Joe Scibelli – Haddad Dealerships

Well everybody knows that the wholesale part of this business is not a profitable business. In this business at wholesale we’re hoping to break even right now with ACV Auctions we find ourselves in the profit which is a good thing. We’ve tried it all and we found that ACV has actually been the best avenue for us. We’ve tried sealed bid auctions, we’ve had it we’re wholesale buyers come into the dealership and we’ve tried conventional auctions and we’ve found ACV to be the best way. We’ve been using ACV for over a year now and you know it’s been great. We were we’re as you know we sell ninety nine percent of the vehicles that we run. The one or two percent that we don’t we’ll take to a conventional auction and we’ll find out at the end of the day after paying for transportation and fees that it was probably easier just to sell it 100 percent to ACV Auctions. I mean it’s a hundred percent more convenient. I don’t know how to say you know you take 25, 30 pictures of a car and you could sell it within 20 minutes. The fees are awesome. I mean that’s one of the reasons why I was so intrigued when I first started with ACV because everybody knows in wholesale land that selling cars at a conventional auction could run you $200, $300, $400 after it’s all said and done with transportation and buyers fees. We’re a good sized dealership with four rooftops. We have Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru and I feel right now with ACV auctions it’s just a great way for us to grow and we couldn’t be happier. I’m the farthest thing from a techie. I’m old school, wholesale manager. It’s got to be the easiest app that I’ve ever used. Ever. Hands down. What we like about ACV is we can tell how many viewers are actually looking at our vehicles and the amount of viewers is far more than the amount of buyers that we’ve had would a sealed bid auction. I sold the car during a Super Bowl sitting on my couch. Launched the car that didn’t sell the first time and just decided to sell it the second time, launch it a second time and shazam it was sold. I’ve sold over 800 cars through ACV Auctions and I can’t say that I’ve had one issue with the sale at this point. We found the live appraisal to be just a great tool. I mean you know when a manager is having a tough time making a car deal and they think they’re at the end of the road on a trade in and we run a live appraisal we find out that we’ve got some extra money we can make a car deal. And that’s just awesome. Our volume of our inventory is much lower with ACV Auctions because we can take pictures of the car and launch an auction as soon as the customer trades a car in and takes the plates off the vehicle we can get to work and that car can be sold. Basically most the wholesale dealers are our dealers that couldn’t buy vehicles from our dealerships and now they have the opportunity to do that which is great. We’re in Berkshire County and when we started we were just we were selling vehicles to the guys in upstate New York, pretty close our area. Right now and finding out that I’ve sold cars to people in Ohio, Pennsylvania and it’s starting to spread everywhere. The good guys. These guys are great. You guys got to try them. I’m living proof. I’m a real guy. If you want to give me a call you can call me at the dealership. Believe it guys it works.

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