Manheim Car Auctions Bruntingthorpe – Day In the Life Flipping Cars #1

Hey Guys, Chris here from This is a new series of mine called “A Day In The Life Of A Car Flipper” & today I’m at Manheim Bruntingthorpe Car Auctions So, Just arrived at the auctions Im looking forward to meeting my customer He’s a customer of my Car Auction Buying Service & Im just about to go into the auction hall and meet up with him Bruntingthorpe auction is on an old airfield & proving ground Its absolutely massive Its got some old aircraft on there, but its also a proving ground where people can test all sorts of vehicles Its a really cool place
& the auction itself is in a hanger, an old aircraft hanger It holds a serious amount of cars and it has storage outside for even more cars Its a really cool place to visit, if you want to go to a car auction give Bruntingthorpe a try We’re here today and we’re going to bid on a BMW 520D M Sport. Its a really nice car, really high spec BMW M Sports normally always go a £1000 over CAP Clean So if you set that as a guide price for yourself if you look at CAP Clean for whatever that M Sport is going to be If you set yourself a grand on to you should normally always win it from experience they normally tend to go about £800 to £1000 over and the really desirable ones might even push another couple of hundred quid So if you bear that in mind Theres a good chance you are going to win that car that you are after Thats the car auction hanger over there Lets get over there
Lets get inside and take a look This is inside the hanger at bruntingthorpe Its got three lanes
All the cars are either lined up inside here or outside & they are bought inside just before the auction starts Then they are driven through the 3 lanes They’re really close together so its really easy to move between them This is the BMW 520 diesel M sport that were going to bid on today & im just waiting for my customer to arrive Once he’s arrived I’m going to have a chat with him Find out what his max bid is, we’ll bid to that and see if we win I cant film inside the auction, you never can, They don’t let cameras in there
So ill give you an update once the auction is over Well I’ve just met my customer at the auction
he came down with one of his mates They’re both students and his just bought himself a BMW 520 D M Sport I didn’t have a BMW 520 D M Sport when i was a student Im trying to think back if i had a half decent car
it must have been something terrible Times have changed and he’s done himself proud
Its a nice car hes got himself a fantastic deal Its been really nice to come down to Bruntingthorpe today, i haven’t been here for a few months So it was good to come down
the staff are absolutely fantastic Ive had a really good day
and a full english breakfast as well and we’ve won the car What more can you say?
Thats A day in the life of a car flipper
Its been really good Thanks for watching the video
I hope you enjoyed it If you did please leave me a comment below
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please do also give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my YouTube channel My next video is about my visit to Gumtree Motors HQ
Im off there today, Im just about to leave and get the train


And my first car was a 2002 1.2litre Vauxhall Corsa then got a 58plate a few months later, no a 57 plate ka long story short cars dislike being with me for long 😂 I only past April 20th 2015

My first car was the Honda Civic ek9 I was lucky when I bought it it had been previously a tuner owner so I didn't have to do it and it has a little bit of camber so I'm not a ricer. Still have the car till now

Enjoyed the video chris, I would like to start buying from auctions and selling on as you do in your car flip series, I'd just want to sell from home 1 at a time. What do I need to do first? I do buy/sell now but not as a trader. Ps my first car was a MK1 Astra 1300s 3 door! 👍👍

My Checkered Car History :-
Vauxhall Astra MkII 1.3S – a cracking first car 'D' reg
Ford Mondeo Saloon 'L' reg
Nissan QX 'P' reg Auto – a random purchase that I regret – 4 speed auto box was awful
Skoda Octavia Estate '02' reg – great solid workhorse
BMW 520d M Sport Touring Auto '61' reg – great car but a bit too firm ride and I could make loads of improvements.

Hey Chris, I got some quotes to see how much would cost a car insurance for a 19-year-old undergraduate and the prices were astonishing. Something around 2400-4000 pounds per year and 400-500pounds for a short-term (1month comprehensive).
I definitely need to provide insurance for the vehicle till it is sold(right?), but with these prices it looks more like rocket science to make any profit out of it! Do you have any advice on this problem?

Would of been better to add the winning bid price to let people, outside the business know what price ranges these sort of motors go for, not the exact figure just a ballpark figure it took the main point of the video away, I'd say 99% of people viewing this with no idea of prices of this sort of car were waiting for.

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