Manheim Express How To List Vehicles Seller’s Overview

Welcome to the Manheim Express seller’s
overview. Let’s get started by learning how to list vehicles in the app. First, open the Manheim Express app. Tap login, enter your Manheim username and password and tap login again. Tap the VIN button at the bottom of the home screen
to start listing your vehicle. Simply scan the vehicle’s VIN, or if you’d
prefer, hit the keyboard icon to manually enter the VIN. Take a look at the
information pulled from the VIN. You can edit the vehicle color and odometer
mileage, review the base MMR, adjusted MMR and vehicle history. Tap next steps
to continue to the “Sell It” screen. On the “Sell It” screen, you have a few options. To ensure your vehicle will sell within 48 hours, tap “Get a Guaranteed First Bid”. To
list without a guarantee, choose “List to the Manheim Marketplace”. Now it’s time to add some images. Just follow the on-screen instructions to take photos
from each required angle. As you review your images, you can tag specific areas
of the vehicle to indicate special features or damage, such as dents or
scratches. After that, fill out or confirm the
odometer, color, title, and transmission information. Then tap next. Now you’ll select any appropriate announcements for your vehicle, then tap
next. On this screen, you’ll complete the disclosures questionnaire. When you’re
finished with the disclosures questionnaire, tap next. If you chose to get a Guaranteed First Bid, here’s where you’ll receive your
guaranteed offer. If you want to list your vehicle on the Manheim Marketplace
with a guarantee that Manheim will buy your vehicle for this price, unless it
receives a higher bid, tap “Accept Offer”. If you do not want to take a Guaranteed First Bid but still want to list your vehicle on Manheim Express, tap
list on the Manheim Marketplace. If don’t want to list your vehicle just yet,
you can tap “Save for Later”. Your Guaranteed First Bid offer will be
available for you to accept for 12 hours. If you accepted your Guaranteed First
Bid offer, you’re all set! Your vehicle will be listed for 48 hours, and if it doesn’t sell, Manheim will buy your vehicle for the guaranteed price. If you
chose to list without a Guaranteed First Bid, you’ll now choose a floor price. Note
that if you choose a floor price above the maximum for Manheim Express Open,
your listing won’t appear in the Manheim Express store. It will only appear on
OVE. If you want, you can also add a Buy Now price or use the new option to make an offer. When you’re ready, tap “Activate in Manheim Express”. Then you’re all done! Thanks for using the Manheim Express app. Start listing your inventory today!

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