Naturally Tender

Anyone who’s had our chicken knows it’s plump and juicy. What they may not know is that it’s also
100 percent natural. All our chickens are certified humanely raised, no antibiotics, on a high-quality diet of soy and grain. What’s good for the animal is good for our guests. Why are they called tenders? They’re called tenders because they come from the tenderloin of the breast. Hand-trimmed just for Culver’s. It’s not a strip or a finger, it is the true tenderloin. They’re cooked to order just
waiting to be dipped in one of our sauces. I’ll put our chicken tenders up against anybody’s. I agree their second to none. Tell me why
this is such a great area to raise chickens. We’ve got all the fresh water’s from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Fresh, clean air. We’re very lucky to have
this and it works perfect for growing our chickens. Not only the chicken tenders, but our crispy chicken, our grilled chicken. They are delicious. That’s like my granny Franklin used to make. That’s outstanding, Craig. Welcome to delicious!

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