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Tripp it is time for another food review hope you’re having a nice day and a good
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and answer them today I’m gonna be talking about the McDonald’s new spicy
barbecue glaze tenders and I have it all even the food transport bar seven
secretive God use my my nice utensils download stuff I don’t know what this costs elsewhere in
the country but it costs four dollars and forty-five cents I think they have
four pack maybe a six pack and you can get like with a combo fries or drink or
something like that but I just wanted the basic the basic of those tenders
spicy barbecue glaze tenders it says here for pack that’s a very strong smell
already like I said these four or four dollars and 45 cents before tax that’s
about a dollar a dollar for each one is that a bargain well is it fair let’s see
the size opening this now for the first time okay yes what they look like things
don’t look very appetizing when you have a bunch of sauce on it that’s just the
nature of the beast and of course presentation no use I use my last utensil – this is
strong kind of the strong nose now let’s see what it says here they were planning
to a little background they were planning to launch these things I think
back around the beginning of the summer there were two things they were going to
to introduce the spicy barbecued chicken sandwich and these spicy glazed tenders
I hope the I reviewed the chicken sandwich earlier so today I went back
with the glazed tenders because I liked the chicken sandwich pretty well and it
was best to was supposed to premiere at the middle of September however this is
today’s about the 9th I think 9th or 10th I can’t even remember what I said
and I’d received yeah I can’t read it you see in it that’s how and yesterday
when I got the chicken sandwich I got this receipt and you couldn’t read it
very well and today they’re still having to fix that so they really need to go
ahead and do that they were supposed to ride right here in mid-september
everywhere but they’ve been they’ve been showing up at some places and luckily I
was able to find them at my local McDonald’s and you’re probably saying
well I have many more chicken chicken reviews with this man going to do well
seems like we’d like a lot of chicken I just don’t want it to eat this out of
this room hot I don’t see I need to drink some water there just in case that’s the bill so we can now be bath
away I’m wearing a nice yellow shirt here but I’m not afraid to tackle this
and this right here is not a stain it’s actually an emblem but I can’t read it
but sometimes I’m gonna wear this shirt again I think what’s that stained it
what did I get on here but it’s so funny I used to take a look at these things
here so you can see through it here and their power this is one two three
four they gave me one two three four yes just as advertised some plastic on my
hand and just won’t I said it’s an earring – it just won’t come off see
that’s kind of that very glazed appearance helps in your mouth it’s very succulent
– the word is not dry I don’t think it has too much sauce on it maybe you know
by now I don’t like a lot of sauce and things but I think this is this is
pretty good it’s a carrot sauce but it’s not floating in the sea of it here’s the Donalds describes it they
call it our classic buttermilk crispy tenders battered and breaded to
perfection hand tossed and perfectly sauced to
order in our new mouth-watering spicy barbecue glaze that contains just a hint
of jalapeno and I guess I can sort of tastes women that have a peanut flavor
it has a very distinctive aroma before I opened the box second I could smell it I
think I like this the cashier was very friendly very nice why do I say that
am I surprised well let’s face it a lot of fast-food places they have people who
were just working their entry-level jobs and you know in everything out of the box like this
before I’d always put on my fancy my fancy China this chicken has 580
calories five eight zero one of my subscribers name is Anthony or Anthony
not sure if I’m saying it right he was he was commented in in the channel that
he did a research paper in high school in compared McDonald’s and several other
fast-food restaurants and he came at the conclusion he made he took national
statistics or something and he said McDonald’s was the healthiest one and
it’s all kind of relative I just thought that would share that with you a lot of restaurants fast food places
now they that make it possible for you to happen to healthier meal have salads
and lean more toward chicken I suppose you can get you can get something that’s
fairly healthy at most fast food places like this it’s very tender the sauce has a good
flavor maybe there’s a hint of jalapeno supposed just like McDonald said for
their for their chicken their spicy chicken sandwich I’d like to know if you tried this
before if you’d be able to get this from your local McDonald’s yet yes it’s it’s
not all over in the entire country yet I don’t suppose I think I’ve done quite enough damage
here for the day thank you for watching and I will see you next time


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