“My Biggest Challenge Yet” | Drift Queen


if there was no comment section what would you guys do with your life? if you don't like something fine…don't watch it. why does the world need to hear your insecurities about how you're so upset with this girl about how she can do things you cant? imma gonna be watching the show because she wants to drift…she's can wrench….she can drive…and I find it very sexy. so shut up and let me watch it….please!!!

Drifting is an art form and is no where near the most efficient way to race for speed. It's fun to watch, but cars setup for specifically drifting are atrocious to drive on normal roads. What here dad said was spot on!!!

nah im sorry but she drives a bmw e30(as far as i can tell) and then when she's asked if she has a RWD car she's like nah… and she's meant to know about cars and have been racing since she was a littl kid… sorry what??? gtfo

cool vid. but to be completely honest, i only watched it cuz the girl was cute. if the girl wasn't attractive, i'd probably not had watched it till the end.

I wanna drift or race but no one i know or any family is in car scene or likes cars at all. ( they all drive fwd😨) Can you fly me and train me for free?

feels when u say ur dad isn't gunna help you anymore but you got this and ur really pretty and i love this video its part of being an adult to learn for urself and if u got james dean u got the top top top dog hes ur guy goood luck <3 twitch.tv/z4cker98

Damn that’s a great video! Love this B you are awesome! Keep chasing the dream ❤️👌 …. well your there 👌😎❤️

So you're saying that I could go up to a pro drifter and have a ​small convo like that and he's going to hook me up with contacts like this!?

There's a whole group of female drifters from Japan, she cant be the "drift queen". It's great seeing females drift, but every one hates self proclamation

It's a good watch, You can't help but wonder if the people that are trying to teach her took time to teach someone who was already a proficient learner what would happen then?

What crap, being give a pre setup path, just straight in with the top people.
Dressing it up as hard work, let’s have some honesty ffs

RedBull i love your productions, edits are always on point. So im thinking i have to subscribe to you to keep watching this.
But this is so scripted and produced by big name it doesnt give the feel to be her actual journey, i would like to see more interaction on her part like Emelia Hartford where they actually do it themselves to achieve it. Not saying its not her doing this but this Show is way to "produced". that said ill watch so often to see the build

Jesus thats so damn good it puts the rest of us you tubers to shame. Really epic flow to that production… gonna go read my DSLR manual again 🙁

ooh dear god.. all the negativity i the comment section just bc the girl wanted to do some skids… overzealous kids need to put their phones down and just get wt reality; while youre too busy flaming on your phone in this comment section, this girls is living your dream.. how about that?? xD i hope shes real and does it for the right reasons everything else doesnt matter

Drifting is all about knowing your timing and your car. With me it just clicked and I progressed from there. I have a 200sx s13 which I had as one of my first cars. It's currently being rebuilt as we speak.

Love the video, got a good story and background to it to give any first time viewers some context.

This is such a lovely video. I love the relationship you have with your dad and this, video was a joy to watch! Shame I missed you at FOS.

This episode hurt me so hard and was a pain to watch because it's my dream to start drifting and she probably got the best launch pad she could ever had anyway great episode congrats (even if it got out one years ago tho)

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