LIVE ABANDONED STORAGE AUCTIONS I bought an abandoned storage unit and found this

went to abandoned storage unit ended up
in jail I try to buy unit I’m underage yeah this
is what happens we broke the rules gentlemen boys and girls pirates and
princesses of all ages we are here at an auction right now sixteen units supposed
to be at this pause after that we jet to a long day of public storage auctions
gonna be exciting I’m excited last night I had a little
hater on Facebook I might’ve said this to my blog to most hated again he was
threatening me he’s gonna run me up he’s know costing money he’s little but hurt
that I’m older pirates spent winning lately on YouTube and the storage
business so he say he’s gonna try to cost you money well today we’re gonna
play cowboys and Indians very simple game I love that game
I’m gonna win back the West there’s a stage ladies and gentlemen 16 pots line
to download like 16 thank you guys we have 14 units laptop Tuesday to get them
out the office is open from 8 to 3 are you close
post Sunday everybody here will have $100 deposit on each unit the office is
where the deposit will be held back there’s 24-hour access to here if you
want them to put something in front of your door he’s willing to do that for
you so make it a little bit hard for somebody else to break into it but then
you have to come here between 8:00 to 3:00 so they can move it 125 ml 15 up to
150 150 150 now 175 200 hours 175 an affront honey what 200 and 200 you give $100 I started 500 over there
now to go 200 I’ve been out a to go 200 to 250 300 350 400 450 I got 400 abasa
to go 425 for that are done now 425 whoa 425 Annabelle’s 425 400 Oh fathers 5075
once if we have a go 175 150 baby 175 and go 175 in bales 175 one day my records you go already got networks one will ring no
we’re not playing here live if you get five bucks
for it the interest I’ll tell you wouldn’t
Edgar you got a container October 1979 1980 79 25 min ago 1525 there now 15 appetito
$50 eval 15 well 50 bucks nice all about 25 now shouldn’t let me give that to a kid now I’m 275 275 I have 300 300 now 325
billion up in now 325 325 and now 350 now 375
$400 375 400 400 I have now 425 for another up in now 425 425 I have 450 450
bid now 475 475 Ben now 500 475 Ben now five now 500 500 now 525 500 off in now
525 now 550 550 bid now 575 550 now 575 I got 550 now 575 600 600 I’ve been now
625 625 650 650 now 675 now 700 700 I’ve been now 725 750 725 bid now 750 now
would you go 775 775 now 800 over here now 825 825 bin now 850 850 bid now 875
875 bit now 908 909 25 925 950 950 bid now 975 990 75 bid now Tim to go Tim now
1025 did another I’ve been down 1025 saying that I’ve been down 1025 he bails
1025 I’m in the middle over here at 280 else 1025 bails
now to go 150 you got 100 over here in your bills 150 50 200 250 300 to pick a
bit outlet 275 does that help you just fit your bed now 275 250 been down to 75
to go to 75 in bells 275 bales give these tunes you can fire tell us on the
same tenant locker number 4 8 1 9 bx and a11 to be X F let me give you a
choice with the privilege – take one or both of them choice with the privilege
everybody understand what that means every understand the choice privilege
means alright he’s gonna hunt it over for choice now 200 are bid now – to go
200 bales do to get 125 I got $100 there you go 125 ml 125 so
the matter hundred hours which one you want here you say yes when he’s asked
for a bit okay he’d get 25 hours 25 bucks you have till Tuesday
unless he’s willing to give you more time to get more time by Tuesday can we
take those wrongly the rest any interest on either one of them alright no sale
next three baby girl let’s go we got to get to an
auction you’re not walking you’re slow we got to go we already do I’ll choke
from the last option wait in they got some booties that right there worth
every penny some is no favorite that little helmet the trunk second-to-last stop we’re here look at
all the pretty like the way that this sparkles all my fun Oh a sea unicorn
outside container stay away from these these have a lot more dirt dust and rat
poop and mostly all don’t seem to like that but I did good customer party now maybe drink booze it’s the $7000 storage unit good friend right here I’m at the ops
waiting for the starter look at this guy he’s watching my video shout out to you
is easy that’s what’s up that’s why your Mikayla’s favorite my
Tim last here of the day right now last chance romance let’s see there’s
anything having a big one time today my friends see you tomorrow
we really will see them tomorrow because we got a whole nother auction Antioch
it’s like the two-day run in my eyes one of my favorite places to buy so we will
be there all of us going at it again hands up in the air trying to make that
money chasing that dollar treasure Hatton little cheapest behind bars went
to abandoned storage unit ended up in jail I try to buy a unit I’m underage
yeah this what happens we broke the rules now he’s locked up but sorry he
got locked up they won’t let him and


The Auctions are so boring. I love the reveals but the actual auctions put me to sleep. The un-boxing is exciting, but watching people fight over units is a real snore. I still do not understand why people put anything of value in a storage locker, aren't they just extensions of peoples garages? The only thing of value in most garages is their cars, not their Junk.

Little Jebus itโ€™s great to see ya with Pirate in California,Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Captain !!!! โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿฆ„โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ™

Hello Pirate,love ur videos.
I have a question what should i do if i buy a storage on line and i get the stuff but in there i also find a luggage that has the name of the facility manager in the unit as well.
Because i asked the guy and he try to brush it off.He. made up a bogus story.And he told me that i could keep the luggage ๐Ÿ˜Š i said wait let me speak to ur supervisor above you and he said how shoud we fix this??
What can i do?
Please advise.

In no way should you be threatened by anyone. This is a public auction and anyone can bid. If he shows up there and you know its him, drop one on him when he least expects it. I played that game when I was younger and two can play it act like you see something you really like and when he bids you up, let him have it. It's a risk but it can be fun

I've started to buy auction units because of you, what the Hales and Treasure Hunting with Jeebus.
I bring everything home and play all three of you guy's videos while I sort through stuff. So I promise I'm not a stalker bro but I've seen ( at least listened to) several of your videos multiple times. I kind of watch and sort and sort and watch. Haha! It's fun and informative.

Awww….the one on the right of the two "no sale" pods had a bunch of rubber stamps and other craft stuff. I'm not even in the game and I could have moved that. ๐Ÿ˜€

Haters hate themselves so much that they try to submerge others into misery as well….. Stay your awesome self and keep that gorgeous smile bright! That person can't be you and they hate it! There is and always will be only ONE PIRATE!โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

Was the Facebook troll at the auctions? I canโ€™t believe anyone is so full of themselves to threaten to โ€œrun upโ€ your bid. That is so juvenile. Next he gonna โ€œtell your momma.โ€ LMBO

God bless you and your family and another great video and really enjoyed it keep them great videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always

Dear Pirate friend, I really hope you consider partnering up with a person who specializes in liquidating the merchandise, so you can specialize in the unboxing and bidding. You seem to do a good job of that and have a good nose for what sells. It'd be nice to see you take a day off now and again too, but like you say, "hustle, grind, rewind". I just wish the word Unwind was in there sometimes too. Much love from Michigan.

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