Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Review | V8 Benz Bargain (English Subtitles)

For a lot op people AMG will always be out of reach people think of AMG in that way the unattainable branch of Mercedes but when you start looking at the 2nd hand market there are some very interesting cars we have an E63 AMG today a car that cost around €145.000,- new this one has some optional extra’s so let’s call it an even €160.000,- today, it has done 61.000 km and it costs €49.000,- so the write-off is over €100.000,- which is too bad for the first owner but it’s a blessing for the 2nd hand market this car as such a gorgeous V8 and it’s available at €50K we can’t help feeling happy about that let’s start with the V8 the codename is M156 and when you utter that number/letter combination the AMG fans are getting excited the legendary 63 AMG engine 6.2 litres in this car it produces 525 HP and that is more than enough it has become a dinosaur courtesy of the turbocharged engines they even try to make their turbocharged engines sound like this one does and it’s cool to drive the real thing again because nothing beats a N/A V8 when you’re driving along like this we’re just cruising everything is set to comfort we’re driving 80 km/h in 7th gear when you feel like putting the hammer down you go to this button, the AMG button when I push that you get a preferred settings menu in this case, the gearbox is in Sport+ the chassis in comfort which is better for this road and the ESP in sport mode change down put the gearbox in manual mode and then it starts growling and it is incredibly fast like I said I have the chassis in comfort mode because this road is quite bumpy and there’s some camber as well and that brings us to the springs & dampers it has conventional steal springs in the front to make sure the turn-in is sharp and it helps with front-end grip but it has air suspension in the rear which is adjustable it can also adjust automatically when you go past 140 km/h it lowers itself better for handling and fuel consumption you really feel that those steal springs are more firm it handles quite nice but I miss some steering feel and the rear is a bit wobbly and a bit loose but when you have a very firm rear set-up it can easily step out on you when you don’t want it to this one does not it’s very easy to control and that’s great but the main point why I miss this engine is the sound it sounds so good and dirty and raw it’s unbelievable the sound this thing produces you get a bit of a push in the back when you change gears the exhaust crackles it rumbles it is all so good and very enjoyable I really miss that it is history they try to make the turbocharged ones sound like this one but also the throttle response is incredible there’s no delay release the throttle and floor it again and the V8 is always ready to go that’s so nice they’ll never be able to make the turbocharged ones sound like this and why would you hire the coverband when you can have U2 play for that reason buy a 2nd hand AMG with this engine the M156 engine be careful where you buy it though make sure it’s a proper Mercedes dealership so you know the maintenance history it’s a beast of an engine so they need to be properly maintained by the right people with the right training who are specialized in both the engine and the rest of the hardware that comes with it Mercedes Benz The Hague (NL) is such a dealership that’s where this one came from they have an AMG specialist army and a separate AMG workshop so they know their stuff this one is for sale over there for just shy of €50.000,- and do yourself and everyone around you a big favor and go for an E63 AMG


can't believe how much more potent the 5.5 bi is than the 6.2. it gets the car from 0-60 almost a second faster ! lol

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