Lambo Towing Goats, Hyperloop, Richard Petty Auction, Wheelie High Five, And Roxor Jeep,

Today on PowerNation Daily: goats in a
trailer being towed by a Lamborghini Murcielago, the newest Hyperloop will
travel 760 miles per hour, Richard Petty is auctioning off some race cars and
trophies, a biker high fives a cop as he wheelies on by, and there’s a new
Jeep everyone’s talking about but it’s not exactly a jeep at all.
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see and if you have a picture of a cool hot rod send that to us as well I want
to see it. So let’s go to the show we have a lot to talk about. Just when you
think you’ve seen it all and we’ve seen a lot of stuff here on powernation daily
some guys decide let’s take it up a few notches and haul around some goats in
their Lamborghini it’s not really an odd thing to see a Lamborghini but it is an
odd thing to see a Lamborghini with a trailer with goats in the back of it
youtuber Joseph Creneti from Australia posted a video and there is really no
explanation behind it except I still have no explanation behind it his kind
of cool de virgin Hyperloop one has released a prototype for the next
possible mode of transportation a levitating pod designed to travel at
speeds up to 760 miles per hour through a hyper loop connecting Dubai to Abu
Dhabi are you gonna be the first one on it because I’m not the 87 mile trip is
about 90 minutes by car however the Hyperloop can get you there in only 12
minutes each pod is designed to carry up to 10 passengers which means the
Hyperloop can transport up to 10,000 people per hour both ways the company
should have three working Hyperloop by the year 2021 which is coming up pretty
quick so now I wonder if Elon Musk and the
boring company is kind of worried that they might have some competition Richard
Peddie is obviously an icon and not just NASCAR but in auto racing altogether
fans will have the chance to bid on some of the king’s race cars and other
like trophies and race suits pretty cool stuff some cars on the block will be the
1992 Pontiac Grand Prix which was his last race car that he drove
professionally the 1978 Monte Carlo and the 1974 Dodge Charger that he drove to
his fifth Daytona 500 win that be a cool car to have Petty’s hoping the auction
will bring in new yogurt NASCAR fans and says that he has so much stuff from over
the years that it’s time to share a little bit and give it to some other
people the cars go up for auction in May and are expected it sell for hundreds of
thousands of dollars I’m gonna buy one this video makes me happy it’s a video
of a biker and a cop and it doesn’t end the way that you would think there’s a
pro really cop out there somewhere in st. Louis and the video service on
Facebook of the biker William by the officer and reaching his foot out to
give a high-five pretty cool I like that both the biker and the officer continue
on their merry way it’s a cool video to see especially if you’re a writer if
you’re a hardcore off-road enthusiast Indian automaker Mahindra might have the
answer for you it’s called the rock sort and it is new
it’s a diesel powered Jeep CJ basically kind of sorta the catch is it’s not
street-legal though autoblog reports it’s classified as an off-road
recreational vehicle only and it also only has a top speed of 45 miles per
hour it has a 2.5 liter turbocharged diesel under the hood 2 4-cylinder
making a 62 horsepower and 144 pound-feet of torque it’s actually built
here in America before you call it a rip off of the Wrangler Mahindra was
actually licensed to build jeeps and it can be yours for 15,000 bucks which is a
lot cheaper than buying a Jeep or SUV or or even you TV but you can’t drive it on
the street what do you think about it be honest let us know thanks for watching
powernation daily everybody I’m Gannon Pritchard let us know what you want to
see stopped by pair of nation TV calm as well and check out the latest in how to
see you guys down the road

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