KFC® | Pickle Fried Chicken Tenders | Food Review! 🥒🐓👴

hey everyone its Ian K back again with
another one for ya this time here at KFC to take a look at the hotly
anticipated pickle fried chicken and let’s just say all you pickle heads out
there have a reason to celebrate because this sauce combines some pretty tasty
ingredients that includes dill onion vinegar garlic white and black pepper
along with buttermilk and that all comes together to not only deliver that pickle
flavor but also a very pungent aroma guys it definitely stands out amongst
all the other sauces I’ve ever smelled from KFC and I have to say I am diggin
it and hey if chicken tenders aren’t your thing you can actually get this
with the crispy kernel sandwich itself along with the regular chicken littles
and the extra crispy bone-in chicken and naturally there are combos available
that include mashed potatoes and the buttermilk biscuit but overall the
chicken tenders do look pretty fantastic and of course you do get the pickle
slices for the accent on the very top of them so let’s get into this and see if
the flavor is as strong as the aroma yeah I’m definitely diggin how pungent
that aroma is it’s a real standout and for those of you who may be wondering
why pickle why now based upon my conversation with one of the employees
here at KFC the feedback they were getting was that some of the people were
complaining there wasn’t enough pickle slices in the orders of chicken when
they got them so to satisfy those peeps along with catering to people who do
prefer pickles in general this is why this is born guys so the more you know
right I mean it’s definitely a really cool thing and let me just say again the
aroma is pungent so it’s already delivering in that department let’s give
it a shot and see if it delivers flavor-wise that KFC saltiness of the
extra crispy coating on the outside the juiciness of the 100% white meat on the
inside and then a nice pickle flavor all throughout awesome check that out nice
and juicy nice and pungent in aroma and flavor guys the pickle is very very nice
and it’s not crazy overpowering with just the right amount of saltiness and I do
have to say it is delicious this is absolutely delicious and yes I know I
said it twice because guys it is it’s delicious OK there’s 3 times let’s
go for a pickle on top of the pickle here we go this is my favorite by far mm-hmm Wow
now granted this is a 6 piece order that I have here right now but even
still it’s a fairly decent amount of pickle slices that they do come with but
like I said even if you don’t get as many pickles you have plenty of the
juicy goodness to go around so the flavor is gonna be there guys this is
really awesome it really is yesir this definitely gives new meaning to the term
finger-lickin good and like I said earlier if you’re a pickle aficionado
you are definitely gonna wanna run to give this a shot
this is absolutely flavorful and well worth the hype I am absolutely lovin it
sorry to borrow that tagline from the other guys but this is completely
warranted guys I love the flavor I love the crispness of this and I’m definitely
gonna be coming back to try it in the crispy colonel sandwich along with the
bone-in chicken because you really want to experience the tartness of the sauce
across the whole menu that they’ve got here very very well done and like I said
the crispiness of the chicken is on point and that’s further enhanced with the
tastiness of the pickle itself guys and like I said it’s not too overbearing
it’s not too strong but it’s got just the right amount of flavor to satisfy so
if you do get light pickles in your order don’t sweat it because you’re gonna have
plenty of that sauce to go around highly recommended on this one so with
that said I’m gonna have to give the new pickle fried chicken here at KFC a
rock-solid 10 out of 10 this one completely delivers on the expectation
of the flavor you’re looking for with something like this and the execution
has done extremely well I mean guys my chicken tenders are completely soaking
in that pickle goodness and the flavor is just off the chart so definitely give
this one a shot and speaking of giving it a shot do you plan on doing just that
drop some comments down below let me know how interested you are in the
pickle fried chicken here at KFC is this something that you’re looking forward to
because I know I was considering I was one of those peeps who felt like it
could have gotten a few more pickle slices in the past versions of this so
this one is easily satisfying it for me so drop those comments down below and
definitely let me know and as always this is Ian K closing out another
episode of peep this out and like I always say I’ve got brand new content
every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for the next have you
come and real soon in the meantime stay frosty and real quick lemme send a huge
shout out and thank you over to Maria and her awesome team at my local KFC
here in Pasadena California on Colorado Blvd Maria thanks so much for the
opportunity to come visit with you guys as well as the advance look at this
tasty pickle goodness alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you soon

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