Naeun’s Sweetness and Gunhoo’s Braveness [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

Naeun, you and I are gonna go
2 day 1 night long trip. You are so happy right now. (We are at Pohang!) (What will happen
on this beautiful shore?) (??????) (Missing all these beautiful scenes!) (Take a look!
The beach is so beautiful!) (Meal first!) What will you have? (She knows what she wants but…) (he is thinking… thinking hard…) He will have what I will have. Done! (What is this?) (Ketchup!) It’s spicy. (It’s not ketchup.)
You will learn from mistake! (It’s not ketchup?) (Hmm…?) (It’s not ketchup….) (He’s okay with it?) (He’s even trying more!) He’s a real Korean! He accepts all tastes of Korean foods. You want to try it? (GIVE IT TO ME!!!!) Isn’t it too hot for him? He loves a spicy food!

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