NCA Bargaining Update, May 29th, 2017

Greetings ACTRA Toronto members. I’m Theresa Tova, President of ACTRA Toronto with a word about our upcoming NCA negotiations. The National Commercial Agreement expires at the end of June. In preparation for bargaining, we held over a dozen focus groups where we asked members about what to do about the increasing competition for commercial work these days. And you told us loud and clear. Now some of the issues are complicated but the answer is simple. We need to make the Commercial Agreement simple to understand and simpler to use. We need to make it simpler than ever to hire, contract and pay ACTRA members. To compete with advertisers who use in-house talent, non-signatory agencies and non-ACTRA performers, engagers say they need “flexibility,” but you’ve told us – we’ve been plenty flexible for quite a while now, particularly in New Media and that a race to the bottom is not the way to go. So,
what are we saying? Let’s make it simpler for new engagers to understand their options under the agreement. Let’s make it simpler and easier for any engager to hire ACTRA members and let’s promote the simply wonderful advantages of working with performers who have what it takes to make commercials that are… simply better. #SimplyBetter. Not a bad tagline for our commercial negotiations. What do you think? We’ll keep you up to date as bargaining progresses. In the meantime, please keep our dedicated and smart ACTRA NCA bargaining committee in your thoughts. We’re in this together.

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We need to stop the American practice of identifying the participants in Canadian commercials as "real people not actors". It's often not accurate as these "real people" have often gone through auditions and the concept is demeaning to our profession.

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