Lil Big Rigs: Mechanic Gives Pickup Trucks An Eighteen-Wheeler Makeover

BOB SUFFERN: We build miniaturised big rigs. They look like a big rig but they’re the
size of a pickup. JESSICA FREEMAN: It’s awesome. BOB SUFFERN: It’s fantastic! We just love to come here. DAWN LASHLEY: Every day it’s something new. JESSICA FREEMAN: It’s definitely a job that we don’t mind getting up in the morning and coming to everyday. DAWN LASHLEY: It’s a job where you have to go home and take a bath after, right when you get off. COMM: Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Bob Suffern and his all female team build little big rigs. Customisation kits designed to transform your pickup truck. BOB SUFFERN: When you’re driving around in a rig, it feels like you’re showing off,
which is virtually what you’re doing. We get swamped, we get mobbed by people. You can’t even go to the gas station without getting a reaction, a lot of people coming around, asking you questions. MAN: It’s giving me the chills, it’s everything they said it was. I don’t know if I can say it in person, but my nipples got hard. COMM: Bob, originally from Melbourne, Australia, came up with the idea in 1999, and has been
selling the kits since 2003. BOB SUFFERN: Well originally, I’d been a street rider, bike rider most of my life. I decided I want to build another street ride. When I was thinking about what I’d build, I thought I’d come up with something a little different, I decided to build a big rig lookalike. COMM: As well as the kits, they do build one or two fully finished turnkey trucks a year. BOB SUFFERN: We build the kit in approximately 8 to 10 weeks, for the customer to build a
truck would take approximately four to five hundred hours. The Basic kits start at $12,950.
There’s a lot of options and accessories you can purchase and the total kit would be
approximately $27,500, somewhere in that range. As far as a complete truck, they might start somewhere around $65,000 and run all the way up to $80,000. COMM: Perhaps unusually for a truck customisation business, Bob’s workforce is all female. BOB SUFFERN: I was working on my own, and my daughter Jessica came along and asked me
if she could come work with me, and I said ‘sure’. Over the last 8 years, I’ve
taught her and showed her what I want done and how to do it, she’s turned out to be
an excellent body work person and mechanic. After training her for some time, then she
asked some of her friends to come. They’ve been training and doing an excellent job.
I find that using females for fiberglass work and bodywork, they put a lot more in to it
and they’re more meticulous about what they do. DAWN LASHLEY: Yeah, and we’re cute! BOB SUFFERN: Oh, and they’re cute. Good looking, and intelligent, and sexy as hell. FRANCES CLINARD: Jessica would be more specialised in the bodywork and the mechanic part, like
she’s her dad’s right hand man. And then me and Dawn over here, we’re better with
the fabrications like. JESSICA FREEMAN: It’s a lot fun. Definitely a unique experience. The ‘wow’ factor that we’re all females and we can do this from scratch, it amazes and surprises a lot
of people.


We can use some more Aussie's with the American spirit around here! All you gun loving Aussie's come on down!! You're welcome here!!

Me: Sir, may I borrow one of your Daughters. I love her.
Sir: Which one you say?
Me: Which ever one you let me borrow.

Me: Then we lived happily ever after!

Said no one ever!!!

That's a really great idea!! Nice job!!! You can always dream of the big ones eh?
That's why "Mad Max" is from "down under" !!

Great and Amazing Truck Vision! Dreams Dont See Genders' They Live By Actual Action! Blessings To All Of You Always!👍🇺🇸✌🌈

Why not c-channel the frame to ford, chevy. Buildup to haul 5th wheel campers. Just a smaller version of the bigger ones. I use 3/8 steel by 6in high. And fit the cross braces to fit inside the rails. Gas or diesel power motor mounts.

A farmer across the road from us had a roof rig that was, I guess ¾ size with a sleeper. Idk, but i was fascinated. I never knew where it came from or anything, but it was definitely smaller than a regular size big rig.

After 38 years of driving trucks, and I have driven most, from Macks, Freightliners, AutoCars, Kenworths, Petes, Marmons, even a old Diamond Reo, Mann, Rinos, (military heavy) I would love to get my hands on one of those. In a Frieghtliner XL Classic design of course.

What street rods did this guy do before? Also, Holden or Ford? The truck he was driving was a 90s F-Series, so I would assume he’s a Ford guy. But I’m curious about this guy’s life.

Seems rather cool but the structural stiffness, crash safety and body roll probably make horrible to drive and rather unsafe.

Just watching women dedicating time instead of polishing their nails and toes to polish that kind of lil truck it is so satisfying , whoever gets married with one of those girls is a lucky son of a gun ! Cool video all around !

Nice job Bro! I really appreciate that hard work of you and your Tough team. Appreciated, appreciated👍👍👍

That must really screw with people on the highway, thinking that “big rig” coming up behind them is still a long way off.

Damn I always fantasized about doing this if I were to win the lottery or something haha, but with a custom pickup bed on it as well

I would drive right into the DOT scales pulling a trailer, just to see if they would red light me! Great video and I love the Lil Big Rig! Now I want out of this real one and into one of those, lol!

Learned absolutely nothing about them or the product. Music was way to loud and ever clip was cut before you could admire anything.

Oh, so we are going to be sexists, are we? I love how people say men and women are supposed to be equal, unless it's something where they want the woman to be better at. Double standards, thy name is gynocentrism. Hard pass on this dude's toys.

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