Joe Walsh’s presidential bid comes after years of controversial comments



What a family man! How far behind is he with his child support? Please, this man is a deep state establishment jerk. He's worse than Romney. Plus he's a dead beat dad. Trump is the one who has taken back our jobs, and the economy. Not the Republican Party. They didn't know how.

Joe Walsh called for people to arm themselves and assault BLM. He repeatedly called Obama a Muslim and called him a traitor. He was a Trump sycophant who promoted armed insurgency if he lost the election. He’s a conspiracy theorist who also didn’t pay child support. And he’s the guy that people are looking to to get one over on Trump. My goodness, the dude is worse than 45.

I hope more Republicans stand up and run for president. If it's just Trump vs the Democrats, Trump will most likely win only because all of the Democratic Presidential candidates are boring. Except for Andrew Yang. But can Andrew Yang beat Donald Trump? Idk. Maybe if the Mainstream media can stop talking about Trump 24/7.

Trump is a pedafile felon criminal liar. Period, Can we please send the galaxies biggest criminal in history aka Trump aka toxic tongue demonic demagogue trump into outerspace? With no return pod! Total lawless illegitimate moronic fool!

He needs to get his guitar and find "The James Gang", and stick to rock or roll………He couldn't keep up playing against "Trump and The Deplorables"………

You are wasting your time. You won't win. You don't know what to due because you are out of the spotlight and are using Trump to get a book deal or on TV (see Anthony Scaramucci).

Dear Joe Walsh: If you noticed you didn't hear crickets chirping at the announcement of your candidacy, it's because not even they cared. You are a two-bit shill, spineless, mindless, worthless and useless. Move on, loser!

He must need the money. So Joey collect campaign contributions and then you can steal the money. Isn't that what political people from Illinois do? The last three Illinois govs did prison time.

Remember literally a year ago when he said we should give toddlers a rudimentary understanding of mortars just because a TelePrompTer told him to?

Absolutely not a single soul:
Joe Walsh: hey I know you hate Trump because he’s a hateful curmudgeon but guess what?!? Now because of Trump I’m a less hateful curmudgeon. vote for me

I am from Illinois. This guy is a joke. Corrupt beyond belief. Loves to yell and scream. Funny whenever he attacks Trump on his show he gets massive push back from his audience. A man stupid enough to alienate his viewers to go against a person they believe in is totally worthless. An a..h… of the highest order. Hope he stays on CNN where there is no one listening.

first thing he does is go on morning joe MSNBC ….. "someone" is paying him to do this , and I never liked Joe Walsh , now I know why ….. He's spewing more lies about Trump ….. He says "Trump throws tantrums" ….. Trump is NOT throwing tantrums , he is fighting back against a cabal of sinister hyenas trying to oust him from office for 3 damn years now …. Hell who wouldn't be pissed ????? and look at all Trump has gotten done with damn near ZERO support from anyone …. Even his own party stabs him in the back …. Joe Walsh is a moron , and I bet someone is paying him good money to do this ….. another sellout "just to get Trump" ….. I smell Obama behind this little charade …… Joe Walsh is a MOLE

he's from Illinois …. I'm sure there are some "Chicago" connections here ….. Gee I wonder who could possibly be behind this ????

Another John McCain globalist mole pretending to care about the country ….. "someone" is paying him to do this ….. how much ya wanna bet ….. Tell me how stupid it is to "hurt Trump" and get one of these leftist kooks as President ….. Joe Walsh likes to bash Trump , but he says NOTHING about Joe Biden , a man who gropes 10 year old girls ON CAMERA IN CONGRESS !!!!!! what a moron …. I listened to Joe's radio show a few times , he tried to pretend he supported Trump , but he would always throw these "little digs" in …. I smelled a rat and never liked that guy ….. Now I know why , HE IS A RAT

NEVER EVER vote for a guy with a Herman Munster Flat Head ….. It indicates the top part of his brain has been squished …. In other words , he's a moron ….. Want proof ??? Just listen to him talk

I love it when he thinks HE "helped get Trump elected" ….. Ya right …… TRUMP got Trump elected you dipshit , you didn't do squat ….. No one even knew who you were 3 years ago

Trump will tear this clown apart. Foreclosures, evictions, tax liens, lawsuits, license suspensions, failure to pay child support, no real job for years, two time loser for elected office, tried to reduce child support do to lack of employment. Trump s no saint but this clown is in no position to call out anyone s character.

trump is at over twelve thousand lies so far, and just piles them on every day. Unfortunately the USA has been dumbed-down and believes only in answers of one sentence, or less! Walsh is a trump twin in every way. We need all trump twins to stand up and run for President.

So people are mad that he called out Barrack Hussein Obama for showing his anti-America stances and the MSM holding him to a lower standard based on his race?

One of Joe Walsh's biggest challenges will be trying to explain his stupid mistakes. He voted for Trump. It doesn't get any worse than that.

I am no fan of Donald Trump. But what makes this guy think he stands a chance in hell? He served one term as a U.S. Representative and was kicked out by Tammy Duckworth. On top of that, no democratic or republican incumbent president running for reelection ever failed to at least win their party's nomination no matter how unpopular they were. This guy's own history and that of the presidency is going against him.

What a freaking turncoat this guy is…
Was a huge huge conservative Trump supporter and now he turn coward and cut bait…booo Walsh boooo Walsh!

Walsh's comments about Obama getting softballed bc he was black is 1000% true. No white President could have as shoddy of a record as Obama has and still be regarded so positively by the media and half the nation.

Joe, you are a disgrace to the Republican Party, please allow Trump to lead this nation in the right direction as we all deserve!

I'm a Democrat, but if my party elects another corporate Democratic (not referring to Hillary Clinton) like Joe Biden I will rather vote for you!

Yes, I'm a Democrat voting for a Republican if it means beating Trump or Joe Biden is DNC primary candidate.

Ha Ha Ha Any "Republican that goes by his feelings over the facts is a
Democrat. Do NOT be fooled by this Fake, Self-promoting Democrat!

Where President Trump obviously Loves America, it is also obvious that Democrats & fake Republicans loves themselves!

Trump 2020 for the Win!

"Anyone" else is a Mistake!

Ha Ha Ha Any "Republican that goes by his feelings over the facts is a
Democrat. Do NOT be fooled by this Fake, Self-promoting Democrat!

Where President Trump obviously Loves America, it is also obvious that Democrats & fake Republicans loves themselves!

Trump 2020 for the Win!

"Anyone" else is a Mistake!

Ha Ha Ha Any "Republican that goes by his feelings over the facts is a
Democrat. Do NOT be fooled by this Fake, Self-promoting Democrat!

Where President Trump obviously Loves America, it is also obvious that Democrats & fake Republicans loves themselves!

Trump 2020 for the Win!

"Anyone" else is a Mistake!

Hey Joe, where can I sign my kids up for your kindergarten weapons course?
Let's get those junior mortar men trained up!

I think we got nothing to worry about I didn't know him until a couple of days ago. We don't need a psycho an office. Personally I think he's another psycho leftist. Pretending to be a Republican. And I truly look forward to a civil war.

Joe Walsh said that "Obama was being held to lower standards because he was Black !!!." He said that !!! no wonder he apologizing. Trump would never say such a thing !!!. Walsh now wants to paint Trump as a Racist, Come on !!.

Be Bave !!!. What does that mean ???. You mean standing up to the Don !!. What are your Political police's Joe !!!.

Walsh your delusional ! You Epstein doppelganger ! Trump's done more for AMERICA and AMERICAN'S than any other PRESIDENT in history ! Trump is America's Greatest President Since President John Hanson !!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!

Ut oh Joe you called Obama a Muslim Ni__.r! You racist awful human! Pay your WIFE the money you owe for CHILD SUPPORT You human waste. Now I understand what ABORTION is about

"I'm not a racist but I've said racist things" Joe Walsh LMFAO !!!!! If the demorats media deep state never Trumpers love sucking that dick .. I'll pass. Trump 2020 deeeeeep up in ya 👉👌😂🇺🇸MAGA

Joe Walsh is Urolagnia
Urolagnia (also known as urophilia) is a sexual fetish with a focus on urine and urination. People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, or urinate on, or be urinated on by other people, and may also drink the urine. The consumption of urine is urophagia. Some like to watch others doing these things. These activities are often described by the euphemisms "golden showers" or "watersports".

Joe Walsh likes the feeling of "Warm urine" on his chest during sexual intercourse.

I won't say anything negative about someone online if I am unable to say it to their face. But I will make positive statements. I am a VERY proud "deplorable". Trump 2020 already has my vote! Keep up the great work you are doing President Trump.

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