London Comic Mart 2018 Rare Comics and Bargains

hello my name is Rupert Townsend and I
am a comic book collector and I also buy and sell comics we’re here at the Royal
National which is one of London’s leading comic mart and we are here to
see some of the wares we have a really good selection of Marvel Comics here and
DC these are from the 1970s predominantly and we have titles the
popular titles such as Batman The Avengers Star Wars
Captain America amazing spider-man all which have now become quite popular
through the films that you’ll see that in your cinemas there were the big
blockbusters so if we walk along here you’ll see a typical layout of the
A to Z boxes with all the different comics in collectors come here to get
bargains and fill the gaps in their collections and obviously there are so
many titles of so many comics people just love them but then it’s a copy that
can last you a lifetime I started collecting comics since I was 10 so I’ve
still got an awful lot of comics again so if we look here we’ve got the amazing
spider-man and we have like a whole range of different comics in each one is
numbered this was issue 1 for 8 and it includes the trencher as a baddie and
it’s a it’s very well priced very nice condition conditions very important of
the comics obviously people think sometimes they’ve got a gold mine but if
the conditions bad they’re not worth anywhere near as much so moving along we
have my DC heroes such as the flash here and this is another 1960s comic we have
the Green Lantern there’s obviously been a film about the Green Lantern now
that’s a nice Gil Kane cover again in lovely condition he’s got a very good
run here and he stopped so people looking to fill their gaps of Green
Lantern they know where to come also we move along we’ve got some more
Marvel characters here the Hulk which of course has been plenty of comics about
not only comics films we’ve got some here at 60s and that is 70s were and
they’re normally in numerical order unless they get mixed up by the fans who
are getting a bit too excited anyway x-men another favorite with the films
this one is an early of the new x-men run number 102 and it has the origin of
storm so it’s quite a collectible item as are most of the comics here here on
the back board we have a fantastic array of some other more valuable comics and
you’ve got again spider-man you’ve got Nick Fury agent of shield number one
you’ve got Doctor Strange number one Silver Surfer Captain America you name
it these are in really nice condition as well and a really good prices so if we
come on down you get to the bargain bins most dealers will have bargain bins and
this is where the events can pick up comics very cheaply cheaper than what
the price they came out in the shops mostly they are found in specialist
retail shops these days there aren’t so many in news agents they used to be sold
for news agents but now only specialist retail outlets if we move on down we
have another facet of the hobby which are obviously the toys that relate to
all the comics and the comic characters no you’re fine so this is also a film TV
and sci-fi related toys and we’ve got some boxed some loose and this
I believe there’s a young man who has a shop in isn’t it at the vintage Emporium
through self this is Kevin also known I think that’s got to be at least five
parents there’s my Oh marvelous look at that as if by magic
that’s why it’s called Magic Kev anyway here we see a nice array of different
figures these are action figures from the 1980s we’ve got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we’ve got Ghost Busters we have some Marvel and DC characters here
The Joker and if we look around we’ve got Star Wars always popular there were
hundreds of figures in the Star Wars range and we have Boba Fett they’re a
very popular character he first appeared in the Empire Strikes Back then we have
some around here which are even rarer other figures from the impasto expect
sometimes collectors go particularly for ones what we call the last 17 this one
is Ben Kenobi he’s one of the last seventeen figures and they were actually
becoming less popular at this stage the free movies had completed and there
hadn’t been a new movie out for some time but to entice those collectors who
had all of them they actually included Mon card with a coin and Ben Kenobi is
one of the last something so he’s so more sought-after than some of the more
commonplace more comics here more weapons and toys and guns from Star Wars
obviously fully working then we can move along when they have another
dealer here this is Mark store from but here we have more bargain bins and
this is obviously a popular store how much you were coming here sir my god 10
pence each now you don’t get cheaper than that I wonder why he has so many
people bustling around I must spend more time here 10 pence each oh my lord that
is it clear around and you’re running out of stock a little space for stock
yes ok marvelous that’s incredible I’m coming back right moving along here we
have some these are very nice volumes that are published which are recreating
the original artwork from the comics and they are obviously of a larger scale
when they’re drawn up initially moving along here we have graphic novels
graphic novels obviously very popular they usually contain something like 6 of
the comics in one row pertaining to one storyline but I still prefer the actual
comics speaking of which if you ever look on the items and the
wall here we’ve got some real collector’s items we have the first
Captain America when he had his new comic for Marvel we have the first
appearance of the vision for the Avengers Captain America revived for the
Avengers and we have some very good DC and other Marvel silver and Bronze Age
comics so here we have another listing A to Z all bagged and boarded lovely condition and I will need to spend more time going through these been
through once but it once it’s not enough you need more time and the Mart is open
for around about four hours so it’s not a lot of time to get round then moving
along we come on through and you can get a good view if you get a good panoramic
view here you’ve got more comic dealers and you have people specializing in film
and you have like literally lots of fans looking for the gaps in their collection
so another thing when you’re in a comic Mart we dart around a lot because
obviously you’re going from one stall to another this next stall up here is
amazing collection has huge bagged catalogue of where you can go online –
they’re called incognito comics and they have some one of the best selections
here so if you want if you scan around here you’ll see there’s a fantastic
array of Silver Age comics which you’ve got DC Comics in this site including
some very early Batman’s and then you’ve got the early Marvel Comics coming
through into the later 60s and early 70s they’ve got a fantastic collection all
right and as you can see a lot of these items are priced but there’s 50% off of
a lot of these comics so that’s 50% off of what the price guide price it might
be in fact they may be less than that okay okay now as well as comics we also find
at these fairs films so you’ll have a lot of videos and DVDs the DVD of sci-fi
and related films you’ll also get some old classic some old Hollywood classics
here and obviously just the key thing where comic collectors and filming and
offices that they love stories good stories and that’s what you’ll find with
these and they also priced very competitively you’ll find real bargains
here that’s why people come as a spinoff with the films that you forget film
related magazines so these happen to be horror related magazines and again these
are a very good price you’ve got Fangoria you have the from
the dark side room or some are American publications some are British HorrorHound they’re obviously buffs out there for
all of these sort of material and these are a bargain for for up to 10
excellent they also go back to films from the 70s this is a first right night
since 1979 through here we have another clip section which includes things like
bubble gum cards this chap has an amazing array of bubble gum cards some
complete box sets some here for you can get single if you’re looking for scoop
specific cards and also collected sets here very reasonably priced this is why
people come if they will get the bargains but all the latest films have sets that
relate so these are what you would call a trade box and it’s a complete box
which includes at least 36 or 24 packs in this case and then here you have the
rarer cards some of these are signed cards by the different actors in the
films sometimes it’s maybe comic artists who are signing their work for their
illustrations and these are all in folders and individual cars can go for
considerable sums of money so here we have one of the great stalwarts of the
Royal National Comic Mart this is the man in the Hat and this is man in the Hat
comics and we have an amazing array yet again of collectibles we’ve got sort of
more recent comic books from America as well as fantastic bound volumes some
British some American any foreign and some exotic and even dare I say erotic yeah but great stuff and always great
bargains from men in the hat you’ve got to come to this man store yeah excellent
so here you’ll find a very nice volume of Norman Rockwell illustrations
it’s a retrospective book a mere 10 pounds now come on that’s got to be half
price is that right Pete half price the cover price over the foot yeah Frank
Bellamy he’s a fantastic illustrator he did a lot of artwork for Eagle comics
and this is actually reprinting the strip front eagle I believe World War
one story amazing brilliant illustrator yeah where we got here the art of mercy
of Washington now that’s one I don’t know not for me but the world of Steve
Ditko is this is a master of comics he worked for many publishers including
Marvel and actually was known for doing the Spider Man and Doctor Strange and
he’s only recently popped his clogs what else have we got here
well it’s thankful cleaner of cartoons bit of Betty Boop that the superheroes
encyclopedia it feels a very weighty volume comic books by Hubert H Crawford
again what a bargain price so if you’re looking for bargains you’ve got to come
down here this is very nice Dracula annual wow that’s quite a rarity I’ve
not seen that I do actually have the individual comics but not the area bound
annual on this amazing ah it looks like a band copy Oh what an artist Frank
mcLaughlin Dennis Matlock sorry he did a lot of the Buffalo Bill annuals which
was just superb from the 50s amazing but he also did a lot of work for Pope’s in
America hence the American cover and the image Wow fire and water Bill Everett
Sub-mariner birth of Marvel Comics another fine illustrator who actually
carried on drawing work for Marvel right up until the 70s another Marvel volume
absolutely everything you need to know so don’t ask me so I’m still looking
around here here we have King comics which are amazing
always bargains to be had from these guys fantastic they have a shop down in
Kent well worth visiting but always are at the Mart and at the bigger Comic Cons
as well we got some lovely examples of comics here look at that all beautiful
oh my word graded these are actually sealed and
graded copies this is the first giant-size x-men and it’s the first of
the new x-men it’s a very nice comic land and oh my goodness that’s a nice
one how much is your that’s pretty
reasonable and that’s err 5.5 that’s a grading so if you look on these they’ve
all got grading this one’s a nine that’s a very high grade that’s pretty much as
near-mint as you’re gonna get then you’ve got here lower grades of 3.5 and
you’ve got an 8.5 this is the 700 copy it looks like it’s signed by Stanley as
well who was one in the main creator for Marvel certainly the writer Wow nice
goods yeah so it’s been a brilliant mark thank you for that things are starting
to wrap up now this is Nick he has another fantastic store he has an
amazing array of back issues that collectors can find yeah well I I need
to spend more time got some underground comics as well
which are slightly naughty but for Fred all tastes they’re graphic novels
more discounted comics here boxes and boxes and then we have a dealer here he
works exclusively with horror comics and sort of film related memorabilia of the
horror genre I often I have to pick up items from chap another fine day at the Royal National
and obviously a place where people like to come it’s once it’s maybe six times a
year now the next one is in December so we shall see you there

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