Hey guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it! In this video I will go over my top five tips
for optimizing and increasing sales on the auction house. Yes, I understand that the state of the game
may not be at its best, which does affect your auction house profits, but consider these
tips as my best practices you can universally apply to any patch of the game, regardless
of what state it is in. That being said, according to this interview
it does seem like the devs are taking player feedback more into account for patch 8.2. So let’s cross our fingers for that. Anyhow, without further ado, let’s get right
into the video! Counting down from number five, we have doing
profession and expulsom shuffles. More specifically, this method generally involves
tailoring, leatherworking, and to a lesser extent blacksmithing which provide scrappable
and disenchantable crafted items. Instead of buying greens to disenchant and
scrap, it can be cheaper to craft your own and just buy the raw crafting mats. As of the current version of the game, crafting
green bracers is the most cost efficient. For my server, the Tailoring bracers are the
cheapest to make, but whether you should craft those, the leatherworking bracers or even
the blacksmithing ones will always depend on the current mat prices. As such it helps tremendously to check the
auction house frequently for cheap BFA materials of all types, which even if you don’t use
for crafting, you can even just flip if you manage to snag a great deal. What I like to do on my tailor is to periodically
check for cheap cloth, then craft a batch of bracers to send out to my other crafters
for both scrapping and disenchanting. My general rule of thumb is that the bracers
that stay green I will scrap, while those that proc blue I will disenchant for shards,
since blue and green bracers do not differ in terms of their scrapping outputs. As you can see here I like to scrap the bracers
on my blacksmith to make all sorts of gear, though it can get a little tedious, but still
efficient for gold making. Next I’ll log onto my enchanter and collect
the leftover blue bracers. One thing that many people don’t realize is
that when they calculate how profitable a certain craft is, they don’t take into account
the cheaper materials one can obtain from shuffling even with old world crafts such
as the various mounts. This often creates the misconception that
those certain crafts are not profitable at all, when in fact the people crafting them
are wiling to list them at such low prices because of how cheaply they got their materials
in the first place. Next, at number four we have timing the markets. Knowing the best times to buy and sell a certain
item can really help to maximize your profits. There are in fact a ton of things you can
time, such as the weekly reset, new seasons and raids, holidays, and warfront contributions. For instance, raid consumables will be the
most expensive on the days when your server’s guilds are the most active. In a similar vein, they will also see increased
demand during the release of a new raid or season. Consumables and rare mats also become more
expensive when Warfront contribution quests require them. I personally have capitalized on being one
of the first people to sell contribution items right after the daily reset and made upwards
of 20 thousand gold in a matter of minutes. Lastly, time-limited rewards that are only
obtainable during a certain in-game holiday will usually see increased supply and thus
lower prices during the holiday and increased prices after the holiday expires. At number three, we have using the TSM addon
and desktop app to help you check profit margins and prices right in your inventory and crafting
window. You can use the tooltips they provide to help
you judge the best way to spend your mats at that given moment. Another useful piece of information from the
tooltip is the daily sale frequency. Combined with your own personal experience
of how frequently a specific item you post sells on your server and for what price range,
this can be very helpful for determining the viability of a specific craft. I can’t really give you a specific number
to look for, as both the supply and demand are dependent on server, but I can tell you
that items with a sale frequency of below 0.1 are generally going to take a looong time
to sell. Next up, at number two we have posting auctions
in various stack sizes. It is basically selling in stack sizes that
people prefer, which sounds simple, but actually can vary quite a bit depending on what you’re
trying to sell. For instance, Warfront contributions are best
sold in stack sizes that the given quest requires. Otherwise, raw mats and consumables can be
sold in a variety of sizes. For raw mats, you can sell them in amounts
that major crafts require, in bulk for bulk crafts, in singles for those who just need
a few more of something, as long as the cost to list them isn’t too ridiculous, or even
pretty looking stacks like 10 or 50. A similar philosophy can be applied to consumables,
perhaps leaning more towards smaller stack sizes. Generally, you’ll see the most sales for even
one type of item if you try to cater to a variety of customer preferences and thus stack
sizes. Lastly, my final tip is to understand the
auction house meta of your server and in general. The more experience you have selling a particular
item, the more you’ll have a feel for how many you should sell, how frequently you should
post it, and how much you can charge for it. It takes experience and a good understanding
of market cycles to play the auction house the most effectively. Not only that, but you want to optimize your
own daily schedule around this, for example, with how often you actually can and should
log into the game to post and repost auctions. Also, understanding the actual pve and pvp
metagame can be important too. If you know during a given patch which secondary
stats are the most valuable, and even which classes are the most powerful, that will help
you price your items more appropriately as well. A good example of this is how among all of
the weapon and ring enchants, the ones that boost haste have been the best sellers, at
least on my server. This not only tells me to craft more of these
versus the other ones, but allows me to spend my enchanting mats more efficiently. All in all, getting experience on a given
server with selling a variety of items can help you eke out advantages. And that was my top 5 tips for getting an
edge on the auction house. To recap, we have shuffling for disenchanting
mats and expulsom as well as old world mats, timing the various market cycles, using the
TSM tooltips to your advantage, tailoring your stack sizes to buyer preferences, and
learning the auction house meta of your server and the current patch. The combination of all of these methods have
served me well through all these years of gold making, and from now on I hope they will
be just as helpful to you as they have been to me. If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe
to the channel and hit the notification bell for more cutting-edge videos on gold making. By the way, I almost never post repetitive
content, so feel free to check out my older videos that are still relevant as well! Here’s to hoping patch 8.2 will be great,
and I’ll see you in the next video, peace!

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