NBA 2k19 – Draft – LIVE IN PROGRESS!

Let’s pop everyone I backups and I’m dying Oh Agnes isn’t working everything. Nothing’s really good all right, we’re gonna play some free-throw few ants because That’s my hair game Oh Are no triple threats triple threat is fun Basically the same team earlier so I Don’t know it’s kinda easy to beat stiff because people focus too much on shooting threes with him and end up being not successful And I got my boy Fred vanvleet She’s not Dude you’re not hitting man With that Alright, alright, I’ll give that to him. That’s kind of noisy I’m just gonna open up a party real quick. So this guy can hear we got to do that All right Back to my boy Fred vanvleet. Oh, that’s He thought I You are not hitting that with Patrick Ewing the pro get better shot selection and come back later kiddo Curry is just not hitting them today 42 I’m fine with the scoring Dude you aren’t going to hit that What Oh Patrick you dude that man has never shot a three in his life you Know, you know, come back here. You’re off balling you little whore Granted I Just know he’s about it Oh, he’s on mic now, what a pussy a LeBron skeptical dude, he’s talking Off on too hard, bud We’re leaving the party so I can hear Let’s bobbin. Oh You’re gonna let Chris up again there Dan that should have fallen but it’s okay Really LeBron you’re just gonna swap that out At Ewing cards kind of nasty inside though Pull up I didn’t register my release. That’s sad Alright, alright. Yeah, I got my ass slap this game, but it’s alright Dotson I Was deep Come on shoot three to end it Come on, bud That’s in am Sure from behind off court Can’t even shoot a three dough in the game. That’s really depressing my god I’ll let you back out take one from half-court None of that, I eat those, you know register the release, whoops Good gun boy Interesting Disappointing Once they get this bread gamers Just gonna go bop Come on bud, come on. Are you all falling? No, you’re not. Okay quite proud about that actually That was awful disco Stang No way no way we’re not all in that happened none of that here boy, that’s Who TF was dad yeah, come here boy, I Don’t know I’m not sure Come here boy come here boy. Oh, that was no bueno. It’s okay Hey, Ronnie, they didn’t even register my release that’s just disappointing Come on get back. Why? Why what are you doing kiddo? And That’s magic. Yeah, it is blink know That flirting with the third row Gonzo Thomas doesn’t hit those my Paul Yi Go brownie go brawny dunk over him. He’s not that big Yeet I hit these try me it’s not registering my release this game is back your doodoo My release is perfect Gotcha if he missed that Brownie just drive on this man’s Your own magic, why isn’t it registering my releases bro, that’s how annoying I’ll Push that yeah I hit those Well, well Oh Mind that gone that’s in yeah, I hate down Oh No, okay, he was so covered It’s not ready sir, my little brother Yeah, you good That’s my boy wet shit Boy my boy Fred vanvleet that’s in I Hit one of us are clear Shoot that yeah Yeah Get that bread You know what? Let me die miss Dawned no, that’s fine. There’s no way okay I’m not gonna come back Hey, bro, if you can hear me just keep shooting those aw, come on you got us you from behind half-court Shooting fun. Can you explain who he was shooting? Shoot shoot shoot that oh my god. Okay, you’re gonna bring a chair man. It’s on fire. That’s cute. Ask you You don’t hit those Six stuff I’m kind of mad because it’s not letting me like collect the stuff for my sold auctions. So It’s not a good not good Bro your school below des We’re gonna try and redeem these huh, huh Dude took any servers be garbage. Geez. I was like, I’m gonna check comments real Clank But your bra I know I Started like a week and a half ago gay. Okay. Give me a break Yeah, I need a better Center my honestly Chris Webber has done really well for me I me a better center Could this Patrick Ewing does not like But we’re working on that right now, all right because I can’t even redeem these auctions like what do you K? What you doing? What you doing there, bud? Yeah It’s a bit problematic one. I don’t have empty because like the games. No, use Greg Oden Jenny feel like Redeem the auction I said, oh Yeah, I’ve been wanting to Greg Oden, um, it’s just a matter o More one in this game. If we don’t that when this game I’ll be sad Because Fred vanvleet is gonna be on Kyle Lowry and that’s gonna be like the use to shooting guards and the point guard I’m just gonna drive a little brown the entire game or Chris lever Honestly, just I’m freezing Kyle Lowry face Brown Facts of course get ball first home. Oh Yeah, that’s over it’s over oh I wanted to do the self value. I’ll stop as I am shooting junit ghetto Judy I’ll let you shoot it. If you just commit to you all my drawers, you’re really gonna go on with Lesley Matthews What don t off bullet Alright it’s done so for you buddy shit You didn’t only get me there nice try though, yeah you’re doing I’ve dot Excuse me Okay, I see you buckaroo What’s Lee Matthews, uh That’s uh, that’s that’s gonna be interesting but Spanish Gone oh, that would have been so clean All right, I did say I would stop fucking around so let’s do not Not what had been kind of cleaned buckaroo but it’s just inches on the mayor So get drove on get drove on kiddo yeah Oh Body you ate on that little bit too hard. Sorry Stolen from kid. Oh, yeah, I hit these I hit the holes Oh Feels nice I would have been in in there like swimwear Come on bud don’t turn it over. I’m not that good Well then play on ball for you, yeah, never mind no way that’s it. Okay. Yeah. Thank you You can drive a little bit. Oh, I got a comment once I Don’t I know it’s just yeah It’s too late for me to even think about trying to ball oh All right, I’ll play on ball I’m also kind of do do so it’s like Won’t score every possession Ready you ready buckaroo. Come on, come on. Oh My gosh got what got That was Excuse me, 2k, I don’t exploit or just blocked you buddy, I Think you can reconsider some stuff I Can’t be bothered look your girl’s lover Almost your shot. Sorry Oh Gonzo Oh-oh-oh brawny, never mind. No that’s in in there like summer. Okay. Uh, uh, That was that for ya self password there good try to try buckaroo knee. Oh Oh, oh he breaks Oaks he breaks those Kyle Lowry what you gonna do? It’s like a repeat of the finals. Buckaroo knee Oh LeBron, never mind Oh Gonzo that’s in better be in excuse me that man has 98 98 3 and you can’t even hit those I’m not even going up for refunds My boy Greg Van Vleet, and actually I guess I’d hit a shot. I’ll be sick that’s in. Thank you Thank you game Thank You. 2k for actually recognizing the stats you gave this man and the fact that all those should’ve done it All but That’s in I See you I see you out there TJ good stuff But like Chris Webber is kind of sick Oh Whoa, my boy Chris lever is gonna go. Oh It’s really not that good but She Shoot that you won’t. Oh, I was kind of clean hit that that’s in. Oh Absolutely Insane that’s in that’s in. Oh, I actually was hoping that going for you my guy That’s in His defense my team is like significantly better Sorry, bud sorry, bud I eat the horse I eat those My boy Greg Van be fine then beat November Lee oh oh oh So fast in I would’ve felt really bad if that one in Just got jumped He hits those he eats those eat those up That’s in that better be okay. Thank you All my points from three I’ll let you hip up. Come on, man. Drop back, two three, really I give you Game damn Do you see Chris Webber come flying out of nowhere man is insane That’s times Oh No, it didn’t register my I hate to kay Alright that’s in I got you bro I’m sorry Hey, good luck, man. I wish you the best Wow, I Kind of toyed with that man, I Know my shot timings really garbage. I’m sorry Leon. I’m legitimately trash in this game. Oh No, and some of these shots are time poorly because like 2k servers A lot of people have been having problems with it where it just doesn’t register that you released So if it like goes full and it comes all the way back down, that’s just the game being whack. I’m not that bad I have like a reaction time but Ya know there’s been problems with it not registering releases lately But yeah, I’m gentle much all timing isn’t great outside of that even please give me something good on the board Couldn’t even give me like anything of value That’s gross we’re just gonna right there Okay, looks like just one empty – empty over some silver pack 500 K. Okay barely enough to pay for Fleets contracts. Those are I feel I was calling this man Greg Elk huge L Why? I’m afraid to turn my music up cuz copyright A bluff cheese that yeah, it’s downstair You Oh nice You That means kind of I see right now I’m on you know line God just running through defenders right now ganz is kind of cold don’t even Oh Okay, I’ll give that to you my boy dollars coming oh Good shirt good shit. That’s not in. Yeah. That’s a nice where you that’s a nice board That’s in that’s in How would have been Chloe? That’s him, all right. I respect that I respect that Destroy He hits those Gone I’m hoping I have one of those deep trees He’s licked inside good stuff His off Table three is not very good not just disappointing because otherwise he would be absolute beast Catch achoo, excuse me It’s not real I didn’t released that time that’s really old fast disco Stein Boink Oh, that’s really nice shot How are none of those going in I was Green Dang that’s in I feel bad for my boys If I had a full court shot you gotta let me run again though. All right just this once Ready we’re sending it I Hit one like two games ago an interesting time good game How are the boys we’re gonna hop off stream cuz I’m garbage. Goodbye

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