Narrowboat Experience #011 – Bargains Bargains Bargains!

Welcome to today’s episode. A short episode just about bargain hunting. Last episode I was talking about this incredibly expensive dish drainer. So to kind of make amends, we are putting together a video episode today about bargains for the narrowboat. Just to be short and fun. I’m going to start with the first one Which is this blind here. Particularly not mouldy The previous one was mouldly And this one cost £2.50?? it said £5, but when we got to the till it was £2!!!! So, we went to Poundland! To gets some bargains for the narrowboat These…. one pound! We had to lacquer this weekend. A pound for three These… to soak up the water from under the sink. Where the shower pump leaked… £1 £1.50?? Oh, these are not from poundland (laughs) This is also not from poundland This is from Dunhelm This is a 91cm blind And it was reduced to £2.50 And it used to be £25 We have no need of it (laughs) But we got it anyway We are thinking we will chop it And make two blinds in the bathroom Because the blinds are mouldly there also. Sandpaper!!! ‘How many sheets?’ asks voice. pause…. 25! One pound! I don’t usually buy sandpaper, so I’m not sure if that’s a good deal This thing… This is great. You hook your sandpaper here. £1 ”And it came with sandpaper” wife Cat toys Because Kath though the cats were getting bored So all these toys all these toys… £1 all these toys I’m playing with your toys!! £1 Oh and this Without the screws This man Tommy walsh £1 This one? No the other blue one ”That’s the one he was playing with last night” He also likes to play ‘find the toy’ Find the toy Moomi Find the toy Good boy Find the toy No not in the screw box where could it be? ”I’ll just have one of these instead” While we’ve been making this Narrowboat experience episode We’ve started to think about the different ways that you use things on a narrowboat and how lots of things have to have two purposes And so we’ve started to put together Some little video’s about ”Narrowboat Hacks” And we already have some idea How people use tyres as fenders or this glass of nutella is also a glass… We’ve got some genuine narrowboat hack ideas Hopefully you’ll enjoy those If that does sound interesting to you please click subscribe If you have some narrowboat hack ideas of your own leave them in the comments below or send us a link or some pictures so we can put them on our website Thanks


The bargain blind from "Dunelm" for which you have no use could be fixed to a bargain broom handle and used as a sail on the cabin roof, between bridge holes.

Sand paper is  expensive    ,yes a pound is a good deal ,, I make coffee scopes  from local wood  ,  and cringe every time I buy sand paper  $ 8 to $12  depending on spefics   that's  5 to 8 pounds  for yes 25 sheets

Next time you go shopping or run across a woodwork shop ask the woodwork shop if he could make a coffe/tea cup holder take a pice of wood turned to 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter and drill holes at approximately a 10-15 degree up angle and insert the proper wood peg into holes long enough to hand a cup on via the handle. Should be able to hang several cups on one cup holder post. The top of post should attach to a bracket or a cupboard for stability.

Cheers Ladies


Wire nuts are good for wiring connections , self insulating and can be used in cramped spaces that you can barley reach , . A multi use tool is very handy to have , . This tool is great for anything , you can put a saw blade on it for metal wood and tile , scraper blade makes quick work of scraping , sand in pads can be put on it , .

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