“Mid Summer Sales Event” VIP Auto Sales, July 2018

welcome folks were here at VIP Auto
Allen we yes we have miss you Jersey Jamie jela righto Jamie say hello hello
it is not Jimmy Jim Jim on the screen with us it is with New Jersey in fact
she’s not just wearing the crown just to show off she is wearing it because she
is representing New Jersey she is our girl of New Jersey so anybody who lives
in New Jersey I do tell you to come in because Jamie supports us right Jess
might be here when you stop by not just be here you might have driven one of the
cars that you guys will be looking to purchase so what are you driving right
now I know you guys you were here momentarily last month when we read we
had you here in July now we’re here in August got beautiful weather still winds
blowing it’s not too hot we’re not sweating it’s not crazy but what what
exactly are you driving Jamie right now I’m driving a 2017 Honda Civic jet-black
I love it with this beautiful weather I’m rolling the windows down it’s great
that’s beautiful gas mileage is good you’re cruising you got no worries how
many didn’t know what how many miles are on that car about 20,000 20,000
beautiful it’s running strong she’s got no worries how let me ask you before we
get into all these cars here and you face on the screen you’re obviously
you’re important here so I want to ask you what’s your platform is what is it
that you stand behind the Pizzo as Miss New Jersey I advocate for food allergy
awareness my platform is called don’t get nutty food allergy awareness so
that’s my personal issue that I advocate for and do that throughout New Jersey
okay and how why is that what you’re advocating why do you stand behind that
is tell tell everybody about yourself I want I personally want no more passion
so I started my platform based off of my younger brother Michael he has multiple
severe food allergies and anaphylaxis so my platform is inspired by him and the
other 15 million Americans that deal with food allergies and it is a
life-threatening condition so I want to help create a safer and more inclusive
environment for those with food allergies 15 million people we said just
in the United States I feel like it’s not talked about that much I know it’s a
very underappreciated issue Wow so look at you and it’s called what
again it’s not getting that don’t get Dottie I heard Dottie and I thought that
was funny so don’t get naughty you’re standing behind
jeez your brother family at the end of the day it’s your family that’s family
of course and I like not to try and compare it to what you know you’re
advocating where you’re trying to stand behind but at the end of the day we like
to try and act as if everybody is our family that comes in through this story
we want to take care of everybody we created the name VIP auto outlet because
we truly do believe that every single person that comes in is very important
very important person VIP you get it yes VIP though so yes when you guys come in
I was talking to Jamie a little bit we do have the three locations we have the
referral program we have very competitive pricing everything is honest
you see the price online you’re coming to this store and that’s the price
you’re getting I’m not gonna talk about what other guys do but I know what they
do do and it makes my job a lot harder I’d buy for all three of our locations i
price every car and again we’re honest so you come in there isn’t with a $2,000
low disclaimer at the bottom $2,000 down your sales prices have the amount you
will finance everything is true we are getting you guys in the door because we
are competitive and we are honest we have the three locations again
everything gets serviced before it does come to one of our two locations here
let’s get started yeah I mean it’s funny it took us so long to get to these cars
because I mean we have a Maserati to our left what was that song you were just
singing the song blase blase we got a maserati black with the red interior I
don’t want to take away from the Camaro because what a beautiful car red is red
hot with the black stripes you got the black leather cloth until it’s all
leather you’ve got full black leather inside you got the big screen here it is
an automatic transmission they are both 2013 both with less than 20,000 mark Wow
for a 2013 it’s a five year old vehicle I mean we’re in 2018 yes and they both
have less than 20,000 miles both one-owner carfax is this one here
in particular has $19,000 999 dollar sales price you can
see on the screen monthly payments I’m not going to take my time going to
monthly payments everything but the monthly payments that they do see on the
screen how much I took I know you told me not to do this to you but how much
money down is that based off zero zero zero dollars down at zero dollars
delivers at the end of the day people come in they don’t want to have to put a
thousand fifteen thousand dollars out of pocket and then have a payment that’s in
30 days 45 days whatever it may be so we have that for you guys to see on the
screen so you have an idea what you’re starting with if you want to be a little
bit lower bring some money down we’re negotiable I know we’re very competitive
in pricing there awesome to work with here I can vouch for it
I appreciate that she’s only been here for how long but this is your second
time here right yes and you’re having a great can already tell you guys are
great so this one maserati like we said red leather interior I think this is the
one you’re driving home today isn’t it but the Civic is very nice yes specific
but this Maserati is very nice as well it is listed for $70,000 it’s a 2013 has
15,000 200 miles you can see you got the paddle shifters here it is the sport
Edition convertible coupe I mean you look at this thing it’s got the black
wheels you don’t have to do a single thing to this car it’s beautiful it’s
right that’s a beautiful color is a beautiful car so again even better in
person so everyone should come and see it come on in we are here zero dollars
down delivers again you’re coming in you are signing you’re driving you’re not
going to banks you’re not taking blown zout to take out another loan you’re
coming here to get that VIP experience we have the three locations we are here
at our home location where it all started in 2005 we have again Jaime miss
New Jersey here with us we’re gonna catch you guys on the other side come on
in for our mid summer sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP hello
hello hello Jaime Kevin we’re here we’re in Maple Shade we are celebrating the
midsummer sales event tell us about the referral program how does that exactly
work Jaime so if you refer somebody and they come in and they get a car then you
get a check for $200 how much $200 $200 and I know you don’t know the answer to
this but is there like a limit on that to set you say I should send fly people
here they all buy cars am I not gonna get paid for that fifth person no I
don’t know I don’t get paid for that fifth person sixth person say it does
not stop that is not limited we’re not just gonna pay you 300 bucks or 400
bucks whatever it might be everybody you send in you’re getting paid $200 I mean
monthly payments these days they’re just about that $200 payment yeah I have a
really good friend of mine whose sister bought a Volkswagen Eos that we had
about three months ago she purchased the car payments to 88 a month okay
19 year old girl got approved but all on her own she has said me six she she’s a
hair stylist she talks to all these people every day she’s got lots of
friends she’s famous on Instagram she sent me six people within the past three
months we have not only been making her payments but she’s been getting some
money on the side so it’s great and you know she’s sending these people were
putting a good reputation to her I guess you could say because it’s not like
she’s saying oh yeah go here they’re great and then we suck that doesn’t
happen so she looks good we look good she’s
getting paid we got happy customers coming in which I’m getting referrals
from those customers as well now and it’s just great it’s just being able to
family it’s a big family yes so that VIP family now of course we have this red
Honda Civic great next to us beautiful car it’s got the sunroof black cloth
interior is the size so it’s a manual transmission it’s not the coupe you do
have four doors 2013 with 91 thousand miles this one is actually the one that
Jim had traded in over at the truck store twelve thousand seven hundred
dollars is your sales price for a Honda Civic that is going to last you forever
forever we got this Mustang right here right next to us it’s a 2015 it’s got
the hood scoops that dark blue which is like
color purple yeah it’s really cool indigo okay oh you know what color that
is makes it blue and purple it’s indigo purple indigo so indigo
it’s got 41,000 miles another great sales price twenty seven thousand five
hundred dollars for a 2015 it does have the 5.0 engine which you got that little
extra pep to it step it looks like black leather interior from what I see here am
i right looks it I’m just gonna back it up here
back it up black leather interior you got the big
screen in here this car is immaculate you got the white
stitching I mean you should see these seats that’s another thing go to our
website wwlp.com there’s 24 pictures of every single vehicle I know you guys are
just seeing the Indigo part of it but there’s so much more to see the interior
absolutely phenomenal again that is a one-owner carfax certified vehicle got a
Subaru now got all different types of makes and models and that’s the
difference I mean we have over a hundred how many cars we have between all three
locations 200 it’s so funny I’m just feeding off of the the simple things
that I chose you right before we start the commercial it it’s really fun but
200 cars out of all three locations you’re putting all those together at the
other day we have prices from five thousand to seventy thousand dollars in
terms of course so we got something for everybody check out our website see
pictures you have questions give us a call our home location number here is
eight five six two three four three four three five you can ask for anybody in
particular you want to talk to me you want to talk to Jamie you’re gonna have
to talk to me first and I’ll try and transfer you over but at the end of the
day all of our staff I love working with these guys that’s one of the best parts
about being at this business I get to work with guys like Anthony you want to
come in here real quick he’s a praising a car looks like right now but yes we
have great sales people everybody’s knowledgeable everybody staff we have
our repair shop down in Southampton everything gets serviced and detailed
before we get it over to our three locations so again this one here we have
a Subaru great on gas I kind of believe how good Subarus are on gas until I
found out which this one here you’re getting 38 miles to the gallon
combined between city and that’s like a Honda Civic
yeah no what can I have a Honda so Subaru Impreza 2.0 i premium 41,000
miles a sales price of $16,900 nice and it’s got that red color you know low
darker than that Civic was but it’s another four-door hatchback this one
here is a Volkswagen GTI Papapa 2012 $9,000 this one is $9,000
it’s got look at these seats what would you say these seats are flat
plaid okay so you’re durable they’re durable or ador adorable adorable but
they also are durable I mean would you look at those seats they don’t have very
comfortable yes very comfortable you got the two racks on top it’s a manual
transmission Papapa 6-speed beautiful car I mean the
wheels are pretty cool it’s a nice little car coupe volkswagen GTI now this is my favorite
car on the lot even more than the Maserati I’m going to be completely
honest with you because this one here I don’t know if you have ever driven a
Honda Civic sport hatchback I’m guessing not I don’t think so you have it so the
difference between this one it’s a little more of a tighter eye than that’s
terrific that’s your driving same year 2017 just like yours this one has 15,000
miles so about 5,000 mile difference it’s got the cooler wheels in my opinion
and then it’s got the little carbon-fiber thing that’s going on
inside you got the seats with the with the very cool style I guess you could
say you got the bigger screen the steering wheel itself it’s got a grip on
there which it really it you got a drive you got to come in and test drive this
vehicle because I’m telling you after you test drive a little buy it for
$50,000 you wouldn’t even care about the price at that point you’re gonna want to
buy this car but to be honest with you the price of this car is $21,000 so
don’t buy it for 50 buy for 21 from VIP here at this location next one we have
another Subaru right are we going backwards we’re going forward we’re
going for it so we got a Subaru here right very similar to that one that one
was a 2015 this one I believe is a 2015 as well which it is Subaru Impreza 2.0
30,000 miles on this one this one is selling for fifteen thousand nine
hundred dollars again four doors great on gas it’s great on gas see you’re
quench economic learner you guys better watch out I’m gonna take my job I won’t
even be here next one a very nice car Subaru again they’re great on gas if you
ever watch TV you see those Subaru commercials they’re number one in crash
testing system or the pre-crash system whatever the testing that they do very
safe very economical great little family car whatever it might be
again we have a 2018 Toyota Camry steel color maybe this is steel maybe saying I
like a charcoal yeah charcoal will go with that okay alright
beauty Jaime won Kevin we got a charcoal 2018 Toyota Camry I
absolutely love how they redid the Camrys I love the sea is a much the
seats are awesome but just everything the way that’s the interiors gorgeous
absolutely read on it the the front of the car I mean it looks more sporty it’s
not that plane circular front to it these cars I don’t even have to talk
about them to Yoda’s last just like the Honda’s do very good on me and it’s very
good in gas mileage great little cars are we already at the Camrys oh my gosh
we got another camera here to show you this one is a 2015 Toyota Camry now the
thing about this one it’s a hybrid okay do you know what a hybrid is no well is
it when two things are mixed so it’s it’s got gas but then it also runs off
of a battery okay so you’re see you’re learning I’m learning cars are smart you
are learning cars today so Miss New Jersey Hybrid you’re saving what again
get a hybrid you’re saving out of gas so I don’t know the exact gas my miles per
gallon on this vehicle but what I can tell you is it is a 2015 it has great
mileage for the year which is 47,000 miles thirteen thousand nine hundred and
ninety nine dollars is your sales price you’re getting a Camry that’s gonna last
you for a very long time I can tell you you’re gonna be a $200 payment if not
less with $0 down you’re getting a quality vehicle from a quality place
from quality people who are presenting it to you
and listen we got the three locations we got the truck store we have Southampton
we have over about 200 vehicles in inventory today been in business since
2005 I want to talk more about you alright so what you you tell me a
question to ask you what do you want people to know about
yourself since you have this platform right now well in addition to my
platform okay all of the title holders in the Miss America Organization raise
money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that’s the national platform
of the organization so that’s something that I’ve also been doing throughout my
years as a title holder in addition to advocating for food allergy awareness
this is so cool so yeah you learn something every time
you open your mouth I got like four different colors in my dictionary now
you are doing great things we have you here you are driving a 2017 Honda Civic
again we’re trying to treat you like a VIP just like we would anybody else
we’re not gonna go above and beyond to treat a by any kind of different but at
the end of the day we’re all VIPs yes so we’re here at Maple Shade here at VIP we
treat you like a VIP Jamie do you want to add anything else and now we’re going
to the trucks Tori come on in for our mid summer sales event we’re at VIP they
treat you like a VIP hey folks that’s out there with you we are at our just
Chuck’s by VIP auto location that’s right just Chuck’s by VIP Auto it is
August the midsummer sales event yes I still got my sandals on I’m so sweating
out here but we’re having a good time we got so much new inventory in I can only
thank all the customers who came in through the commercial here this past
month me and Jimmy Jim Jim who unfortunately
is not here today it had a great month last month a lot of happy customers go
to our Facebook page just trucks by VIP auto you’re gonna see a bunch of videos
testimonials reviews from those customers who have just recently bought
from us also Auto Trader we have a lot of people coming in with trucks they’re
trading them but trading them in selling them to us we’re getting a lotta new
inventory and you guys are going to be looking at a lotta new stuff that you
haven’t seen yet before so behind me here
to start off with we have a 2015 it’s a Ford f-150 XLT it’s a 2.7 liter EcoBoost
customer who doesn’t want to spend too much on gas they’re very price conscious
whatever it might be you go to CarGurus it’s a good deal on CarGurus it’s a
beautiful white exterior great interior it is the extended cab five and a half
foot bed new body soft 2015 with 25,000 miles it’s a one-owner carfax listed at
twenty six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars it’s got the nice
alloy alloy wheels again a one-owner carfax certified vehicle the next one
here beautiful red just got this one in 2014 ford f-150 XLT again this is the
super crew with a six and a half foot bed i drove this one personally last
night we just got it through the shop got it detailed I’m driving it while I
make sure to put my little last inspection on there everything we have
at this location has been through the shop has gone detail you guys are coming
in to look at trucks that are ready to go not oh this one’s so nice get breaks
there this one needs tires it’s everything is ready to go for the time
that you come in so again 2014 ninety-four thousand miles
we just got this one in late last night it is a 5.0 liter one-owner carfax
twenty three thousand eight hundred dollars is your sales price you’re
looking at about a three hundred eighty eight dollar payment with $0 down now
this one this next one I mean just look what you just look at it’s got the
aftermarket headlights it’s got the aftermarket wheels a little lift kit its
the EcoBoost again 3.5 liter engine 2013 great mileage 79 thousand miles crew cab
four wheel drive 27,000 392 dollar payment on a 2013 f-150 ready to go
lift it up got the wheels great mileage 3.5 liter engine black on black
beautiful truck next one here we have a 2009 again another one we just got in
one hundred eleven thousand miles this one is off of a trade very good customer
we actually just got them done this past Saturday here 5.4 liter one
7,000 miles it’s the extended cab XLT has the chrome wheels bench seat in the
front excuse me 14900 $99 sales price and that’s the biggest thing is having
the variety I mean we went through three trucks pretty pretty quick here today
that are all about 20,000 now we have this one here $15,000 has good mileage
you’re at a hundred eleven thousand miles with a 5.4 liter engine you’re
looking at about a 268 payment $0 down $0 $0 deliveries just like Jimmy says we
got another one here this one was bought through Auto Trader over in Southampton
aftermarket wheels got a little lift kit to it this tires are sticking out a
little bit bad looking truck crew cab four wheel drive see you think this one
is a 2013 with ninety three thousand miles you’re looking at 379 payment for
a crew cab four wheel drive 3.5 liter ecoboost XLT 79 thousand miles again
you’re looking at it excuse me 379 payment that’s based off a twenty three
thousand six hundred dollars sales price beautiful truck another one we just got
in this one is a 2013 again Ford f150 lariat crew cab four wheel drive it’s
got the black beige leather interior sunroof navigation 3.5 liter EcoBoost
it’s got the lift kits got the aftermarket wheels four doors six and a
half foot bed great mileage 2013 twenty four thousand nine hundred and ninety
nine dollars your sales priced at 375 payment loaded up come to us here at the
truck store you looking for a pickup truck we got a lot of Ford’s these
aren’t all the Fords that we’re showing you we got a bunch of GMC Chevy’s we’re
about to get into a couple of older trucks that we have next to the fence
over here we got three trucks that are getting sold in the process got a lot of
to go over you guys don’t know their address three zero nine zero route 73
North Maple Shade New Jersey zero-eight zero-five to give us a call eight five
six three seven eight seven eight zero zero again this is opes we’re here at
the truck store we’re having fun it’s the mid summer sales event here at VIP
we treat you like VIP come
in for our midsummer sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP welcome
back welcome back folks we just went over five six fours I don’t even know
I’m looking over here we got three Ford’s we got fours back there
doesn’t make a difference we got GMCs right now I’m going over for GM C’s
fresh on the lot two thousand eight two thousand twelve eleven ten all different
variations different prices so of course let’s start off with the GM C’s if
you’re a Chevy guy it’s funny a lot of people come in they say that they’re for
Geyer there’s a Chevy guy a GMC guy it’s just a simple fact that they’ve either
never driven that other truck they had a good experience with with the truck that
they are initially bought or it’s because their friend has a truck and
they like that truck that their friend has whatever it might be
we’re here for you guys to take a couple of test drives see the difference
between a Ford and a GMC or a Chevy and a ram or a Nissan and a Toyota
see lay out your options we want you to make an educated decision have you come
in have a good time so again for gmc’s we’re going over right now this first
one here 2010 extended cab SLE cheese z71 package has got the black leather
interior black on black with the black wheels very nice truck $15,999 is your
sales price I’m not going over payment so you guys could see the payments on
the screen whatever kind of questions you guys have give us a call eight five
six three seven eight seven eight zero zero go to our website WWII P Auto
Outlet calm there’s a payment calculator whatever it might be you guys have a
question we’re here to help you guys out we’re here to treat you like a VIP we
say it all the time next one here 2011 GMC Sierra 110,000 miles
it’s a two-wheel drive crew cab 110,000 miles listed at thirteen thousand eight
hundred and ninety nine dollars 2011 with 110,000 miles ready to go drive it
off the lot today it’s the mid summer sales event we ain’t joking here at VIP
we’re trying to get you guys driving get a smile on your face the next one here
one of my personal favorites out of the GMC collection we’re going out right now
it’s got a three inch lift kit it’s got the bigger tires it’s the crew cab has a
rack on the back four-wheel drive again two thousand twelve hundred twenty
4,000 miles on CarGurus you go to CarGurus it’s listed as a great deal on
there seventeen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars okay something
that we had traded in beautiful truck came in to us didn’t have to do much to
it oil change brakes I believe we had to put the tires on there there I mean
they’re fresh let’s say put brand new tires on here they’re meaty they got the
big knobs on there again three inch lift kit I’ve driven that one myself drives
great got the crew cab you got a family you got friends you want to be able to
fit in the back it’s what these crew cabs are for the next one here we have a
2008 GMC Sierra again one hundred thirteen thousand miles this one’s an
extended cab it’s got a little chrome which looks really nice I’m not much of
a chrome guy myself but the way that this one’s done I mean you got the bug
deflector on the front you got the chrome bumpers you got the lid it’s
skinny little fender flares that are chrome you got the running board z71
package crew bars on the the bed of the truck really nice looking truck it’s got
the bigger mirrors so if you’re towing a trailer or anything like that it’ll
it’ll help you out in that way again 2008 with a hundred thirteen thousand
miles this one here is listed for fifteen thousand five hundred ninety
nine dollars ready to go here at our just trucks store now again I say it all
the time we got all these pours we got these GMC s we have more coming in every
single day this is not our only only location we got the one here in
Southampton the one over at Maple Shade we got them getting detail we got them
in service it’s unfortunate I can’t have all the trucks here all at the same time
but again we have so many options for you guys to come in take a couple of
test drives see what you like if they listen there’s something that you’re
looking for that we don’t have I buy for all three of our locations I can find
you that truck we might have that truck at that other location again go to our
website wwlp.com here at VIP we treat you like VIP come on in for our mid
summer sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP
yeah that’s right we got three Chevy’s here behind us the first one being a
2012 the one right behind me in 2009 this one right here is a 2017 we just
had about four or five GM CCR’s we went over again we went over the fours it’s
time for the Chevy guys to perk up their ears the first one here 2012 GMC emcee
I’m still in the past chevy silverado crew cab four wheel drive five and a
half foot bed it’s the LT you got the power seat
hundred and eight thousand miles at a price of nineteen thousand nine hundred
ninety nine dollars very nice white has the black interior
truck is ready to go very low meanness we didn’t oil change I don’t even think
it need an oil change but we just did it again
truck came in great condition the next one here is a two thousand nine hundred
thirteen thousand miles extended cab four wheel drive you have
the the leer cap on the back fiberglass cap you got the 19 inch chrome wheels
very nice-looking truck you got the cloth seats interior power seat again on
the driver’s side one hundred eight hundred thirteen thousand miles on a
2009 you’re listed at fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars on this truck here
the next one here a lot of people might not believe me its 2017 with ten
thousand miles at a sales price of eighteen thousand five hundred and
ninety nine dollars I mean I can only tell you financing is gonna be the
easiest thing when it comes to this truck you’re getting the best rate
you’re getting the longest term whatever con term you might want very low payment
$0 down I’m not going to go over the payment again 2017 with ten thousand
miles if you guys have been on CarGurus or you go cars calm you’ve been doing
your research 18 thousand six hundred dollars this was a trade it came in
great condition didn’t have to put a dollar into it I haven’t a great price
for you guys again Chevy Colorado it is a manual transmission okay you don’t
know how to drive a manual would teach you how to drive a manual just for that
price there so next one here we’re getting a little older years little more
inexpensive trucks we got three Ford’s right here first one being a 2007 this
is an extended cab four wheel drive with the 5.4 liter it’s got the aftermarket
wheels a little lift kit got the two hoods
oops 135,000 miles that he price of twelve thousand eight hundred and ninety
nine dollars I mean you’re looking for a low payment you don’t want to be tied to
a truck for the next six seven years you want something that looks pretty bad if
you ask me it’s got the black wheels again the hood scoops that fire engine
red gray interior very nice truck at that sales price one right here 2008
Ford f150 fx4 again extended cab four wheel drive you got the black leather
interior sunroof you got the fender flares on the sides here running boards
5.4 liter again beautiful truck same mileage as this two thousand seven
hundred thirty five thousand miles listed at thirteen three nine nine
thirteen thousand three hundred ninety nine dollars and that again is because
it’s got the FX four suspension package you got the black leather interior
sunroof beautiful truck ready to go both of them very low mean and still have to
do much when we got them in next one here this is the old green boy you guys
look at it you can see it’s older it’s in nineteen ninety seven now this one
came through Auto Trader customer no longer need of his truck has a hundred
and eight thousand miles on a 1997 again this truck came in through Auto Trader
we purchased it because we had it checked out had it ran through our shop
before we made the purchase and the customer selling us the truck was okay
with that very understanding we got a customer who
actually taken that Chevy Silverado right now 1997 he came in didn’t need
the truck it’s the guts it’s got the cap on the back I mean truck is ready to go
dry as well $6,000 is your sales cash price if you want to come in for
financing we’re gonna have to talk further of course you want to give us a
call again eight five six three seven eight seven eight zero zero go to our
website wwlp.com I know as well as Garrett does he gets the little shots on
the sides you want to take a look at the interior you want to be able to see if
there’s any burn holes or the the headliner has any stains
I you know I mean every single truck here I can vouch for we do the extended
test-drive we’ll let you go take it to your mechanic we’ll let you drive it for
the weekend show it to your family show it to your your wife your kids your
friends whoever it might be we want you guys to enjoy the experience we want you
to feel like a VIP because at the end of the day that’s what you are to us we
want you guys to have a good experience come back in for your second third truck
fourth truck and of course here at VIP we treat you like VIP come on in for our
mid summer sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP let’s do this he
says we’re back here in Maple Shade New Jersey yes Philadelphia you’re about 15
minutes right over cross the bridge from there from Taccone from Betsy Ross
bridge you guys are coming down from Berlin you’re coming from Alton South
Hampton I don’t care where you guys are coming from it’s gonna be worth your
trip you’re gonna have a good time we’ve had people coming from New York I had a
guy he came in I bought the 2013 Toyota Tacoma came three and a half hours away
from Long Island on Saturday knew that he’s getting a great deal loves the
truck we got him all signed up a week before that Jimmy Jim Jim he sold
another guy in Long Island on the 2015 Toyota Tundra that we had with 90,000
miles Jim went drove down to Long Island because he had to get his a one of their
cosigner signed up and she didn’t want to come all the way down to Jersey so
Jim took that three and a half hour drive to get the deal done get the
customer in the truck and at the end of they make you guys happy have you feel
like a VIP the next one here is a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD crew cab a foot
bed it’s got the beige leather interior Vortech engine beautiful truck ready to
go at a price of twenty seven thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars
please do your research go online if you don’t think that this is the best price
that you can find on a truck that’s in this condition with the mileage just
mileage it has I would love for you to give me a call challenge me on it
that goes for any of my trucks everything is priced right priced
competitively nothing is for gays online on CarGurus I’m not saying that this has
navigation Sun or diesel engine just in order to get that car instant market
value up but trust me I know a lot of people do it I don’t have to talk about
other people because I know what I do and that than a day I’m fair price I am
online without any disclaimers I’m not telling you X and you’re getting Z
you’re coming in for what your you’re bargaining for you’re watching us on TV
we got a lot of customers coming through the commercial come on over with me
Garrett we got we got more Chuck’s to go we have a 2015 ram 1500 here this one’s
got 35,000 miles another one that we just got crew cab four wheel drive it’s
got the bigger screen you got the dial switch for the the
drive the neutral reverse Park it’s alone you feature that these ramps have
5.7 liter excuse me again gray interior black exterior 35,000 miles on a 2015
you’re looking at a twenty thousand four twenty eight thousand four hundred
dollars sales price on that truck there here’s another Ford first platinum were
showing you here today two thousand eleven hundred three thousand miles just
got it through the shop fully loaded had the power running boards
black leather interior sunroof navigation you got the premium wheels on
here on the side you got the cream color exterior greenish white six and a half
foot bed you got the cover on the back you got the sliding window in the rear
here got an open door if you want to take a look like I said you got the
power running boards you got the Sony stereo system the interior you know I
even realized this is brown it’s brown leather interior which is I don’t know
if you can get you want get in here let’s get in here Garrett you take a
look at this interior I mean you got the platinum on the seats you got I mean
everything ready to go again navigation sunroof crew cab four wheel drive
I love these power steering power running boards too I mean what you just
look at that don’t get me wrong folks it’s gotta get fully detailed we just
got it on the lot again 2011 with one hundred three thousand miles listed at
twenty-three thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dollars the truck is ready
to go – the detail we got to get a detailed no worries
next one here – that uh oh I’m gonna have to slow up for this one you guys
just take a look at I’m gonna say nothing I mean would you look at this
truck 2015 Ford f-350 Super Duty platinum again 6.7 liter diesel power
stroke engine you got the lift kit you got the black aftermarket wheels the way
this truck has been designed I mean you got black wheels with a little touch of
silver it’s matching these uh these handles here you got the Platinum on the
back 64,000 miles again 2015 lifted you got the navigation sunroof black leather
interior beautiful truck listed at forty eight thousand seven hundred and ninety
nine dollars online the truck is ready to go I mean this is just absolutely
immaculate I mean you look at the front it’s a 2015 so it’s a newer body saw
it’s got the newer head unit in the front we’re inside I should say got a
little light bar in the front here this is my favorite truck of all time that’s
all I gotta say guys you’re coming to VIP you’re coming for the experience
you’re coming for the pricing you’re coming for the honesty come to work with
me with Jimmy Jim Jim we don’t have something you want we’re gonna find it
for you you have a friend we have a referral program you’re not even looking
for a car truck SUV you know somebody who is send them to us we’re paying you
$200 for any of those purchases or any of those referrals you send in who
purchase a vehicle from us there’s no max on that you sent five people in
you’re getting paid a thousand from VIP Auto Outlet straight cash straight money
again we’re here at the just trucks buy VIP auto here in Maple Shade 3090 route
73 North right next to the Samba Sunbelt Rentals ten minutes down from the
Taccone bridge Betsy Ross bridge you’re coming to meet me you’re coming
to meet Jim here at VIP we treat you like VIP come on in for our midsummer
sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP
we got a Nissan we got two Toyota’s we sold the Tacoma like I said we sold the
white Nissan Titan that we had also the black ones so again selling a lot of
trucks guys we so 28 this past month between me and Jim alone we have about
35 trucks on this lot everything you’re looking at has just came in in the past
few weeks we’re priced to sell we want to keep it going we don’t want the ball
to stop we want to just keep pushing that ball we want people coming in
leaving us reviews on Facebook putting them on Google go to our website
wwlp.com everything is separated by location you can see every single truck
that we talked about here today and more $200 referral program you guys want to
make a little money you know somebody looking for a truck car SUV whatever it
might be send them to us VIP Auto Outlet have your friend/family member whoever
it is drop your name when they get there we sell them a vehicle you’re getting
paid $200 now of course we’re wrapping up I got three trucks to show you so
this first one here is a 2012 Nissan Frontier pro-4x it’s got the four crew
it’s a crew cab four-door four-wheel drive 16 thousand nine hundred ninety
nine dollars sales price it’s got the black leather interior sunroof
ninety-eight thousand miles the truck did not need a single thing we bought it
through Auto Trader again did not even need an oil change truck is ready to go
the one here right besides it beside it 2008 Toyota Tundra one hundred and
fourteen thousand miles yes it does have the 5.7 liter it is the double cab with
a six and a half foot bed you got the nice chrome wheels on there you got the
bench seat inside with the shifter on the the steering wheel here
beautiful truck at the end of the day is the tio2 tundra you’re gonna drive this
truck for the next 5 10 years whatever it is that you please
that’s what Toyota offers see so again sixteen thousand eight hundred and
ninety nine dollars for a 2008 toyota tundra four wheel drive double cab
Toyota at the end of the day you’re buying it – Yoda you’re getting
something that you’re gonna that’s gonna last you for a lifetime next one we have
a 2007 one year older Toyota Tundra with a 100 what’s what’s just one two hundred
seven thousand miles two-wheel drive again double cab five and a half foot
bed it does have the TRD off-road package the suspension package there it
is the sr5 package with the beige leather interior you got the nice the
controls inside very nice truck you got the very rare blue you don’t see many T
others with this blue on there a 5.7 liter again one hundred seven thousand
miles 2007 you’re looking at a fourteen thousand five hundred and ninety nine
dollars sales price for this – no tundra here so again like I was saying before
we got into the Nissan referral program we got the three locations yes the one
truck location that features all these different trucks and then some you got
the location down in Southampton we got a repair shop down there we got a repair
shop down there everything gets serviced before it is brought to this location
here we got we got our own Detailers they come in every single day you’re
coming to buy something that’s ready to go you’re not gonna have to come back to
get brakes done to get tires done you’re not going to be lied to and be told that
this trucks ready to go and then have these issues that you were not expecting
because you were told something else you’re gonna come in and you’re going to
get the sales price that we have listed online go to our website again VIP Auto
Outlet calm my name is Kevin we got Jimmy Jim Jim here unfortunately he was
not able to be here today we are about to be going over to our Southampton
location where a big child Chris and everybody else the whole games over
there here at VIP who treats you like VIP come
on in our midsummer sales of but we’re at VIP
they treat you like a VIP and here we are camo it’s the midsummer we’re here
at southeast we are already saw some cars that’s used yes those we have here
this is a location in Southampton yeah that is the service center too so this
location has the best of a little bit of everything because everything comes to
this location okay for the Recon that when we buy if it’s a car a truck and
SUV if we’re buying it even at auction if you’re buying them if we’re buying
them out the door yeah we go to people’s houses and buy the vehicles if they
can’t come in off of Autotrader KBB yeah a true car and then everything gets here
and as you see we have the four base here it’s our service center and we do
everything – if it’s a bumper touch up – if it’s a little cracking a windshield
you get a new windshield tires brakes need i say more on that service right the commercial watch and I had to miss
the Maple Shade yeah and the truck store we’ve been busy unfortunately but you
held it you’re done good sometimes I wasn’t here but here we are it’s summer
you’re not gonna have any payments it’s a watch it yeah it is summer it’s
midsummer it’s gonna be the end of summer before you know it it went so
quick I love cars trucks SUVs we have it all you visit VIP Auto Outlet calm we’re
easy to get to we’re close here to the military bases so they get extra
discounts the military we’re serving us so anybody that guys watching a
commercial here we just sold a guy the other day came in off of Fort Dix yeah
we only bought training his Jeep you want buying a pickup truck so seen is
believing no matter what the credit situation is yeah we get it done yes we
do right right no but no matter what is we get it done with the three great
locations the buying power the banks yeah we have it all so this is a truck
here that way they want to take it in got it yeah from Maple Shade correct
yeah so SRT as you see that this has so many options on this vehicle here you
know the people are there but we just got it I mean you don’t need
custom it’s got the ground effect it’s got the nice peanut butter interior as I
said when we’re doing the commercial better yet when you visit the website
you can see all everything everything inside all around the vehicle better yet
try it before you buy it you come in take the extended test drive yeah so
tell them little bit off so I know it’s on the bottom and screen there everybody
can see it everybody they like the 2014 you look at that 55,000 miles I’m
looking look at the hood scoop scoop wheels it’s blacked out I mean it’s got
the tinted windows black handlebars I mean that the 55,000 miles on a 2014
you’re right there on that everybody hooked up yeah do anything for you go I
mean we got a price what $35,000 laughs you said you guys can already see that
zero down delivers zero down delivers their have 529 payment and an SRT 8 Jeep
Grand Cherokee beautiful what are you saying about that now here we are we got
a Jeep Wrangler you guys watched last month’s commercial we did the whole
yellow Jeep scary but all that get a bit yep so go and pass there’s not that many
left there aren’t no I was just told to buy a few more over at dog shine and get
a chance to get over there yet we’re obviously we’re doing commercial we’re
sell a lot of trucks over at the truck store and y’all been great this one is
one that we did also just get in you guys did see here last month because we
got another one through Auto Trader this is a 2008 Sahara again tinted windows
beautiful Jeep I mean blacktop removable yeah automatic it’s the Sahara package
at the end of the day I mean that’s the top-of-the-line G prime yet unless some
of a Rubicon or whatever it might be but four-wheel drive hundred two thousand
miles $18,000 price thousand price to sell
yeah price to sell it man that’s it yes then we have this Mazda over here
got the Mazda another one we just got in right we’re keep on getting loud that’s
what said people are still watching yeah the commercial they want the ground they
sell well you know it’s Saturday I don’t feel like going into the dealership and
call leave a deposit put that 1 minute credit application because these cars
trucks SUVs go quick last week we had the two people fighting over the one
trucks at the same time and he’s like no I want I took a test I said well if you
don’t get approved so the guys waiting there for the guy get approved I’m sure
have you got then we went up selling him a Dodge Ram yeah so we want people to
open up their minds in the concept to say hey if you’ve never driven a Mazda
SUV and you always stuck on forwards or Chevy’s now come take it for the
extended test drive make sure it fits everything your needs your wants the
different packages I had the lady yesterday at the truck store your office
you like Chevy’s – is just plain it’s never changed from the truck that she
was trained in – that’s funny thought I took her into the Ford and showed all
the different options that’s why I said you know seeing it on TV or going online
it’s not different actually touching it feeling it being in it and seeing
everything yeah go on that long test drive and that is a great part I mean I
don’t know how many other places might do that I don’t think many we will let
you go take it for a day for two days make sure that the family likes and make
sure the car seats fit in the back if you have kids we’ve said mechanic that
you trust you want to get a checked out with him we stand behind everything
because of the fact that everything touches this location wherefore it goes
to the maple so any we have the clouds and I think that that’s a good selling
point to tell something you can take it we had the hood guy which is funny he
wanted to take it on vacation this is an exact right also now commit that’s mine
you know again we don’t mind doing that that lady came from freehold area and
she’s in it and she’s coming tomorrow so yesterday she was in the truck kept it
bringing to her mechanic and come back and finalize everything on Saturday so
we do do that again you need a ride will pick you up yeah that’s it yeah so give
us a call tell them about this Mazda if you need a car we’re gonna pick you up
this Mazda 2013 44,000 miles nice which is crazy to me I mean that’s that’s very
good it’s the greatest all go drive black on black black leather interior
sunroof and it does have the third row you got a bigger family you need the
extra space these do Drive really sporty you do it’s not a bigger you know it
doesn’t drive that big even though it’s got that extra space inside so very nice
car I mean good start to the lineup new things that we’re getting in like you
said we’re gonna hop over we got Acadia Denali we got some trucks that we just
got in and we’re gonna show you here we’re gonna come right back can’t wait
to see you come on in for mid summer sales event we’re at VIP they
treat you like a VIP this GMC Acadia Kevin where’d this come from
Hatfield Marc bought this ok so again I love the Denali package and it’s hard to
see but you have the the rims under the two-toned
yeah the Denali package is is phenomenal package you have your rear bucket seats
your entertainment you have your navigation if you want to show Connie I
mean look the the trunk in here then this one here we go it’s power liftgate
on you I knew I was trying to get it but look at that you can almost fit a couple
bodies in there lay them down now but the third row SUV here Denali package a
beautiful color combination no payments were in mid-summer it’s the mid summer
sales event but no payments until I want to say until the end of uh oh my god
you’re talking probably October yeah October yeah I mean I mean give it back
here it’s pretty cool you can actually change the radio station from in the
back here look at that got the bodies you got the bodies you just lay there
press the buttons the volume up and down during the Denali package has everything
can think of the power liftgate I love the color combination and there’s only
one in inventory we try to keep multiples of everything but this one is
hot yeah beautiful su-ling although that basically is for the signature so if
you’re cooking out whatever it is you want to be able to have the controls in
the back I mean you got the energy and everythin it’s got every option you can
think of that’s what I said get it why it’s hot baby it’s hot it’s summertime
all right I’m getting delirious here but keV oh you see in the back there’s all
the trucks that you bought in again VIP just trucks that’s where all the trucks
are yeah but as you said what the avenir thing touches this location first to get
serviced once it’s service I mean we’re taking two back today we drove the one
that we had that we just had traded in we drove here together drop it off for
service it’s gonna get done in a couple of days picking up the two that they
just got finished up wins that we just got and so you can see those trucks
there we’re not showing them obviously in the commercial but that’s why I said
when you get to either three location babe you’re looking for the trucks it’s
VIP trucks 73 northbound side yes sir okay it’s easy get two bridges roads
everything leads to VIP baby right laughing Andrew
you’re good man you’re good how you get the place what’s your hollow copper and
again drop down but hey that can be a thing you never know now with everything
else going on the drones we treat you like a VIP baby so we’re gonna be right
back and show you some cars and some SUV else see come on in for our mid summer
sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP
Keva we’re about to walk the line here walk the entire line yeah me like Johnny
Cash I walk the line so we’re about to show you a lot of cars trucks SUVs I’m
tell you I’ve never all the years I’ve been in the car biz I’ve never driven a
lady MW like this one we have an either and I like out the design of it he’s got
the long front you know and then a sporty in the back this is a stick shift
on this one here this is a hardtop six-speed you’ve never driven one I can
say come here drive it it’s a 3.0 tell them low about as I know down there on
the screen I pointing down there you can see it but in 2007 I mean ninety three
thousand miles that’s that’s phenomenal it is it still could get financing on
there that’s right no matter what the credit situation is people are
embarrassed we get a lot of people that come in or on the phone calls and they
don’t think they can get approved when you go on and put the credit application
in it comes back and tells you that you’re pre-approved yeah you bring steps
with a lot of guys out there to our self employed even ladies out there they want
to get a truck start your business we have banks that help people that are
self-employed you know bank statements we have every different lending
institution out there for you so don’t be afraid all right we’re here we treat
you like a VIP no matter what the situation is zero down delivers
obviously a little bit of money cash for a trade it’s gonna help we’re giving you
a top dollar for your trade yeah you know I mean we just had the one guy he
came in he bought the he traded his 2012 chevy silverado seventy three thousand
miles he went to another dealer can’t say two thousand dollars less than
we ended up giving them right and that’s because he had the aftermarket wheels he
had the bigger tire it was a very nice truck well capti bought a brand new no
accidents on the auto check I mean of course that’s the stuff that we’re
looking for all the time and we’re not scared to pay an extra
dollar and still be able to price it right because it’s not always about
those big margins I don’t have to all that guy what it you know just anymore
which is a base which people don’t know about what that is but still it’s an
average auction number which is what a lot of people try and go off of but at
the end of the day if it’s well kept it’s a nice car and it won’t yeah but
you did a good thing there and people to understand and you go to other places
and they’ll tell you all right this is where we’re giving you for your trade
and the guy was looking for a certain vehicle over there you went and you
bought him one yeah we saved them money on top of that gave him more microts
rate and he saved on the sales tax Dennis so by then just giving that extra
day it took two days yeah you got it in next day obviously we we took care of
what we needed to take care of we find that car from detailed it up yeah I did
an oil change he came in paper was simple he went to his credit union yeah
they gave him a better rate so we don’t care where you get the money from we’re
here to say the car treated like a VIP and again we’re not like the big box
stores we’ve been in business for 15 years
selling so many cars trucks SUVs over building that reputation you can see our
reviews on the just trucks website even though we’re here in Southampton that we
take the extra step we stay late we take care of our customers and make it feel
Congress so no matter what it is we’re doing that for you because we want to
have the repeat business we want to have you have the referrals the other day we
sold that lifted truck to that family Maple Shade they’re not saying about
this because I was in that commercial but the mother comes in says hey I come
and get my referral yeah and again they bought and they feel covered you know
you could go anywhere and get a vehicle but if you know you’re getting treated
right now you’re paying the right price you’re getting the right money for your
trade or no trade knowing that the money down if you have it or not
and we’re taking care of it and what are we talking about a referral have you
sent to people yeah 400 bucks but we’re up in that are we gonna go to 250 we’ll
do $500 I wondered I know you sent to people just by talking about it yeah you
sent to people and they buy that’s $500 yeah that’s a simple that’s everybody
walking you’re talking that’s all you’re telling them about the experience it
never here and you’re just watching this on
the commercial go to our website see what we have do you know low research
you’re telling a friend the same thing you refer them to us you’re getting paid
five hundred dollars for two people than by it’s that simple ad you do that and
there’s no cap you keep on doing and doing that that’s free job other people
that say you know side hustle that’s your side hustle everybody’s got a gun
come in second cousin work and stress and sweat like we’re sweating here
summit mid some of them what you gotta do is just spread the love yeah yeah
they love one love like a bar Marlee we used to say I’m talking songs now get
excited leave small in here I keep saying that you know we’re just getting
all these cars in but again South Hampton everything comes here that we
just got in everything service I just point this not once let me know yeah
just came in just got service yeah but there’s a sticker here yeah the P can’t
see that means there might have been a chip and Nick in here and we put a brand
new windshield yeah so again if it’s a pre-owned vehicle we
still want to be almost be brand new to the customer we don’t want you to have
to put money in because even that savings we’re able to get these cars and
if it’s brakes tires all change windshield yeah we do that if it’s a bed
liner that needs to be put in the truck and we go over and beyond to make that
court right so all you have to do is out driving a to Z because that’s what VIP
is about take your carrier yeah and I could go on listen I just spoke to the
customer before we came here he’s looking at that 2008 Ford f150 fx4 that
we have right and I was up front with him I was like listen I you wanna know
how much we have to negotiate on the price he wants to pay cash we have a
couple hundred bucks if we can help you out you owe me but then the day we price
the cell we do you don’t tell you one price and then hope that you haven’t
been on the internet or whatever price and you know if you wanted try and get
something that’s of value that is a good quality I mean I told him everything
that we did to that truck right and he appreciated honesty from the beginning
because a lot of people tell him that they did X wines and they did but they
never did and we have the sheets here show you everything it’s done that’s
posted to the vehicle yeah this is another nice little infinity this is the
G 35 Mike what do you think we just got this one in yeah yes that X means X marks the drive but
again every type of vehicle here well I’m so used to being you know since I’ve
been back it’s all trucks or truck so my mind said I forgot this via clear the
Chrysler 300 the one we train is when we trade it mr. Larry from Philadelphia now
I want to buy a Harley truck so we came off the commercial off the commercial so
shout out to him you know his family out there so you guys why we love to say
names out there I got something on top of my head but thanks to everybody out
there it’s always supported VIP and knew what we stand by on our brand and
because of them and because of the good things that we do and being in the
community and giving back yeah is makes us what we are today and growing and
that’s a great great accomplish good feeling you know I took that a little
bit of lead but I came back home this is home to me so you see the options you
see the price on here this vehicle was just traded in and the best thing to of
when we’re buying these trucks cars SUVs are coming in we know a little bit more
of the history because a lot of these customers had the vehicle one owner yeah
so we know a little bit more about that it’s not that a car coming meet the
person at the end of the day and see who actually took care of it what kind of
condition it is when it comes in it’s not detailed before it’s bought at the
auction where might be step two at the auction you do well triple extra stop
here yeah we do everything at the end of the day when I go to the auctions same
day we have two of our mechanics come out they check the vehicle if there’s
anything that’s wrong the buyer is the buyer is covered I mean anything that’s
an issue you put it into arbitration it’s over five hundred dollar value work
we’re talking W yeah all right we have the SRT yeah I Dodge Charger that’s got
the back black wheels the red calipers you’ve got a cash price on the Subaru
here yeah alright that’s the Jeep Patriot trade in the military guy you
got the Nissan we got a super another Honda
we got the Chevy oh we got the Volkswagen so seeing is believing come
here three great locations route 73 south is our first location that has all
the cars and SUVs yeah we’re here in Southampton yeah where you have cars
SUVs and again you need a car you need a truck but if you need a truck you’re
there on 73 on the northbound side just trucks it’s been a great show yeah
the time you’re making up here mid summer sales event going on in VIP Auto
Outlet zero down delivers we want you to be part of the VIP family network here
at VIP we treat you like VIP I can’t wait to see you come on advantage broadcasting move ahead

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