great point. So glad you brought it up. So like I say, when you get in an accident,
it’s hard to stay calm. Try to make sure everybody’s okay. The phone calls as far as is the police’s
needed. Yep. If you’re able and your car has to be towed,
you want to tell them where you want to take it to. Sometimes it takes days for an owner to locate
their car because they don’t know what towing facility. We have a storage facility in two different
areas. Or if it’s after hours, on the weekends. Right, yeah. But then again, you want to request where
you want it repaired at. We have specialty repairs, we have multiples. We are I-CAR certified and steel braising
aluminum, we’re a probably the most advanced aluminum repair facility here locally. Is that the Mobile area. I’d say the Mobile area as far as, New Orleans
or Mississippi. Okay. There are different levels of aluminum repair. You cannot repair aluminum in the same manner
that you would do steel. You have to keep all the tools separate. You have to make the pulls different. You use a different type of product, a different
type of sealer. So what is most people watching this maybe
don’t even know, they might not even know what their car’s made out of. If you asked me, I’d be like, I don’t know
what it’s made out of. I mean it’s just, it’s the color, you know? So tell me a little about why we’re talking
about aluminum in 2019? Well, there are so many areas that people
are still trying to fix everything the same. Okay. So when they try to fix aluminum hood, if
it’s a Toyota, maybe it’s a Chevrolet or Ford, all these have different panels that are made
out of aluminum or steel. So you would use them in a different environment,
different type of tools. And a lot of times we’ve seen where something
is not repaired correctly, oxidation sets in, it causes blisters under it. So the key thing is you want to be environmental
friendly when you’re doing these repairs and making sure that you’re not causing a corrosive
action that may take weeks, months to show up. Let me ask you this. So cars today on the road that have aluminum
in them? Yeah. 10 years ago my dad was sitting here, he wouldn’t
even understand aluminum because they were all made out of steel. Tom Clough: Right. Ty: Back when those cars were heavy and gas
mileage wasn’t an issue. Nowadays, I know the Ford trucks made of aluminum. What other brands and what are the things
you’re seeing? Tom Clough: Every car line has different parts
of it. We’re certified in aluminum repair for Ford,
Infiniti, Acura, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover. But we have the equipment to repair every
car line there is. Okay. But those certifications mean that we’re certified
with the manufacturer? Yes. Honda being one, which we’re not a Honda dealer. No. But we’re certified with Honda. Right. We have reached out to the different manufacturers,
find out what their program consisted of. Then we went out and required, sent our people
to I-CAR. Next week we have another gentleman going
to Wisconsin. They have a 60% failure rate. So it is very strenuous. So you got a 60% chance of not passing? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if I’d do well in that environment. No, it is. You’re up there for a week and it’s very stressful. I have four people that are trained in aluminum
repair. And so there’s a lot to it. You just don’t repair it like you normally
would in an older car. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. And you were saying you have separate shops. I mean, there’s quite a bit of investment
that goes into aluminum. Oh, yeah. We have a few hundred thousand dollars. Not sure if I should say it because I’m spending
his money. Oh, no. But it’s an education program that you’re
also, as you’re learning, you’re also trying to work with the insurance companies because
some of them don’t really understand either, the process or the amount of time that it
takes. It’s new. It’s new. And there’s a reason the world has gone to
aluminum. Is it gas mileage? It’s gas, everything is weight. So they have found different metals that are
lighter and stronger. But again, you have to repair them differently. Ty: Yeah. Okay. So tell us, so obviously aluminum is becoming
a bigger part of our business and a little bit of a differentiating part of our business,
that we offer that maybe other shops around just having either made the investment of
the time, not it’s good or bad, but they just haven’t maybe gone in that direction. And it sounds like we have. It’s several shops. Other organizations have not gone to it yet. We see the need a few years ago when we started
the program, the training, everything, the equipment that goes along with it. Even though you buy a piece of equipment today,
the manufacturer might tell you-you need something different next year. Yeah, yeah, TYeah. So it again, it takes a lot. So tell me, obviously people think collision
center, they think of collisions like, okay, I had a collision, then I need to go to the
collision center. Is there anything else you all offer outside
of that that maybe they don’t know of? Maybe I’m not aware of that y’all offer to
that you all do in this shop? Tell us a little about that. We do your standard metals, aluminum, but
we also have a dent-less repair program that there are some vehicles, small dents, depends
on where they’re at. Like the dents, you get in the grocery store
when that door opens on it? Yes, we have a system that we can push those
dents out or use glue pulls to pull them out. And then doctor the panel. A lot of times some metals have memory, you
can get it back like some plastics. And we do windshield repairs. There’s a lot of a trim that we offer. We can do seat repairs. We’ve done some seat dye in. So we try to be that one stop shop. When you come in. So you’re dealing with some of the, I mean,
as our company we sell, pre-owned vehicles. And so I know y’all are involved in that process
to a degree and that’s why you offer some of these because you’re helping our dealerships
support in that direction. So tell us about, I’ve always been fascinated
with Tom. Tom is a, first of all, he’s an incredible
human being. And when I say he’s an incredible human being,
he thinks of others so much more than himself. And I could have countless stories of where
you’ve, I mean, great example, the other day the Cadillac dealership needed to cook burgers
and hot dogs for the team. Tom is not even on that campus. He’s down the street, he’s managing this body
shop. He’s got 35 employees here that he’s, and
he’s got customers, I mean he’s got a big operation he’s running here and all of a sudden
I hear that Tom Clough is getting a grill brought to Cadillac, so they can get the hotdogs
and hamburgers and cook for the team. And he just did that. It didn’t come across on a paycheck. I didn’t make any payments extra. It wasn’t that he asked, he just did it. And I just think that’s such a service mentality
and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Go into our vision, serve, grow, profit, develop. No, serve, develop, profit, grow. And that first word, serve is so important. And so I just, I don’t know, I didn’t ever
tell you that and I just, I heard that story and I hadn’t told you that. So I wanted to tell you that and thank you. But, but outside of that, Tom’s, one of the
things he also is, is very environmentally conscious. And so like I’ve walked back here and I don’t
really think necessarily in those lines, but tell us a little about the environmental program
you have back here. Sometimes they call me an environmental freak. Maybe that’s a better term. I do believe not putting anything in the ground
that we can, we have a choice, but we do metal recycling, aluminum recycling, plastic recycling. We had cardboard and paper that we would send. We also have a thinner paint where we cook
the excess down to like a patty, keep it in a barrel and then we sell it as a bi-fuel
where they don’t bury it. So there’s a plant energy plant or somebody
were come get it and use it for their furnaces to burn off. So everything we possibly can, we try to make
sure we’re environmentally friendly. And that’s more of a choice of yours, you
don’t have to do all those things? No, yeah. Everybody worries about OSHA and safety, but
that’s just my desire, my heart watching after the people that work for us. That’s a part of our strength is the people
that we have share in my vision and then taking it and also running with it. Somebody comes up with as a customer, we try
to greet them, take care of them, find out what they’re looking for. We make a lot of phone calls for a lot of
people trying to set up their claims. And the whole process, we’re always looking
out not only for the customer, but we’re trying to be environmentally friendly as we work. And responsible. And responsible. Yeah. Yeah. You kind of take ownership of that. Yes, sir. What’s amazing, Tom’s in one of our older
shops, I mean one of the original shops we’ve added to onto this place from time to time,
but it’s really one of the older shops, and I’m always amazed when I come in here and
I’m looking at the floor or I’m in the shop, of how clean this place is because it’s not
necessarily, it’s not a brand new shop, it’s just to get a new shop smell. But it’s amazing how clean the shop he keeps. But that’s, we were name tags, which we don’t
have on right now, but on the back of our name tags, our number two important thing
is to have two possess a clean and safe work environment, a clean professional work environment. And that’s so important. Tom lives that out because it is important. It’s important to have a clean place that
you can bring your car to know that we’re going to handle your car with the clean and
the most professional way possible. And so that’s why it’s number two on our list. Oh yeah. We watch out for like the LED lighting. We’ve changed all that. We use waterborne environmentally friendly
paint. Where it’s easy on the VOCs in the air as,
as we’re spraying cars, our filtration system is by far one of the best that’s out there. The system being in the paint booths? When in the paint booth where one, you don’t
want your people to be breathing because they’re also wearing respirators, but you don’t want
it going in the air either. That’s a lot of stuff, Tom. Oh, yeah. That’s a lot of good stuff. Anything else worth sharing this morning you
think? Just as a reminder, again, it’s your choice. If you’re not feeling comfortable with insurance
companies trying to guide you, reach out. We’d be glad we talked to many people every
day on the phone. Yeah. We want you to feel comfortable. I tell people every week, I want you to come
to my shop. I want you to want that. Absolutely. And if it, and we have people that call us
just ask questions on sometimes on a repair procedure that’s happening somewhere else. Again, we will try to help any way we can. Absolutely. Awesome. Well, thank you, Tom. I appreciate it. I know taking this few minutes out of your
schedules here. Thanks for the opportunity. But I am thankful for Tom Clough because that
means I don’t have to run the Body Shop. And so you got metal, you got paint, you got
to live and that stuff blows my mind. But anyways Tom, thank you for all your service
to our company, and to our customers more importantly. Thank you. Ways to get in touch with us, obviously, we
will have a phone number posted here, we’ll have our website posted here and so sometimes
people forget we have a collision center website. We want to make sure we get that posted and
those are ways to get in touch with us. There’s always a great sticker. We do have stickers that we offer to put in
the door jam of your car and if you buy a new car from us, I think we’ve got these. New and used. New and used stickers to where when you have
on that unfortunate event happens and you’re in an accident, all you have to do is look
down at your door jam and that’s the number you call and the rest will be handled for
you. And so we mean that. That’s why we put the sticker there. So if you want one of those stickers, they
don’t cost you anything. Please, we can mail you one. We can send you one. Right. We can come by, we’ll put it on for you. Put it right on your door jam, just in case. If it’s your daughter, your son, your spouse,
your mother, your father, it’s just a sense of security. It’s a little sticker, but when that happens
to have a phone number, one phone number to call and the rest is taken care of, to me
is important. And it doesn’t cost you anything. So we appreciate you joining us today. Thank you so much. Thank you. I hope this was informative. We’re just trying to bring light some of the
things that maybe we haven’t done a good job of doing before to your attention because
we have a lot to offer here. We’ve got a great team. Tom and his staff do a good job, so thank
you for tuning in. Check back with us next week when we have
something next, which I guess is Live With Ty. So anyway, have a great afternoon. Blessings.

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