My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn’t like it)


So im doing the rocket expeiriment and i was wondering how you measured it. Like, did u aim it at a target or something?

I always assumed that the science fair wasn't actually a real thing and it was just something kid's shows use for stock plots like "running for school president" or "hall monitor".

Whats a science fair we didnt…………we didnt have science fare,fair ok but we didnt have that we just have a stupid experiments on baking soda,vinegar,study on parasites

At my school in 5th we did something called biztown I was a working with 3 boys and 1 annoying girl Kayleigh are manager and James the fiance worker I made 4 app ideas and 1 movie and then sold it to regal theaters but I didn’t get any money my fake card got hacked 😠😠😠 then we had to make a poster board and me James and Kayleigh did a lot of it and we got 2 days to do it which wasn’t a lot of time for a huge posterboard

at least u don't have to cReAtE aN eCoSyStEM, and that's the work assigned to the 7th graders (i live in Canada) while the 8th graders make a cell out of candy ;n;

I really don’t like Science Fairs even though I LOVE science besides from physics anyway every time I did science Fairs we had to do the same thing as you guys but I live in Ireland so anyway every time I did it I got horrible results because MY POSTER WAS BORING and MY CONCLUSION ANSWERS WEREN’T ACCURATE… like SHUT HE F*** UP I DID AN HOLE INTIRE EXPERIMENT AND THAT’S WHAT YOU GIVE ME?!!
Oh and I have a Assessment in one month with the same thing but more serious and it’s between the whole country… wish me luck please

I didn't really do it, but at my old school (I'm still in school) in 5th grade we made one invention and everyone else would vote on it in different categories. ( I didnt get to do it 😭)

James you think your science fair was bad? I started in 7th grade and we have to do a lot of steps like 16 of them. Then we present in front of judges and our science teacher. When we put our poster boards up in the gym, two different grade levels walk around the gym to all of our poster boards and we have to present to every kid who walks up to us. We can't work with a partner. It sucks

at my school, we had a science fair, you didn't have to do a project for it. My school district only had the science for the elementary kids. Which at my school district, elementary school was Kindergarten through 6th grade.

For my school they bribed people to come with free not doing homework and get a free out of dress code day.This just shows how the sinence fair is

I got second in forensics in my school science fair and third in forensics in my district and it was so fun I am doing it again I love taking people’s finger prints randomly

are you saying you didn't have to do background research?
write a whole freaking essay stretching out like two paragraphs of information into a whole page?

i had to do the scince fair in 6th grade and i didnt like it but hopfuly i never have to do it again

i didnt do the scince fair…
our school also dosnt even has an auditorium so we had to stand in the playground every sunday and for any thing else…

Our science fair is really stressful we had to do everything that was mentioned in the video except the title was a lot more strict you could only choose Arial font and our title was

Lanzones (Lansium domesticum) peels as a low cost adsorbent for dye containing wastewater

I've done many science fair but,
It never proved to be true
My teachers always said these are lab tested experiments they are never going to be 100% true.
So from that day I stopped participating science fair😅

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