Markets may see a small ‘year-end rally’: Market strategist


Some traders have got to be loving this market. It can fluctuate 5-800 in a week. If you know what you are doing, you are making BANK.

For the past 10 years, my investments have held steady.
As long as nobody gets too stupid…the conservative investment strategies should hold.

We know this is the slowest qtr of the year. It's going to be slow till the election gets closer.its a great time for 99% of American workers .this has been a people economy .

Low yields mean banks are buying treasuries with there spare money. They are investing it in our businesses or loaning it to citizens. It's a good time for small businesses to start up.
This is good for people not necessarily good for the ultra-wealthy investors. Completing the opposite of what many people think a republican pres does .

On average, recessions occur every five years and it has been 10 years since the last recession. Sooner or later, then, the current economic boom will go bust. This next economic collapse is going to be much harder on America because debt levels are so much higher.

I told an associate that I was praying God put the market over 30000 this year while Trump tended the nation.

If Congress would stop to Inquisition and passed the the reformed NAFTA agreement, the Market will take off again to new highs.

Yeah. Fed must cut further to 0.5% which will be of 0.75%.
So Fed makes cut's according to the balance sheet of 🍌🍒🍼🍯🍰🥧 market demand and supplies. But cut conservatively you know😉!
As getting close to many agricultures after Japan, China phase1 and follows reaching USMCA, then UK with Brexit and exit EU. Pipeline project's and take it smooth eeh😉.

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