Launch Control: Moment of Truth – Episode 7.4

(suspense music) [Narrator] On this episode. – I’ve no question that we
have the best car in the field. – It’s ridiculous how
far the team has come. – Just time to go out and show it. (engines revving) He just turns in like, bam. (laughing) – It’s gonna to be a battle of
attrition out there for sure. (engines revving) – Winning breeds winning, we just need to get that first win. – [Narrator] This is Launch Control. This is arguably the most critical moment in this team’s existence. It’s the first qualifying session of the 2019 Americas
Rallycross Championship. Has this team done
enough in the off season? Have they made the right steps? All that time invested, is all
that work going to pay off? Fittingly, qualifying places
the team’s new driver, defending champion Scott Speed, head to head with
ex-teammate Tanner Foust. There could not be a better benchmark. The first launch of the
season, the Subaru noses ahead. The crush of the first corner,
the moment of truth, arrives. To understand the
significance of this moment, you have to go back to
the final event of 2018. Subaru finished the year
without a single podium. – I’m not giving up,
never, never, never, ever. – We are one spot off, but for us it’s not good enough. (cheering) – The car is so much better,
the team has worked so hard. We’ll fight back, we’ll
look for the future. Winning breeds winning, we just
need to get that first win. – So now we can already
today, or tomorrow, start the development work to be on top of the podium next year. – [Narrator] A year with so
much progress, but no results. The team faced a difficult off-season. But they faced the challenge head on. Bolstered by Subaru’s belief in a team, they set out to find the missing elements. – In 2018 those cars were the best Rallycross cars we had built, and 2019 is an evolution of that, and I would say it’s a major evolution. – I mean you look at this
car and I am prepared to win. I first joined the team with the 15 X, it’s ridiculous how
far the team have come. – In Rallycross this season,
we have a three car line up. We have Patrick Sandell,
we have Chris Atkinson, and in the off-season
we’ve signed Scott Speed. And Scott Speed has allowed
us to revisit our car, help us develop a car. He came in with a fresh set of eyes. – It’s just interesting to see different areas he’s worked on. We found some gains,
which we were looking for. – I am so confident right
now in everything we found. I’ve no question that we have
the best car in the field. – We deserved a win already last year, but I think this year
we will make it happen. – We’re not doing all this
work just to get on a podium. I’d say at the first
event we’re hoping to win. – [Narrator] Three drivers
arrive at round one in Mid-Ohio. Confident they have the wheels under them to achieve that goal. – Yeah, it’s a weird one ’cause
it’s such a long off season, and then all of a sudden
the day’s come around, and here we are, first
race, first session. – Everything we’ve done
over the off season felt really good. Car feels great, so, just
time to go out and show it. – Finally, we’ll see here in the next hour where we stack up with everybody else. – Where we are is as much as
we could’ve done realistically. So, we’re gonna go in knowing that that’s the best we’re gonna get for now. – We have all the right tools in place, but we don’t have the history. Until your on the top step
of the podium you don’t know. – [Narrator] Back to qualifying, and Speed launches to
a half car length lead. Contact, he slides wide, but
it’s all part of the plan. Giving him the inside line for turn two. Speed is through, and never looks back. – [Radio] Clear by two. Clear by four. – [Narrator] In just a few turns, this team’s prospects have changed. The hunters have become the hunted. (suspenseful music) Speed finishes the session in first place. Chris Atkinson and Patrick Sandell lineup for their second qualifying race. They both smell blood in the water. Now, it’s their turn to strike. Off the line, Atkinson gets the jump. Sandell’s reaction time is off, but he recovers with the inside line. Atko holds second after turn
one, but the dust is blinding. – [Radio] Clear all
around, clear all around. Patrick’s on your bumper,
Patrick’s on your bumper. Clear otherwise. – [Narrator] They’ll settle
for second and third. Solid heat points to start the weekend. In service, there’s an air of relief. – Man starting on the
outside of the beetle. I don’t know if it’s ever been beaten from starting pole around the outside. So, we know that thing
launches really well. It goes to show the strength of our team. You know, we’ve made a
hell of a Rallycross car. Now we’re the fastest car now, okay? – Yeah, dude, you have to
get used to this thinking. I mean, we’ve been doing so much work in the off season to get
those launches right. And he proved we’ve done
the right thing with it. – We’re right there,
we’re one of the quickest cars on track, we’ve gained speed on last year, the starts are better. – You’ve got eight months
worth of pre-race jitters. So now you get out there,
you swap a little paint, you get dirty, and it’s
business as usual again, so that’s where we’re at. – [Narrator] As the focus turns to the second qualifying session. The drivers concentrate on the work ahead. The car’s preforming like they hoped. Now, it’s about executing the plan. It’s a push for the
podium, and nothing less. (chattering) Q two, and Sandell as the
sole Subaru in the first race. He’s disappointed with his earlier start, and has something to prove. In to turn one, Sandell gets
pushed into the barrier. It’s a massive impact. – Hey Pete, do you copy
what’s going on in this race? – [Pete] Sandell’s hit a
wall, and just got out. – [Radio] What, what happened,
what happened to Patrick? – [Pete] He and Bingham came
together at the first corner. – [Narrator] There’s very little time to examine the incident. Atkinson and Speed are lining up next. Speed is in the same
inside spot as Sandell. So the question becomes, is pole position a safe place to be? Speed outdrags Arpin, but contact behind turns
Foust into the Subaru. And now it’s Speed’s race that is over. – [Radio] Scott Speed
is stopped in turn two. A red flag, red flag, red flag. – [Narrator] With both damaged
Subaru’s back at the pits. The team is reeling from
the tremendous highs, and devastating lows of Rallycross. – He just turns in like,
bam, he even then moves over. I got taken out in the first corner. It’s been a lot of outside circumstances, that I cannot really
control, and hopefully we can have a little bit of luck tomorrow, and not getting taken
out in the first corner. And then it should be fine. – I mean, I’m ahead of
everybody on the inside. You can’t allow me to get wrecked. What, how more much position
do you want me to have? Tanner was kinda cutting across Arpin, and there was just, there was no room. And because of that,
once he cleared Arpin, he just ran into our left rear,
and put us into the tires. And that caused our left
rear to be torn off the car. – [Narrator] And then, the situation goes from bad to potential disaster. – The damage on the car is an awful lot, so we’re looking now to
see if we can repair, get back into the race tomorrow. I did have to tell Scott
there’s a possibility we can’t get his car repaired in time for him to reenter tomorrow. For a driver to go to
bed tonight not knowing if he can race tomorrow,
he’s really disappointed. So, it’s hard, hard news. We’re a rally team,
and we’ll try real hard to turn that around,
and see what we can do. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] By morning,
the situation has improved. The team has worked late, and received clearance
from the sanctioning body. While it seemed like a major setback, the team’s new confidence
keeps everyone in high spirits. – Ready. – At the end of the day, it wasn’t as bad on the time sheet, and the score sheet as what
we thought it coulda been. So, it was just a matter of
getting the car back together. Today’s a new day, we’re
not in a bad place honestly. So, depending on what
the weather looks like. Just getting some good results, and moving forward from here. – We’re gonna need to
score some good point’s now in the next two qualifying sessions to make up the time, and get back into the semi in a good spot. – [Narrator] Three angry Subaru’s take to the line for their
third round to qualify. Determined to rebound from
day one’s trauma, and they do. – [Radio] Stay there,
stay there, stay there. – [Narrator] Sandell secures a clean run in second, behind Speed. Atkinson finishes second
behind Foust in race two. The Subaru’s place first, third, and fourth overall in the session. – Good job. – Well we didn’t expect that. – No, that was ideal. – Yeah. – That’s what we needed to get
back in the fight for sure. We needed to get that now, puts us into control in the Q 4 from the pole position. Hopefully we make it through
the corner this time. In any case, they know we’ve been here. – [Narrator] Their times put them all in the same final qualifying race. Their finishes here decide their grid position for the semi-finals. Foust squeezed inside on corner one. – [Radio] He’s at the
outside, the outside. Good, stay there, stay there. You’re P2. – [Narrator] The three
Subaru’s hunt him down, but the laps run out before
anyone can make a move. All three Subarus have advanced
to the semi-final race. With mere minutes between
races, the teams set up a remote service area near the start. The pressure is on, these
semi-finals will determine success or struggle in the finals. – It comes down so much to the
start on this track though, because the start kind
of sets the race here. There’s no real passing, and I think you can only
rely on other’s mistakes. – We need to win our semi obviously. We got a good starting spot for it. So, we need Atkinson to do work on Foust. – [Narrator] For Subaru,
it’s no longer about shooting for a podium. This weekend is theirs to win. And their best strategy
is to control the final by locking up the front row of the grid. To do that, Atko needs
to win his semi-final. Atkinson lines up next to
the teams biggest rival. It’s the most important
launch of the weekend so far. Off the line, Atko has the edge. Contact is expected. – [Radio] Inside, inside,
inside, inside, then outside. Okay clear, clear inside. Stay tight, stay tight,
stay tight, stay tight. Clear by one, clear by one. – [Narrator] Atko emerges
the leader and takes control. The track is rough but
the number 55 Subaru builds a lead that no one can touch. – [Radio] Here comes your checker, (beep) Yes Bud! That was awesome Chris, great job. – [Narrator] He’s put himself
on the front of the grid for the final and pushed
their main rival back. It’s a huge victory for the team. The two other Subaru’s are up next. Speed, front row inside. Sandell, second row inside. Both Subaru’s pounce,
Speed controls the inside. Sandell, all over his back trying to clear Arpin out of the way. Vicious ruts add to the challenge. Speed builds his lead. Sandell ops for the longer Joker lap. It’s all part of the team’s
strategy, and it pays off. Subaru will control the
front row of the final, but all three drivers are concerned with the degrading track. – [Radio] It’s a minefield out there. We’ll be lucky if we survive the final. – The track starts to be very very rough out there now in the semi. Starting off in the back row, which is not ideal in the final. I just have to do everything I can, try to go in other people’s mistakes. And then just do the best out of it. – It’s gonna be kind of survival. It’s gonna be a battle of
attrition out there, for sure. Atko crushed it out there,
what an amazing job. He did exactly what I needed him to do, and we have a Subaru
front row in the final. I think that’s a first, at
least in a very long time. – Yeah, we knew we had it in us, just been held up in traffic all weekend. Just biding our time,
knew when we got in front we can run some super quick
laps, and we did that. So it was awesome, the car’s unreal. – [Narrator] And just like that, the qualifying sessions are history. The semi final, out of mind,
a victory is within reach. Each Subaru driver can taste it. Six cars explode off the line. – [Radio] All you gotta
do is get around turn one. – [Narrator] Atko gets the jump, but he protects his new teammate. Speed clears the mayhem in the lead. But Atko gets spun from behind. (engine revving) While his hopes for a win are dashed. Arpin is awarded a five second penalty for cutting the course. Sandell and Atkinson take chase in hopes of getting back on the podium. – [Radio] P4, P4. – [Narrator] At the front,
Speed has built a big lead. And opts to get his longer
Joker lap out of the way early. – [Radio] One car behind, one car behind. – [Narrator] He retains the lead. He’s just a few laps away from Subaru’s first win in five years. Nothing should get in his way now. Sandell and Atko have both made
significant ground on Arpin. If they can be within five
seconds of him at the finish, it will be a two Subaru podium. Atkinson is the last to take the Joker. He’s got the best shot of
closing the five second gap. But the dust becomes too much to handle. Neither the drivers, nor the spotters, can see the other car at the merge. The two Subaru’s collide,
both are now limping. – [Radio] Now your left rear is broken. Three seconds clear, it’s the last lap. – [Narrator] Back with their race leader. Speed has a three second
gap, and three turns left. Two turns. One, and that’s it. – Let’s go guys! – [Narrator] Vindication for Subaru. Relief for everyone on the team. (chattering) – Good job man. – Yeah, guys, woo! Woo! It’s such a team win,
and it’s so great to come to the first race with this
iconic livery and deliver a win. This was the year to
preform for us, as a team. And to come out of the gates like this, got a really good lead
in the championship. It really couldn’t go much better. – Wahoo, yes, yes, yes! – The work that goes behind
the scenes for the whole team is you can’t truly understand the hours, and the passion without being in here. This is the payoff,
it’s all for this moment in victory, that’s what pays for it all. (cheering) – I can’t thank the boys enough, and all the members of the
team for getting it out there. It was a rollercoaster,
it was awesome.(laughs) So, this is for the Subaru
fans following us everyday. So here we go, welcome to 2019! – This is a huge moment for the team. To get our first win
in Rallycross in years, the Vermont Sportscar car folks
worked so hard, for so long. The development has been
really intense this off season, so for it to pay off in race one is a great moment for everybody. – This is definitely a
very much a team win, we are very much a family here, and I feel honored and very
happy to be a part of this now. – It’s really a dream, very nice. Unbelievable group of people, crazy. And I’m very proud to be part
of this Subaru adventure. – [Narrator] Next time on Launch Control. Higgins and Drew look
to take maximum points at the Oregon Trail Rally,
against a familiar rival. – We’re still in this, we’re definitely not out of this rally. – [Narrator] Nothing goes as planned. – [Radio] Working my (beep) off here. – I thought I can smell
it when we’re coming down, so I said that smells warm. I thought it was the brakes or
something, but obviously not. – We’re gonna give it everything from now to the end of the rally. – We need to capitalize on
everything we possibly can. – [Radio] We’re done. – Oh, (beep) – [Narrator] That’s next
time, on Launch Control. (upbeat music)


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