LGR – Thrifts [Ep.21] Pumpkin Spiced Bargains

[typing] Ah, the fall. Autumn. Whatever you want to call it. One of my favorite times of year
and a fantastic time to go thrifting. So let’s go thrifting! Actually, I… am not wearing pants.
I should probably put those on first. Uh, then we’ll go thrifting! First up is a Goodwill that I haven’t been to in a while. So, it is time. Inside, we have– Oh, not the auction case! Well, thank goodness! At least at this one they seem
to have gotten rid of the auctions and have replaced it with a case of just stuff for sale, like a bunch of comics for $100, and some books and records
and dolls and books and tea sets. You know, not really stuff I’m interested in,
but I am glad to see that it is not an auction anymore. I’m not a
big fan of the in-store auctions because it’s an annoying process
and I never win. [chuckles] What is this? It’s a– [chuckles] Oh, that’s a CPR doll, I believe. Uh… I was thinking it was something else.
I was gonna say that’d be quite odd, although it does have what appear
to be real teeth. That’s weird. Oh, over in the furniture here,
we’ve got quite a nice picture frame. Yes, I’m not looking at the art. I’m looking at the frame. I used to be a picture framer by profession,
so I see frames before art anymore. In the electronic doohickies,
we have a Taktell for… when you need to tak, but not tell? Yeah, I’m not finding much at this store. Uh… Checking over in the CDs and whatnot. Oh, hey! Okay, this is not expected. This is Kid Desk! Aw, man, I– this is– aw… whu… uhh… Weird early memories coming back from
when I was like seven or eight years old. I learned my first curse word from this program. Um, I’m gonna have to do
a video on this. This is like– This is really cool. I am so
happy to have found this, dude. Oh, man. All right, on to my former favorite Goodwill because… it sucks now. It doesn’t suck that bad, but there’s a bunch of cheap tat in here now. I mean, look at this friggin’ ketchup
bottle Halloween costume, and… and a dog’s… beer can costume? Rasta Imposta? I don’t even
know what I’m looking at! Lots of Halloween stuff… Ugh! You know… Most of this store is now just clearanced out junk from Target, dollar stores. You know, I say this every episode,
but I’m tired of seeing this stuff in what was formerly a really awesome store. Oh, well. At least they have really, really masks that are like, hideous in just a bad way. Oh, I don’t see this every day. This is one of those spinny sort of computer monitors.
You can make it go vertical and whatnot. And they are charging $200 for it. Oy… Mmm, Breeder’s Cup World
Thoroughbred Championships formerly owned by the one and only Jessi May. I dunno, but this is a game by Bethesda. Ha ha! Yeah, Bethesda made a horse game. Over in their case of stuff, we got uh… a PS2 and Gamecube and record player– Oh, this is a Pioneer record player.
It actually doesn’t look too bad. Hmm… Kinda tempting. I dunno. Oh, hey… Is this a Sony Walkman?
This is pretty friggin’ fancy looking. Okay… All right, so not quite a walkman.
It’s like a little personal recorder thing. And I’m breaking it. Uh, yeah… just not Walkman branded. You know, I would love that instead. I am on the lookout for a nice
early Walkman, but this is not it. I don’t know why I’m tempted
by these every single time. This is one of those little
kids computer laptop things, the Teach & Talk thing.
It’s got games built in and a weird keyboard. What the heck? It’s like a car stereo something with a touch screen. All right, it’s a Philips model for a BMW.
That kind of makes sense. Interesting, though. I don’t see too many
touch screen car stereos at Goodwill. Nor do I see many complete cash registers. I mean, seriously. This thing
looks pretty functional, actually. It’s got all the keys! It’s got paper! It’s got all sorts of stuff, man.
I don’t know why 50 people haven’t bought it already. Augh, more Sony tech! This just, it applies to my interests. Is that a phrase? I dunno. This is a portable video cassette recorder. And it does things. Aw, it just looks neat. It just looks neat!
Look at this, it’s so neat! It’s got all these buttons and displays Mmm… And it’s actually for Betamax, it appears. That is… is really tempting. I just know that–
I don’t know what to do with this thing. Gotta check out the puzzles and board games just in case, and, uh, well… You know what? I actually found a board game that I’m interested in and appears to be complete. This is Nintendo’s Tetris board game by Milton Bradley. “You could save $10 on
Milton Bradley Nintendo cartridges.” This is a friggin’ board game of Tetris. This seems like a horrible idea. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is awful, but here it is. I–I must own it. It’s a dollar! Oh, hey, it’s one of these robotic dudes. These were like all popular and stuff five years ago, or something like that. Now they’re just sitting here at
Goodwill and nobody wants them. Kinda sad. These dudes had like
personality or something, I dunno. Why did everybody want these? Just walking to another section through the books and happened to see this hanging around on the end. Well… sweetness! All right, we got some Half-Life owners manuals for the games and expansions and Counter Strike and whatever– I already have these. But I didn’t have this The Prima Official Strategy Guide for original Half-Life. Yes, I will take that. Why not? It’s a quarter. Dude, what is this, a candle holder? No, no, this is a– [chuckles] a Texas Size Pilsner Glass. Fifty ounces! Oh, my word. Speaking of ounces, I need a coffee. I’m gonna go get an overpriced coffee, and we are gonna continue thrifting at another store. All right, on to my more recent favorite Goodwill. Let’s hope they have some good stuff. Right off the bat, there’s something kind of different. This is an Estey Organ Company portable air organ, from what I gather. They are charging $500 for this little thing. Uh, I think that’s a little–little much. Online, it seems like they may
be going for a third of that. Looks like their auction case is
no longer an auction case either. It’s now just stuff for sale. They got one of those crappy
Crosley protable turntables. Thirty dollars, which is actually a
pretty good price for one of those. They still sell these new for a hundred or something, but no, these things suck. Over in the media, and, uh, well… seems like somebody was not a fan of
Spider-Man 3’s bonus DVD. [laughs] There’s a ton of ’em. Over in the tchotchke clock section, I found a tchotchke clock. Uh, it’s… kind of interesting, sort of. I kinda like something on it, almost. [wheezing chuckle] Ooh, I see calculators and one that is particularly
awesome-looking, aesthetically. This is a–a Sharp Elsy 80101. Look at that display! Those are green tubes. They’re like VFD tubes,
kinda like little nixie tubes. They’re… green though and they look awesome and this thing powers up and it works. Augh, this is cool! I am definitely getting this for
my growing calculator collection. Love the look of this thing. From around 1974, I believe, and uh… Oh, yeah. Very cool. Goes for a lot more online, too. Oh. I’m gonna put my coffee down for this. What is this thing? It is–okay… So we got a record player, a radio, solid state, and–see underneath here, we have an 8-track cartridge tape player. Ooh. Got a pretty beefy Electrophonic system here. Ah, man, look at these things. [chuckles] Like, ancient cell phones. Okay, well actually, I thought these
were really old cell phones by AT&T. These are actually, like, toys– like, radio play cell phones. Either way, they look like the phones from Strong Bad. Mmm, computer speakers here and– Oh, my! These are Gateway 2000 speakers. Unhhh, if they weren’t $7, I would definitely get them because I need some speakers for
a couple of my Gateway systems. I’ll maybe check back here later,
see if they’ve lowered in price. Not, not for me. That’s the kind of calculator I am into. However, I am into THIS kind of thing. We got a tape deck thing, an Atari 1010 or the Atari 8-bit computer line. Ahhh, you know, if it had the cables with it,
I would definitely get it, but it doesn’t. Already have one otherwise. So many cooler older electrical things here. Got an old Zenith solid-state cassette player/recorder. I love these buttons! That blue record button. The overall design of this thing.
That, that case that it’s in. Super neat. Used to record on these things as a kid, make my own, like, cassette tape shows. And then there’s this! Augh! General Electric clock And it spins smoothly! Oh, it’s got one of those… I, I like these a lot… Oh, and the woodgrain! Ah, it’s cheap, like, as in cheaply made, but I don’t care! I really want this. I, I… I gotta get it, right?
I mean, I’ve gotta get it. I’m getting it. Oh, hey! Well, this is pretty sweet.
I’ve actually been wanting one of these. This is an Intellivision Flashback. This is a tiny little Intellivision console. It’s got all these games built in and stuff, but the controllers are actually like the
real size and feel of the original ones. And, you don’t have any cartridges,
the games are all just in there, but you do have the overlays and they’re just like recreated overlays. This is actually a pretty high-quality little thing,
as far as the stuff that it comes with. Video quality maybe not so much,
but yeah, I’m definitely getting this. Oh, man, I remember these things. Interactive Human Body! Interactive all sorts of things
you could just stick into these. Almost like the GeoSafaris, actually, but this one maybe predated it a little bit? Either way, you could press stuff and
it would like quiz you on, on body things. Ah, not gonna get it. It’s just kinda nostalgic, I guess. Over in the junk section, there’s
something that is decidedly not junk. We got Red Baron here for the PC. This is actually the VGA version of the game, I think. It’s got the expansion disks and mission builder.
Yeah, I already have this, but dude, really cool to see here in Goodwill, that is for sure. Oh ho! Sweet, a copy of Air Warrior II. I’m gonna get this because,
even though it’s ten bucks, a little bit much, I’m not gonna get much better online. This is like an early online flight game. Think War Thunder, but for Windows 95. Not sure if you could play it
online anymore, but it’s really neat. Somebody’s been unloading their flight sims over here. We’ve got Flight Simulator 2002: Professional Edition. Again, already have it. Don’t need it. Seems the PC games are not over. Man, this is exciting. We got Star Trek: Judgment Rites over here. This is the Limited Edition, number 42,196. I, again, I already have this,
and I think mine’s even a lower number. It’s kind of beat up in the back too,
but you don’t see this very often. All right, I mean of course, there had to be a Myst box
in here somewhere because… I mean, there always is…right? This is one of the later ones
with the stickers and whatnot. Well, not the stickers, even, but the
little notice actually printed on there that this game has sold a bunch of copies. I don’t care. These are later versions, and I’ve already
got the earliest one anyway, but… On the other hand… Oh… We got King’s Quest VII in beautiful shape here. May not be the greatest game, but I know someone
who’s gonna appreciate this a lot, so I’m getting it. Something I’m gonna get for myself, though: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego,
the CD-ROM edition, the earlier– Uh, one of those that’s got worldwide
travel and all that stuff. Lady…uh, yeah. This is an awesome version of the game. It’s very cool to find this in the box! Up at the front of the store, I found
a bunch of PlayStation stuff that you know, kind of caught my eye at first,
but I got to looking beneath that and saw this bundle of cameras! A couple of them to looking
really old and–aw, you know what? Mmm…my brother’s a camera collector. I’m gonna go see and see what we got here. And here is the haul from Episode 21 of Thrifts! Oh, man. Thrifts is old enough to drink.
That doesn’t make sense. Ah, yes, so this is some games. Board games, computer games,
computer game strategy guide, And yes, I did check Tetris. All the pieces seem to be there. The Intellivision, it works wonderfully! It is brand new inside there. You could tell
it had never been plugged up at all. Awesome little system to have. That Kid Desk, I am just so pleased to have that, dude. I’ve got some weird memories.
I’m definitely doing a video on that. Probably next edutainment month or something. Hmm, that Sharp ’70s calculator… [chuckles] cleaned up very nicely. And then there’s these cameras.
Really cool little things in here. We got a Konica EE Matic point-and-shoot,
from the mid-’60s, I believe. and also this awesome, like, late-, mid-’30s Kodak 616 Brownie, as well as a ’40s model Brownie Reflex Synchro from Kodak. Just really cool old cameras.
I hope my brother likes them. Oh, happy birthday, by the way!
It’s about his birthday. Oh, yeah, so he’s getting these. [laughs] And then, of course,
we have my General Electric clock that’s just amazing because of those– smooth rotating second hand
right there and everything. Augh! This is a GE 7-4550, the original A model. This is just neat. I like this
thing a lot for some reason. And if you liked this video a lot, or maybe even just a little bit, then maybe you’d like some of my others. There’s a whole bunch of Thrifts before this. More are incoming as I am able to make them. And, you know, all that subscribing
stuff can be done if you would like to. There’s also Twitter and Facebook and Patreon,
if you’re into that stuff. And also thank you very much once again for sending in
all of your incredibly cool finds. My word. You people and your IBM computer finds. I know I found one at Goodwill, but I can’t believe others are also still finding
old IBM PCs and similar awesome things at Goodwills all around the country. It’s so cool to see this stuff, so thank you very much for sending it in. And as always, all the interest in Thrifts has been great. You people are rabid for this, which is awesome, I think. So, my apologies I can’t get them out even quicker. It’s just a matter of when I find stuff,
then that’s when I can make a video, but you know, that’s how it goes. And as always, thank you very much for watching.


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Red Barron! That was the first game I EVER bought for my first PC when I was about 8 years old. I had a 33MHz 486 that my parents bought from a local used "business machines" store. I currently have Dosbox up and running with a full installation of Windows 3.1 and all of the games and software I had as a kid, but it's still not the same. I've been hitting up the local Goodwill's but haven't been able to find any PC's older than 2004. I really want to recreate my first PC.

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