LIVE JEWELRY UNBOX found gold ❤️ 50k SUBSCRIBERS LOVE! I bought an abandoned storage

ladies and gentlemen pirates
I’m here always always always fashionably late always going a million
miles an hour uh this is the way it is um good afternoon everybody what is up
got a theme in the house kitty marry us kitty great are we having
feedback is there feedback right now please tell me if there’s feedback Jony pirate have watched your videos for
several months have so happy to see you make fifty thousand thank you I’m a
static who stores option pirate come here what’s up sergeant Perron Juliana
how you doin Mary Harris at fifty K party time
pirate Congrats thanks Jetta mr. necromancer Mary Brian oak says
congrats on the fifty thousand thank you words don’t describe oh my god I’m
blessed I feel blessed I feel not only that I hit fifty thousand but in the
same day right before me Alex hit fifty grand
it’s it’s crazy that we both did it in the same day
Timothy over here with the arm and her Oh Mike are you announcing how well you
auction did and when the next one is Timothy says pink Timothy is a little
impatient here good bye Timothy have a good day I’m sorry you couldn’t wait I’m
always fashionably late my bad happy 50th Oh comments are flying by flying by Angela hello Lisa says congrats Terry so
happy for you thank you then you said got 200 subs in one day yeah I got 200
subs yes that’s about what my average is Benji I’ve been averaging almost 200
subs a day on just every everyday to be honest I’ll tell you right now like this
month I got 50 200 subs but I lost 830 subs my highest I’ve ever lost in a
month and also the highest I’ve ever gained it happens every single month
I’ve been averaging like 6 3,600 but you know whatever Juliana said the day after
my birthday yep yesterday was my birthday I turned 40 again shout-out to
40 I’m staying 40 for the rest of my life Brian oak says you were cruised to
100k I’ll be awesome I would just like love to just cruise to I want to go on a
cruise screw just cruising 100 and Kevin are going to cruise now I like that
there’s that mug Robyn says that this is my mug John Duncan says what’s up
dominga says hello cutie thank you appreciate that what’s up marine what’s
up Lilian shut Thank You Lilly and sent me a beautiful birthday gift a whole
little unboxing I made a video of it shout out to her was truly touching
Anthony says congrats hello storage option pirate first time in here what’s
up Jim MJ’s boxing and scratcher fun that’s tight that sounds like half the
stuff we all do how much coffee do you drink today a lot I’m tired I was up
late I didn’t get much sleep I think I went to bed about 4:30 or 5:00 about
4:30 this morning and I woke up at 8:00 had a wonderful evening Maureen says not
anymore yes pirate not right now I don’t hear
any no was not any more sounds good from my house as yeah I don’t know what it is
when I start lives on this phone I don’t know if it’s this phone cuz I have two
phones this one doesn’t do it this one that I’m on does let’s try to get up do
I see grinds I did see grime somebody says hello groans where’s Grimes what the Hales going on what’s up got
Jeremy in the house or Joe I’m pretty sure Jeremy always wonder which one it
is but it’s pretty sure it’s Jeremy because George has our own account we
just think it’s but one of them good morning from New Zealand in the house
congrats love your videos Thank You Madeleine are you going to Disneyland I
wish I’d never been there yet one day one day soon Katherine says happy
belated birthday thank you turn 40 yesterday hey pirate you are the man
Thank You Razorback you’re the man storage twins I love it hey I’m awaiting
to hear what you made off of the cowboy are you talking about off a Grimes
Congrats on brother you deserve and so does Alex hey Jeremy yeah somebody
already asked about the second auction I don’t know when it’s going to be I don’t
want to bug Grimes he’ll be working on it it will obviously be announced when
it transpires view this happy to be part of that 50k push thank you viewed this
appreciate that congratulation that’s awesome what’s up Mary Mary Marin keep
on unboxing congrats prior I love you I’m gonna do some unboxing D I got these
two boxes right here I don’t know what’s in them Alex and I bought a unit force
if you saw he put up two videos of jewelry that’s from the unit and I got
it unboxing I’m filming if you see right there is a jewelry box and a possible
beats radio there you have to see when I put out that video but I kept two boxes
of sides I liked the way they looked and we’re gonna unbox those live because why
not why not it seems I think people like live unboxing I am proud to say I got
two items for your auction TJ new janessa yes I’m gonna set the a
word I wasn’t say bad and then I remember I can’t say cuts no more
sometimes it slips that’s awesome that’s awesome we will have another auction
what up I like the way you do your business Congrats I’m also wondering how
the auction went when the second auction is complete I promise you I will fully
disclose everything I’m not trying to hide what I made I’m not disappointed or
overly excited what to say but it’s going
I ain’t even trippin I just want to make sure I do it at the end there’s mice
anticipation for the second auction and I’m just to have a certain way I do
think so you know that’s how we’re gonna do it a Grimes and I discussed it and we
better if we wait to the end 100k soon my friend Grimes says Grimes everybody
keeps asking when the second auction will be so maybe you could shed some
light on that and we could just touch bases on that one time and uh you know
let it go from there Congrats pirates love watching you
install princess thank you appreciate that
shout out to saw princess she hasn’t been putting out videos the last couple
weeks I don’t know if she’s been getting nervous or what it is overwhelmed
Pirates silver age of Units Congrats I like silver what’s up I like the way you
do your business thank you rainbow I’ve been binge watching your videos and it’s
so neat to see how your videos have Oh Liz check this out you have the set the
crazy thing is I’ve deleted eight hundred videos you would have really
laughed to see the eight hundred I deleted because they all sucked back
when I didn’t know what I was doing I was doing it wrong I was not being the
best version of myself I was being a poor youtuber you probably glad you
missed those ones what’s up Jennifer thanks for the birthday Cyndi help says
Happy Birthday Michelle Thank You Lou Grant says rock on hitting it out of the
park that’s what’s up marine hello MJ’s boxing and a scratch for fun happy
birthday thank you heeellp inch a gory cake career blessings on happy 40th
Thank You Claire Perry Congrats Mike Grimes says a hundred yeah we got that
one happy belated birthday it’s the I’m Alex just taught me that we
do birthday months so I’m just gonna celebrate my birthday the rest of the
month I hope you had a good birthday a great birthday amazing birthday you do
great at the auction I believe that anything is possible thank you John
Klein worth you do great at helping me John shouts you do you you do a lot of
research and you like literally tell me almost the price of everything you see I
love you for that you take a lot of time out your day to just do stuff that’s
necessary T Coon says love your videos thank you becoming 40 this year want to
stay that way it so it’s the new thing that’s the new trend I’m starting we
just stay 40 Ramon happy birthday the work program has some
little skulls and stuff I’m not sure what that means
Congrats on finally getting to fit thank you Carrie finally is the operative
words I started this channel in 2008 2008 the beauty that I love about the
way I do things is I learned all the things not to do and now I know
everything I need to do and I love it that way I played for the Pirates in
high school that’s what’s up hello from Ireland happy birthdays happy birthdays
we’ve got heck of happy birthdays Thank You Jeremy for the UH the shadow on a 50
K I would appreciate you and George you guys have done a lot to help my channel
you guys have shouted me out so much since the day we met help me out on the
back side of YouTube giving me ideas help me become a better youtuber I love
y’all for that words don’t describe how much you guys have helped me out I’m
here I said congratulations to you all right Madeline Gras Madeline grinds
what’s up what are you doing hi Carlton Anderson hi Mike it’s my first time here
Sophia Messer ever been to I been to a zillion opal in Pennsylvania hey pirate
you were so blessed Thank You Liz what’s up from Canada nina’s hello to all the
storage locker people locker what part of California and buddy are you I’m in
the Bay Area that’s my future headboard Mary when I get a house finally
that’s gonna be my headboard we’re in my storage check it out we’re in we’re in
the mess I’m trying to get everything organized I’m trying to liquidate I got
to make a load for tomorrow I decided that I would just go live well in the
middle of making my load for tomorrow and yeah Tyra you remind me of rainbow
unicorn ass what’s up I love unicorns I love unicorns howdy my friend what’s
up Greg by shipping today I want to John so did that umbrella from the first
unboxing have you I’m not sure this Grimes get to go
to Disneyland you have to stay tuned Jeff says happy belated birthday thank
you Coretta what is your birthday wait no I birthday was yesterday Michael
Hepburn my birthday was yesterday auction Scott hit a thousand yes Uncle
Michael owes us a video he I think he said he’s gonna make a fleamarket video
for us I’m gonna have to help him so whatever it is I’m gonna be part of but
he knows he’s got to make one trust me he’s been thinking I love the way you do
your unboxings and I love the pink hair Cindy we have no more pink hair it’s
gone I’m gonna get rid of I decided I’m gonna I’m gonna auction off my ring guys
this will probably the last day I wear this ring because I’m gonna put it on
eBay either today or tomorrow when my ring sizer shows up and I’m gonna
auction it off I’m over it and I’m a practicing letting go a lot
I’ve been practicing letting go all year long and spin my model this year is
letting go and I’m over the ring it’s time for me to get one I appreciate more
been looking at this too long just like some things I mean that’s like
transformation phase so I’m gonna get rid of this ring and I’m gonna put it on
eBay and we’re gonna auction it off party headboard it is it could be the
party bed Mary I don’t know where you’re going with this
Joseph said what’s up with Uncle Michael I don’t know he’ll probably be on here
tikkun says this channel is the best thank you t Koontz I love you Haley says
handsome power to appreciate that hope your birthday totally rocks
Sheree grace it was great I had a great birthday Thank You Louis Thank You T
Koons Thank You April thank you MJ’s unboxing thank you Mary
sending love right back to you Madeline crimes can you say hi Coretta who let me
say hi to thank you for the birthday wishes Tanya we’re a go that’s said I’m
gonna regrow my mohawk I didn’t like it see check out I cut my own hair
that’s the hardest part is I’ve done my whole entire hair myself and I messed up
and I made it too skinny right here and then I came in here like this and I
messed it up and I was like okay whatever and so now I’m gonna regrow it
I want to start my mohawk out here and I want to try silver so we’re gonna regrow
it so for now we’re mohawk let’s if you guys have watched my channel from the
get-go ice to have no hair many times I’ve had no hair and I’m back to no hair
it’s just the way life goes life is a series of ups and downs circles changes
all you could think of and that’s where I’m at right now I felt like being a
mohawk less or no Hawk lists my 26th grandbaby was born on your birthday Wow
twenty six grandchildren Liz holy smokes Saul princess just came by to get some
money and went to lunch go figure I was uncle mice hunter subscribe okay
my cousin hundred subscribers holy well some sprinkle Miracle Grow on Mike’s
head please Mary stop it don’t put some bugs in your jewelry no pink hair no
ring oh my good yep I’m getting rid of this ring I’m selling it it’ll be on
eBay within the next 24 hours auction scarf on a 1960 good Gibson es
think he sold that guitar for like 20 bucks – TJ nougat I think we should make
a video about life of a toothpick the start to finish like how a toothpick is
made and how it gets to his mouth yeah Benji I need a ring sizer to bed
he’s supposed to hook me up the ring size I’m gonna list this ring now we now
we got to start getting salt princess 250 what’s she gonna pass me
Kizzy makes room for new bling that’s what’s up Heather you’re looking twenty
years old bro thank you Michael yeah I have to figure out I suffer from anxiety
and is it helping what’s that that sucks Michelle I’m sorry
letting go is very free and just want to say congrats and higher but I have to go
back to work it’s all right Judy kisses for you and thank you dominga bye
or do you feel you have a little breathing room now for that big score no
TJ honestly to be the truthful I don’t feel it ance of breathing room I feel
like more pressure because I’ve got to make it work you know what I mean like
if you guys pay attention I showed you guys everything in my life this whole
show my whole life from the day one I’m kind
of a little more impersonal than the average person but I showed you guys how
I lost my home for my children and I I showed you how I had three dollars to my
name I showed you how I started to liquidate my own everything that I had
to get money to start buying I showed you how I was picking up free loads the
steps I took to even get to the point where I had enough money to buy that
unit that day and that you got to keep going yesterday I heard that on Friday
two units sold in the Bay Area one person found a hundred grand and gold
coins and another person found like a million dollars in art and I’m sitting
here listed eBay items like I’m sleeping over here because uh almost not say too
comfortable but I got a I got to get things in order I don’t got time for
that I got to get back out out there and hustle grind or wine missing the units
Michelle there is some auctions this week I have stuff everywhere though look
I’m gonna show you guys look I got I don’t want actually I shouldn’t show you
haven’t seen this everywhere you look it’s stuff I got stuff everywhere that I
need to sell oh this is unboxings that got to come I’m boxing this you haven’t
seen yet we got stuff laying over here we got stuff over here we got stuff
everywhere we got eBay items just needing to be listed it’s insane
everywhere you look eBay items eBay items you come over here
eBay I did all that just waiting I got stuff everywhere I don’t even know if I
need to go to auction I’m trying to liquidate and get down to zero items
that’s been my goal you know congratulations on the fifty thousand
subs thank you saw princess is a salt prince is a very amazing I love that
child thanks Walter for the birthday wishes
prior to any auction this week a happy belated birthday silver you know corners
are good I like that silver unicorn I’m curious what you
think how much money the auctions made I have no speculation I swear on
everything Benji you know I’m as honest as it gets I have no shame and my game I
ain’t even got a lie to kick it I didn’t even look at the final sales I looked
like the first five items I have no idea what they sold for change is always good
Lori says I love your channel sync one hundred dollars to do a great
weekend with them when we were out there make my day Thank You Bobby
thank you much love Misun hello Haley hello
grass on fifty thousand and when are all the young guys gonna get together to buy
storage bins i michael congrats and on the fifth one hundred thousand thank you
that’s what I’m talking about pirate please help us with letting go
thank you for being you I can’t all I could do is lead by
example that’s the way I pray I’m I won’t tell anybody what to do I’ll
spread my knowledge but most importantly I’ll just show you what I’m doing and
how I do it and you know it’s like that old saying you can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make it think it’s up to somebody else to want to let go I just
do it I’m letting good I’ll buy it by the day 2020 hits i’ma let go of
everything I promise you’re gonna say I’m gonna be the most letting go it’s
personal you ever seen in your life I can’t find any live auction within 45
minutes I mean it can’t drive because the seizures go online on storage
treasures and so forth Benji wants to drive it you know buy some stuff Benji
afternoon my fellow pilot pirate for jewelry we believe in you I got some
jewelry right here Benji I’m about to finish unboxing that after their life
I haven’t even unboxed it I was filming my unboxing cuz I took some stuff home
back to the storage from our unit that Alex and I got it and I split it with
him and then I got these two I’m gonna unbox right now just probably just stop
talking it’s unboxing what’s up pirating glass stay focused
what an amazing storage I like the old videos the raw pirate John I’m still as
raw as we get you know what I mean and I don’t know if you guys know this but I
also do lives on hustle Grindr why my other channel hustle Grindr whined I do
lives on there and stuff all the time you are so positive thank you Mary it’s
the only way to be I say this all the time
I take away every single option when you got to figure something out you need an
answer I take away every single possible option that leaves me with only one and
that is to be the most positive happiest person I could be and that single
instance and that is my that’s my strategy dang the comments
are just like woo I came to keep up dang I haven’t seen one shoulder
treasure-hunters said we got to get one there was one he came and said he’s not
staying because I was late apparently he ain’t been to any of my
lives and he doesn’t realized I am five minutes late to everything
high powered hope you had a great birthday did you get him more uh no Jill
um um I get asked this a lot I get asked this all the time and I’m a very open
person look bottom line is I messed my credit up really bad so I have a
horrible credit score and on paper the way that things work out in this
business it makes it look like I don’t like in California they want you to make
like eight grand a month except rents like a twenty five hundred dollar home
and on paper because of the way taxes are and stuff they don’t see the the
before they see the after and it’s just complicating me getting a home like I
don’t have help like a cosigner I’m just struggling
so me and my tummy and Michaela live in the hotel I’ve been going on three
months in my son stays of his grandma we’re doing what we need to till the
moment transpires that we get a place we’re looking for a place
it just ain’t happened yet hey Mike huh there you go goes I just answered that
question time to party pirate bring store stalker a little mom we partied on
Friday and then I went out last night you’re going to go back to track soon
have faith it’s all good fam on track hugs my favorite pyar Thank You Deborah
if I live by you I’d help you list on eBay Thank You Glenna
you have to think about hiring staff too yeah I need a full-time just somebody do
everything I guess we’re on I just don’t have time storming the storage units way
to go you need me at all your unboxing is 65 years old I can pretty much tell
you what everything is not every time but for the most part miss on Thank You
Meredith II get soft Prince’s list for you ha princes list for me you’re funny
that was a good one this is Ricardo Congrats on 50 I was hearing ghost
pirate ship or car Pat Agra Carter how many channels do you got buddy
how many channels do you got Congrats pirate Grimes can help sell clothes
Grimes is swamped can all stores you buy a Cleveland Ohio just for a little bit
until we decide to move to Cali Cali to a jamming I can’t but you can
y’all can easily come here but I much quicker than I go there I want to start
buying a stone then do it just do it what’s up landshark picker been she’s
coming over he’s not even gonna watch my lie beast letters took a break from
listing on eBay to watch this what’s that Blanca Mike Uncle Mike everybody’s
curious about your upcoming video Oh a $2.00 super check Congrats pirate hustle
grind or wind you’re an inspiration thank you and a Constantino uncle
minecart he’s still going live after no Jeremy this is my life tonight
I’m looking eyes I’m tired it’s been a long week one of longest weeks of my
life been having a blast I partied Friday
night with Alex when Alex and I party we can’t really film that because we just
have too much fun and you two doesn’t like too much fun so we have no footage
of that I went out last night I had a blast didn’t get to beds like 4:00 in
the morning and I don’t really think that I’ll be coherent so well by the
time 7 o’clock rolls around I got to finish my load for tomorrow so no this
is my life this is my life today I will go get in touch with all the trolls
Thank You landshark picker sending my way
I love trolls trolls are misguided lovers and they need like a hug you know
a little bit of love in their life Britney the best place to scrap your
gold is you find a buyer who pays you no less than 90% if somebody isn’t paying
you 90% give them the finger that’s in between these two and I’ll go about your
day cuz trust them believe somebody will pay you 90% I saw that’s my best advice
you know what are you what do you need helpless and yeah ban all the comments
just like took off again okay here we go where is the kiss all him his name is
Timothy Bay and think he was he sounded trollish to be when his saw
prince is gonna have another video good question it’s alright carry what you
need help listing Amy I need I need help does this mean I need help have you been
hanging with Jebus I have not Mary I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance
to go see them no not another live stream tonight fashionably late the joys
of self-employment you loading for tomorrow yes Uncle Michael I’m loading
for tomorrow pirate are you single Hali Jim Shaw asked James Shaw like
scientifically speaking on paper it is my facebook status say that I’m in a
relationship new does not am i available new I am NOT that’s the best I can
answer that what are you trying to live in a house Oh an area the my area
conquered Martinez are really trying to look in like Oakley Brentwood Antioch I
want to get the money that I pay here for a house in Martinez versus what I
get there is like twice the difference it’s amazing how was Texas awesome did
you see the videos on mine Grimes and Alex’s pages what’s up Tim freestone
shout out to Tim freestone he came out met Alex and I thought I was 52 years
old you amaze me prior every time you start talking about life and what you
need to do encourage me and lifts me up think Luis that’s what’s up man we’re
like this you’re welcome just retired Uncle Mike you need to do list you need
me do I do Mary I would list for free but I got too much myself it’s all right
wouldn’t I want anybody do anything for free
I would cosign for you New York in a minute Catherine that is the sweetest
damn thing I’ve heard in a long time Wow baddest pirate ever you go Mickey I
can’t I can’t take that credit I’m not gonna try to be better than Jax spots
the baddest pirate I’ve ever seen the Hales has the model to follow to hire
people they got a lot of my mottos models that are good to follow uncle
Michael where’s the video show us to go we can’t I’m not showing you the jewelry
box if we find some jewelry in here all good I have no idea what senior says a
boo Ellis stuff let’s just get to it I’ve been doing enough talking I’m
editing within Mike had to come on that’s all good Sarah and Jackie I’m
glad you guys came on it seen you guys in a while you guys hardly come out and
play anymore what’s up Dad What’s Up Bernice little mama stalker and a house
shout-out to Liz guys if you guys don’t know liz is putting out videos little
mama stalker the backbone to the storage stalker operation I said it Alex the
backbone has her own channel putting out videos if you don’t subscribe to little
mama I don’t know what you’re doing I have no idea
locker nuts in the house look at that hi pirate red toy here bought some
things from your auction that’s awesome hey Locker knots good we make a video oh
you coming to flea market tomorrow Uncle Michael you trying to work with me is
that what you’re asking got some pirates all the way in Spain
here sending much love to you happy belated birthday let the videos roll
glad to see today Thank You Jean oh my god the viewers just dropped after you
broke a bunch of woman’s heart well I didn’t break nobody’s heart’s treasure
I’m not a piece of meat I’m not trying to sit here and be like I’m single and
then all of a sudden everybody’s like hey pirate like that’s not right either
you know if anybody’s listened to my damn videos for the last year or so you
would already know that I truly only have eyes for one love hashtag love for
all eyes for one I shouldn’t even have to answer that if people paid attention this emoji unbox I second that person just said
something because the things you quit a lot he’s close to touching my life hey
Liz I had little mama going tomorrow trying to get caught up on the comments
before I start unboxing but probably on a wise idea
crude you’re putting a load on for them Uncle Michael that’s Freddie
that’s what Uncle Michael calls me as fruit you guys I’m not even kidding look
look that’s what we call each other that’s Uncle Michael and then that’s
what he calls me too that’s our nickname for each other I think I know who Rita
everybody thinks they know but I promise you don’t isn’t you haven’t really seen
a person it’s not somebody that not saying anybody’s names true we don’t do
that we don’t put people on the spot here Carol wolf with the 999 super chat
so yeah let’s get to unboxing this is what I got here abuela stuff abuela stuff they said
staff but I think it means stuff let’s get to unboxing I have no idea what’s in
here I’m itching to find out believe it or not some things are private in my
world I don’t do it I would never put anybody on the spot you guys know me you
guys know that I don’t care what anybody knows about me thinks about me but I
would never put anybody else on the spot it it’s bad enough that I do too much
talking and probably puts a lot of pressure on a person and I apologize for
that but it’s hard to not um it’s hard for me to not talk this is the way
things are so with that being said let’s shut the hell up and we will unbox this
stuff right here oh where are we at here where we okay just keep flying by hello from I said
what’s that making Vicky hello wait for someone that is blue they won’t come in
life is too sure Karen I’m gonna do what I want Karen one life always one life
does what I want we sell tomorrow what’s the Uncle Michael Scott do you
have enough stuff to sell you can buy your way guys don’t waste your time you
guys who do who do this should have your own TV series I would not buy and then
yeah this should be fun ha it might little mama knows the boxes might be fun
cuz she saw the jewelry oh my god you don’t know Spanish nope nope I don’t
know Spanish I don’t know what that means I think that is a Spanish word
says grandma Sam I like that there’s food do it you pirate
there’s hello MJ’s unboxing your – honestly I’m too honest sometimes you
got that right Walter it’s a bad it’s a bad thing it’s a bad bad thing the
storage option pilot I would have a request one day no you know what
Scott needs to put out some videos uncle Michael don’t ask everybody to subscribe
to our Scotch channel if he ain’t gonna put a video and take the time and do it
right was like it’s a it’s a give-and-take world I got what it takes
one of my favorite little Wayne lyrics there Scott needs to put some effort
into a – Michael Jeremy’s yelling at me for having my
other my other one I’m trying to is it better
is it better hello is this better is it messed up I can’t tell guys I’m
over here I was I don’t know what I did all right
I can’t win for lose all right let’s get to work
let’s see what we got here I’m not even gonna read the screen so nobody comments
I can’t hear you we’re gonna see what is in a B well is
stuff Oh personal stuff personal stuff these are jewelry opinion that’s what we
hi I like bathroom boxes if you guys ever watching my channel
you ever watch my channel you know that a bathroom box is one of the greatest
possibility to ever find jewelry when we find an extension cord all right
not cool you got paper that’s good for eBay printing wonderful better view
nicely okay I’m not impressed with this box not
impressed one bit what do we got here mark all right very disappointed
one way or another we will make this right here come on good stuff come on
good stuff I like these because uh this is you guys right here you guys out of
stars got a $1 pong buck we can put the personal stuff over hair barrettes fail
the markers creamer Holley craft some nice pins
right here we’re getting somewhere it’s a little better than I the last box
we got a lot of hair breaths look at these um what’s that for anybody
know what you do with that Casio pen you know why people pack like this why they
do this to me ha keep it hot what we got here
just see what grandma was up to can I see you again we’re gonna read a story about grandma’s
life we’ll see how exciting her life was exciting huh nothing I’ve ever seen
silver legacy marsh pocket thermometer you know when those moments when you’re
just out and you need a pocket thermometer we got you I couldn’t do it anyone get crazy Gump’s
Italy that’s kind of cool this is nuts made and well you know what
I’m disappointed being so uncool let’s clean this up give me one sec is how
we’re gonna do this one second since it’s boxers I was getting ready to film this right
now and it didn’t work so we’re so we’re gonna do we’re gonna go through this now
actually we’re not gonna feel I’ve yet to open this up we’ll save that for the
video and that’s through jewelry we won’t save this for the actual video
let’s see if we can get in here she was a very let’s go here alright lighter love-life be brave holy hell this is
about the most inspirational thing I’ve heard all day love life
be brave gonna need your pinky ring with this ring on right here guys 9 to 5 look
at that look at that it’s a nice silver ring ooh let’s give this ring away check this
out let’s give this ring away I’m gonna ask
a question right now there’s three things I love to find in a storage unit
I say this often three things first want to say what those three things are in a
row now might bliss the turn-ons but the three things I like you can have this
ring for free go ahead let’s see you can get some I say it all the time with
pirates look for Oh yep let’s see who got that no what are you saying
I think Carlton nope looks like Jill said it Jill on my end said exactly what
I love to find I’m gonna need your email Jill send me an email to hustle grind
rewind at please cuz it shows you as being the first person on my end
gold gold silver and gems that’s what we look for carrying on we got a butterfly
I get better fly sometimes this looks like gold too
that’s tight that is an actual gold butterfly
not very not very uh heavy couldn’t that be real you could tell that it’s worn you can
see right there the coloration right away let’s give this one away – what are
my three turn ons first want to answer my three turn ons right now can have
this beautiful love life be brave ring nope it’s three things it’s three things
right now you guys are guessing some of them that’s two of them Kizzy not what
I’m trying to find like an item it’s three things that I look for that are
created by time not what they put in there you guys are guessing two of them
nope nope nope nope Lillian Lillian says it right there rat
turds spider webs and test those are the three things that I look for when I buy
a store do not the contents in there but the things that are surface area Lillian
you get to have this ring you send me an email as well let’s carry on mood Mikael has been taking all these
mood things home this we got some silver that’s not silver oh wow is this
14-karat on it Mexico probably not real that’s a nice little little silver
bracelet right then what we got here Italy 925 that is 14-karat right there that is
nice wish that was real 14 karat No tenncare and dolphin ring look at that I’m not able to read the comments guys
come going through as I’m trying to look dare you to get gold away look at them
B&B Jostens LTM I don’t think this one’s gold those are often ten karat gold
why give gold away let me get over here I’m gonna give it away two little pieces
of gold I got two pieces of gold right here you haven’t seen these yet look at
this we have a gold shoe and a gold apple an apple a day keeps the doctor
away they say who can guess what the largest loss I’ve ever had on a storage
unit is you give me the exact number of the largest loss I ever had in a storage
unit you can win the amethyst apple and the gold shoe let’s see right now go
ahead largest loss to a tea let’s see who
really paid attention cuz I say it all the time I guess no one’s gonna be able
to answer this one look at that an elephant embrace ‘let great that was the most money I’ve ever
made ooh so close greg’s dyslexic not really but I had
those a good uh I didn’t lost to you guys I believe I won
John Duncan John you win an apple and a shoe $5,600
Dosher win Jeff do you know largest loss I’ve ever had
shoutout to you John shoutout to you hustle Grindr wine at do I
accept Bitcoin no I don’t even know what bitcoin is Thank You Meredith II let’s
get you on here these are giving away look at this it’s a heart it’s a heart
and a wound-up necklace I like that 14 karat gold how much was the first lot I ever bought
at an auction first time I ever went to an auction had my at my moving company I
bought something answer the question you could win that gold necklace that I’m
not gonna untangle and a little heart let’s see uses a couple pieces of silver in here
can’t get all Texans well let my gold label do all that stuff I got enough heart I don’t need to keep
it uh-huh wake up you morons nope Lily Lily and
you already won I don’t think I spare to let me do you to win – I don’t think
that’s fair you already won one I think it’s only
fair if somebody else wins and pirate who received a 5,600 that’s a
fake ring Lillian and Michael was right at $1 on
that but I think the billion won it’s only fair to somebody else one this is
my personal opinion I try to be fair here that’s the hardest part about doing
stuff like this is out you want to be fair Bugs Bunny what is that everybody still guessing I
already said Michael 114 carat look at this you ever seen a ring like that
that is weird I’ve never seen one of those if you scroll up the first person
say it was Lilian and the second person to say it was Michael right away sucks
to be you Benjy said he didn’t get to play guys
cuz he probably knows the answers to most of the questions to you by the
letter C then almost looks cool it’s tricky bleeps of the rookies what I live my
life spontaneously Benji you should know that you know how I am I was going to
try to save the jewelry for the video but I got frustrated that there were the
boxes I’m just saying it was not very good in there it could be I’m not good
time to look at tapes you want to take them home read them and listen to me we
can talk about later who is FAS that’s a good bracelet yeah means you got a really good question we
can ask a really good question yeah for this base right here a really hard tough
question business partners do I know the answer to that yeah many other people
know you have to really pay attention is that the answer yeah that’s a good
question how many business partners have I had Maria Maria guessed it she did oh
my god I would think because of uh what’s his name that was quick guys Rick
Scott Adam Alex you know cuz Adam was very like in the beginning you had to
really watch to know that Adam was my partner
Rick was easy because Rick crashed his bike right over oh yeah you guys have
never seen that video where Rick crashed I don’t know if I took it down look I
got a new nose ring no people pay attention
all right well with that being said we are done unboxing I showed you guys all
the jewelry which I wasn’t really gonna do today but I did um we are approaching
an hour you like the Hat thank you Star Wars I love Star Wars it’s fair he’s
getting he’s they’re getting first dibs I missed a lot of comments I don’t have
time to go through and read them all because we’ve already been through all
of this conversation I’ve called a winners very fair pay attention the
first two getting the answer on 5,600 I said didn’t I said that already let me
go back and see I forget who I said where’s that at
I don’t remember what I said I said their name and they have to email me at
hustler Grindr wine at this is the replace this ring Benji that I’m
gonna list the eBay tonight I’m gonna list it here like about an a minute I’m
just really gonna literally list it and I’m gonna let it go I’m gonna start this
ring is 69 cents and I’m gonna practice letting go that’s what we do here I know
you are but it’s gonna be hard because there’s a lot of people just the people
in eBay don’t even know nothing about stuff we’re gonna want to get in he does
even know it is Mary would give me two bucks for it this is worth more I know
it is I just didn’t have time to I had to rush everything off the table to get
to go to some exciting those two boxes sucked I think they used to watch you
when you guys are still cussing and smoking and you played the guitar in the
intro Harold played the guitar D intro if I told you
you won email me how’s the grinder wine um I love you all for help me
get the fifty thousand subs truly blessed weekend that Alex and I both hit
fifty thousand subs highs I don’t like the way they look in this camera right
now for a hundred thousand injuries donate one of those so far four hundred
thousand to say that we already announced that before
alright I’m gonna give away an ounce to go to one hundred thousand when I hit a
hundred thousand subs I am giving away one ounce of gold swear on everything
I’m going to haul him for a hundred thousands I’m excited yeah truly blessed
that Alex and I both hate a hundred thousand
in the same week in the same very day within hours of each other
that made me just just as excited the fact that I did is the fact that he did
a lot of people have some people out there to think that I’m you know one
might not appreciate somebody else achieving the same success but I put so
much joy into watching Alice growers channel to see him go from one sub to
50,000 on the same day as me blessed that the odds of that the irony of it
the blessing of it truly proud of the man words don’t describe their I see
actually see storage docker just join the chat welcomed storage talker
you need to get some sleep Michael I will oh my holy Kraft I give you ten
Mary said now let’s help lock your nuts let’s Benjy put the brooch in my box one
ounce yes the work program I am giving uh-huh I’m giving away one ounce of gold
at a hundred thousand Dan layer one ounce of gold in this by the way that
I’m listening to eBay here in just minutes anything he wants Alex you want to say
anything before we get off this anybody want to say anything happy birthday Mike
Pat DS are the two dollars super chat what else do I have to say hey it’s
gonna our AAA meetings gonna be on whose channel this week Jack’s think it’s on
Jack’s could be wrong believe us on Jack’s channel so make sure you
subscribe to lock your nuts we will announce the second auction on grinders
channel soon as well when that completes I will let you guys know everything I
made on the seven thousand dollar unit trust and believe it was worth it what else Benji can’t think of anything
to say before I end its life that’s Star Trek don’t you think like this yeah live
well and prosper I like it Congrats pirate I had a birthday on the
fifth I feel like you I just got a bday present awesome area put the one ounce
of gold on my hand I love you guys I said to myself when I bought a palace
for 30 East yep this out Locker yeah I love y’all I gotta go um Mary says
you’re cute you she’ll make you blush see that you made him blush Mary you
made him blush it’s not hard to do I get blush all the time people like be
careful cuz my wife is actually watching you right now
Mary he’s married I got no ring I can’t afford a ring I’m not gonna have any
ring soon congratulation the 50k Thank You Dale thank you to mingle love you
too I’m out


DIBS!!!! @45:18 That ring is absolutely stunning!! Great find, I hope its real too! I already said congrats on 50k & Happy birthday on the community page!!!

Great show, Pirate! Sorry I missed it. Congrats again on 50K! I'm tickled for Alex too. Hope your birthday was unforgettable! Tyfs.

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50k congrats I started watching when you were barely 10k raw pirate. But you evolved into a personality . God bless mike.

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Sorry I missed this Live, u came on and I was busy helping another friend on her channel at the time. But big congrats 🙌on 50k! That's awesome big milestone something to be proud of! Happy late birthday 🎂🎈🎉 I'm glad it was a good one!

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The FAS mark appears on sterling silver jewelry that is also labeled as 925. FAS stands for fused alloy silver, meaning that a piece of sterling silver jewelry is infused with an alloy. Sterling silver therefore may have a stamp of FAS 925.

What up pirate… In a hit n miss auction buy you are blessed brother wish i could be there in the sun

Congratulations, Pirate! 👍 Keep up the good work. I love watching your videos! Always so much fun and I always wish you the best of luck in finding what you dream of. As for the Subs you lose, they must not have been worth keeping anyway! You have so many people who love and support you. Looking forward to so many more great videos! Peace & Love! ❤️

I was so curious about how well you did that I went through all 1000+ items and tallied it up. But, I respect your desire to wait and so I'm not going to spill the beans. Also, I wanted to bid, but I'm in Australia and I wasn't sure if grimes was happy to ship internationally.

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Happy belated birthday and congrats with your so much deserved 50K subscribers 👍🍀. Thank you for ALWAYS spreading love and happiness, even when you have personal troubles. I think it's a good idea to sell the ring. It belongs to a past episode in your life of which it would always remind you. One should not hold on to that.
(Maybe consider listing at a company for photography. Your friendly face is very good for many purposes, not only advertising.)

Mike I just wanted to say that I think you are a Beautiful person inside and out ♥️ Sending all kinds of love and happiness your way ! 😘 And grats on the 50k annndd happy belated Birthday 🎂

Keep up your great work!!! You are in a great team of networkers with #RestoreageTheLove We need to all push the #RestorageTheLove because you guys have been doing it and not making note of it because it is your nature to give. That is why you undersell at the flea markets, you always put others first which makes you so amazing and special. All of the East/West has now become a blur…. yall are the #RestoragetheLove …. us it as your marketing tool lol like my professor said…. you have to have a gimmick, like strippers do hahaha he said all strippers have a gimmick… I told him I would never find out ahahaha but he said you have to use that first and always, just like you intro, You are consistent with it, I love repeating it to others too. You have to be just as consistent with #RestorageTheLove. LOVE LOVE LOVE you and keep on being so wonderful it is contagious!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 100K will come faster, get ready for it!!!

Mike, NEVER stop going in age, claim those years! They are years and years of wisdom you have earned and learned. NEVER stop! I am 56 and it has been an amazing journey, one that no one else in this world has traveled and the same is with you…. We can never get our youth back so lets make our years of wisdom shine!! Love you!!!

Time to hire someone by percentage to do your ebay… tell them the prices you want and let them do all the work, it will free up your time to focus on exactly what you want to do to grow. I love you

Hello Mike happy birthday And all the best to you and your family God bless you and may all the great positive Guardian Angels guide you always

Omg. Happy Birthday Mike. Congratulations on 50 K. So happy for you. I Love your videos. I learnt alot from you, Locker nuts and everyone in the family. I went to my first auction. It was animal auction. I live on farm. So I need to get some rabbits for family. Meat for freezer. We will bleed them twice a year.
Thanks to you. I now believe I can go to the auction, bye and resale some anmails for the family. Or other auctions. I am going to try.
I am litting go and giving it ago.
Love Colleen in Australia

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