Korea begins testing of Volkswagen cars ′배출가스 조작′ 폴크스바겐 차량 국내 검증조사 돌입

Korea has started emissions testing on Volkswagen
cars suspected of running emissions-cheating software.
Up to 120-thousand cars are said to be affected in Korea.
Kwon Jang-Ho has the details. The Ministry of Environment has started its
investigation into whether Volkswagen diesel cars in Korea are also rigged with the emissions-dodging
software that has shaken the global auto industry. Testing officially began on Thursday at the
National Institute of Environmental Research. Seven models are under the microscope, including
the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta and Beetle and the Audi A3.
The government said for the first two days, tests will be performed in a controlled-lab
environment, the same pre-scandal process that has been applied to pass emissions tests.
In this phase, inspectors analyze the cars while they′re running on a treadmill and
the corresponding emissions level. Starting next week, the cars will be tested
on the streets of Incheon, where they will be put through a number of driving conditions,
such as going up and downhill, running with the air conditioner on and off… and moving
at different speeds. Both tests are essential as the cheat software
can cut emissions output in lab conditions by almost 40-times.
The ministry said it expects to release the results in mid-November.
If the tested vehicles are found to have the illegal software, the government will have
the right to stop sales of the cars, order recalls, revoke their emissions classification
and impose fines. The ministry also said that once the investigation
is over, authorities will begin inspecting diesel vehicles of other automakers, including
domestic car manufacturers. But some industry experts say that more needs
to be done to prevent such fraudulent practices. ″We need to create an intermediary body
to objectively check emissions test results. There needs to be this kind of process,
which hasn′t existed yet. We need to take this opportunity to create a system that people
can trust.″ Kwon Jang-Ho, Arirang News.

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