MILITARY HEAVEN! $5500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit and found military

one some people believe that I spend to take
money into you they say lie there’s $5,000 152
I need 5600 what’s that Mike $5,000 hey right come on 20 bucks
don’t say you know got it sorry man I don’t like being good at Brittany’s out
though I get that blue strip in there Mike ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirate of all ages this is incredible it is pirate time we’re back
I just bought another unit huge money five thousand plus 10% premium we paid
fifty five hundred dollars but it’s doors you know we’re about to take a
look it’s be the first glimpse you can see what’s in here I’m excited let’s see
what I saw cuz you’re only gonna get a quick glimpse you see cap guns
you see military hats you see lock boxes you see boxes of military hats
everywhere you look is something to do with possibly police possibly military
everywhere you look at something there’s a holster I think this right here oh I
don’t know you’re gonna have to wait stay tuned to find out what we found in
here nonetheless we went all in oh there’s another police hat right there a
military had come on World War two stuff this is crazy let’s pull some out okay let’s do this
one little thing right here because this is kind of cool that’s how we open safes ladies and
gentlemen what’s this Michael it’s like I got my military special not quite
because World War two wasn’t green two three four five six seven eight that’s
Vietnam these are these are good Michael you see anything you uh have to
back you think things could get my military expertise this guy must have
had a military surplus store or something u.s. Paul the u.s. New Jersey
Top Gun there we go nice there’s gotta be a few bucks in here oh that’s good
that’s real good that’s good show us something good Michael foster inside the mind of a $5500
storage unit we need to find his hat right there in this hat right here
that’s probably in there all right nt to Franklin Burke cameras
and 50 years of loyalty to only on the occasion Golden State University of the
class president alumni there’s a good sign the gentleman we found $500 cash let’s take turns and do this on each
other Alex come on I’ll let you go first but you got to go second the same time
oh you you just spray both of us oh look at you guys come on USS Coral Sea CD 43
USS Missouri BB six three oh yeah this is there especially World War two stuff
we’re getting the point where not many people are actually alive from World War
two what’s that what is this that’s an education Oh what is that the rifleman coming what
is this that’s another Bible it’s like a clip-on
bye-bye oh that is kind of cool yeah ladies and gentlemen is $5,500 unit is
about to be I think good I like when you start seeing cool things that was
Captain Kirk I think Star Trek what is this okay those are live rounds huh what
is that and what is that a Russian belt tell me that’s not nice Michael oh yeah
that is a part of a that’s part of it huh I don’t even know what we should
call that more look at this an m2 9 9 73 60 millimeter Wow I’m trying to be careful here I’m trying
this is what scares me right here seeing stuff like this get in there because
that’s the part of a grenade that’s the stuff you want to see I don’t want to
find a grenade have you ever called have you ever had
to call the bomb squad found a grenade and it was fake and then you got laughed
at by all the whole entire Pittsburgh Police Department because you called
them yeah what is that what do you think that is well if you aren’t too happy
about that grenade you’re not gonna be too happy about this here’s a good night
should we back up it’s a claymore Wow now if you know what it says on the
inside of this well do not eat you got the whole thing you got this so there’s
a practice what I’m confused yeah so they use it to train you put the
blasting caps in there and here’s the wire you got the whole kid I’m now
officially scared to go through anything in here my leg sir you have the tester
Wow and then you have the cracker tweet if we find a ruin can we make a video
letting it off somewhere look at these documents what is that what is that well you got the mister
store stock of Russia 1990 I see a hundred thousand our locker ready what
it’s it’s looking pretty freaking good so far everything seems to be military
parts for like there was a claymore set but it was a training set I’ve never
seen this one this these orange stripes represents somebody’s a level right
Michael same with the blue stripe Wow this is phenomenal
the bars represent something let’s get another box out guys no this
is a model these guys are born Conger that’s a vintage contra cross the
sheriff Dearborne Michael you have any idea on these things I think everything is military there’s
something in it 1943 World War 2 us rifle caliber 30 all right there’s a
trooper I say that as I’m looking at airborne
jacket really I’m saying this man over here is a trooper right there
these are nice right here I don’t know nothing about them
yes oh my god Wow Oh Masha’s beige young we have to get ready
for a lot of videos on this camera take this I’ve already feel like I’m going
too quick for you guys what is that Michael a booby trap is simple Oh
similar a booby trap nice can you elaborate use it uh well
you gotta look at the number if this are these usually scream very like I want to
go through rest these totes here looks real that Buddha who these guys I’m for you know Sir Guy
it goes like you model this Alex think so no so that will be ball ammo okay to do the three Remington that’s
the most common one it will be asked for it come on universe give me a gold mine man it’s been here a while
right off the bat intrigued me as I was thinking this with a tweeker unit but
the dust the military stuff the same isolating and what do you think that’s worth michael i
space but it’s crap that’s kind of a nice face come on come
on Michael teach us something show us World War two
pretty world Kim German yeah look at this one all you want to seize mcarthur like
Doughboy yeah that’s nice what do you mean oh this is the point this one is a
I can’t really show that because it has it has a German emblem on it is this
German like the whole thing I could tell you that’s a real patch I could see by
the way it is Wow the piping looks good this could pay for
the unit right there lays Gemma maybe not quite my boat right there’s the type
of stuff you see Harold ask him like 1504 on his booth when you go there holy
moly great shape it’s impeccable shape well
no it’s not scary because it’s people take care of if you look at everything
you could tell this is original look at the way the seam is there you look at
that type of stitching you look at this digit this is original it’s just a
really good shape what you do is get a UV light yeah this
one set BAM and I wanted to see in it just because it said BAM we’re probably
gonna do this one and one more I have to call it guys cuz I’m just overwhelmed
already BAM I like the way you played it off maybe straight cash Trey here is
manifesting right now and so we need to mark this for the energy the univers
what do you say we’re gonna find handsome cash and when we find some cash like the kind of has a totally yellow
trim on the side thanks I hope you’re right this is a world war two piece of
cardboard right here yes please storage doctor what is this one
I’ve never seen this is that coming out say unicorn look I can unicorn to you
damn near tell me what this is Michael I’ve never seen that either and I tell
you that’s original what you got there that’s me that’s just American not that
that’s bad but certain ones good certain ones bad there’s Russia what is this
lady a monkey I asked his last time I had a good unit I’m gonna need help I’m
gonna need a lot of help in this one is an award belt British Army of the Rhine
minor unit hockey competition 1950 this is crazy is that that’s American right
Michael I’m pretty sure it’s American but that is nice
that’s old Michaels in heaven over here what’s that anyways gotta draft this is
very interesting this eleven is look at these awards of these books that’s a
German one right yeah pick it up see if it’s in there it’s not
oh yes yeah that would be like two to five yeah no that’s what they call me
Ruger no Luger Luger the German Luger goes and
that’s a few hundred bucks right do you understand the history that
goes like that that thing was carried through World War
two it just sheer intensity and stuff that’s in this we need a military expert I’m so glad
Grimes is coming this week Rimes isn’t it just the way the Fate worked out you
came to me once and you’ll be coming again and I got this unit I’ve never
seen this one I’ve never seen that patch before this Russian what is American got
the matching hat still right I’m learning to store stalkers nervous to go
through the boxes ladies and gentlemen comment below if you think he shouldn’t
be nervous nice and you know how I am when I getting
United one goes straight to the back what is that that will be it for this
first video don’t forget there’ll be plenty more to come
probably like 50 videos in your Horlicks he’s allergic to dust I could tell you
right now I had a feeling I wasn’t sure about this you know before I got I
thought it was Tweaker I had to be in front of it to smell it I am quite
confident gonna be a solid gold mine I haven’t seen as much military stuff come
out of the first few boxes in a long time
I love military servicemen I thank every one of them that fights for our rights
and our freedom not to mention the historical value to understand what
these pieces of in the stories they tell there’s gonna be so much coming out of
this fifty five hundred dollar unit guys stay tuned I love y’all pirate time


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Oh man your going to be pulling some killer bomber pilot jackets out of that for sure that’s eBay gold you got there I’d just hire someone serious to list the great items and send the rest to auction

You’ve always been so dedicated to our military! I can’t believe you got THIS unit! It’s been sitting here waiting for you! I know you’ll take good care of it and give it all the respect that it deserves. 😇

I´m here by Tesoros escondidos, I found interesting your channel and I was hoping this video because I love all about military.

Gracias a tesoros enterrados ahora conozco este gran canal y ver subtitulos!!!! que dato que no sabia !! 25 años mirando YouTube sin saber eso dale like si te paso lo mismo!.

Just in case no one else has answered, the gold eagle in the diamond shape on the uniform was laughingly called a "ruptured duck". It was given to returning soldiers at the end of WWII.

Yes, another great locker. Congrats. Wish it could be seen all at once, but there is so much. Have fun digging through it all.

hola recién vine de tesoro eternos jaja lo termine de ver y me viene a vare este 😆😆👍👍 alta suerte tiene para encontrar eso

Pirate! Your instincts were right on the money yet again! My youngest Son is a Sargent in service to our country & he collects WW1 rifles. The history of what our service men & women went through during the 2 World Wars is unfathomable. I cannot wait to see the incredible history in the items this unit brings to light. And the universe is smiling down at you because your the man to do right by what you've purchased. Love & Respect!

25:19 Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment was a line infantry regiment of the British Army based in the county of Kent in existence from 1881 to 1961.

You have again been blessed with an amazing locker. I was trying to see what you hadn't shown yet. Lol. Looking forward to what else you find in this locker. Congratulations.

Hola Pirate, ojos hermosos, que cantidad de cosas militares tiene ese almacén y muchas cajas, saludos desde Antofagasta Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

20:57 I found a link that has info on this regiment

G’day what’s the hale this vblog has you in English and we have strange languages in the response great find peace

Estuve buscando aver en que parte salía la cara de tesoros enterrados pero nada igual y prestando más atención jajaja

My Dad was WWll Navy, he passed 10yr ago. My whole family back generations were Navy. I need to look at his papers again, I’ve forgotten the name of his ship 🚢

I think you are going to find some old world war 1 guns around about 10 of them. Old money and stuff going back 18 th century .. please be extra careful Mike.

Ahora sí que encontraste el tesoro
Saludos desde Obregón Sonora México
Vengo gracias al canal de tesoros enterrados

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