NCIX Bankruptcy Auction – Day 2 FINALE

It’s auction day you know 53 and we’re freakin late we spent half an hour looking for parking So I don’t know hopefully not too much stuff is gone Let’s go. Okay, so as we thought they are holding the live auctioning on the other side of the warehouse that had been drywalled over, so I’m following the very helpful signs – oh Wow, we cannot get anywhere near it are we only on lot number two did they just start Am I misunderstanding something? Hey half an hour late and You don’t miss the party. I’m not sure if there’s a life lesson to be learned here Coursers new h 115 I and h 150 I pro a iOS feature vibrant RGB pump heads magnetic levitation fans and more check them out at the link below I don’t know if you guys went through it much, but there’s like I kind of really stupid With really high bids on it. I’m kind of looking like what are you doing? I think people are misunderstanding? There was there was a bin it was a box of stock Heatsinks it had a bit of like 350 dollars on it someone. Thought they were CPUs. I think hey. I just realized something I Can bid on for you Ed want to buy some useless crap, but you don’t need Oh? Am I the only one who has a legitimately very difficult time understanding what he’s saying I Think the system broke again. It would be awesome if the online portion just got shut down for the people who showed up here like really good thing did someone really just pay three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for a 3930k based system Did that just happen? It’s very frustrating the the system’s don’t have the brackets cards listed in them because it’s like Best Buy style merchandising I mean we’re not bidding on any other systems anyway, but 5820k processor did that just go for almost two thousand dollars remember This is Canadian rupees on top of these prices like these aren’t tax free prices you got to pay tax and I think it’s about a 15% fee on top for the auktioner I Think people are gonna. Have a hard time turning some of these systems into a Craigslist profit to be perfectly honest I mean, I thought it was bad yesterday when I was looking through like we wanted some of those silver racks There’s there’s a local Craigslist seller that just has like everything and it was like 20 30 bucks less I will give them credit even though. I can’t really understand what he’s saying it seems to get things moving really fast. They’ve moved Twelve lots already. I think we’re gonna have to have a bit of a Strategy here and I think that strategy if we were smart might have been to not show up until a little bit later because Everything in the first half of the day that we had any interest in is probably not gonna make any sense to buy Like let’s have a look at that bin of Microsoft Office for Mac that I saw current bid $700 Unless you just need Windows 10 Pro licenses like you can’t flip them for a lot online because selling Windows 10 licenses online is just one of those like sketchy things people aren’t willing to pay for pop They’re only worth about a hundred dollars and remember. That’s $900 all-in I don’t know what just happened. There was that an RL series BenQ monitor that just went for $400. What why Here’s an RL 24:55 on eBay for a hundred and fifty dollars plus 20 bucks and shipping Somebody just paid five hundred and twenty five dollars for it That’s it no more YouTube videos auction auction business get enough to get some food Can’t handle this right now. It’s amazing how much people pay for stuff at these things There’s just there’s stuff. I just I just found on eBay for a third of what the guy paid a Third I’m getting stressed out in there Oh Stressed out man everything’s expensive Madness – you gotta be kidding me That this is a lot of five assorted GPU cooling units heat sinks etc look at this these are coolers But there’s no there’s no i/o bracket on them. There’s no card Matthew Matthew You own yourself? Thank you. Oh Yeah, right, that’s why you’re leaving right? That’s why you guys are out of here NCIX security technology ow Ow this is a problem cuz like I actually need some of this stuff like my play button assortment of motherboards and fans and other probably broken garbage Wow fantastic so to their credit There’s some boards in there that like might be kind of decent there’s a z170 board, but this is how it’s stored You know I wouldn’t hold my breath that it’s working three EVGA power supplies a 750 GQ a 550 g3 and a 450 just went for $500 550 can I just go to my warehouse and let go find some shit and get these guys to sell it because like You know 121 121 point away if I have one in five ok here goes a black widow tournament edition keyboard a hundred and seventy five dollars So there’s a dude right there buying all the keyboards I think I Kind of want to talk to this guy like should we talk to this guy? Hi, can I ask you a question? The Corsair k60 keyboard ok so I think that one was 300 right? So did you just kind of get wrapped up in the excitement of bidding and stuff? Yeah, he just doesn’t really get about the price I Think people are just here for fun People aren’t necessarily Here because they want to get a deal on computer crap. I mean imagine going in gambling for example Did you go to the casino? And you blow 500 bucks You might get nothing if you go to an auction and you blow 500 bucks. You might get a keyboard I want to know what people are excited about right now What is this? $700 anti-static work mats See this is what Linus tech tips is all about bringing you guys the breaking stories the stories that break me No, no look at this one is that is that more than one card, please tell me that’s more than one party special, bun 1500 bucks for a 1060 Do you think they’re gonna use it for mining or aiming? So they only got through about a hundred lots in the last 45 minutes, which means that we have Potentially like three hours to kill right now So you can go play some squash suckas Alright, did you google how to play the game? Okay? So what do we do? You’re gonna wear your gloves for the game. Are you serious you’re driving gloves? I’m gonna get my ass kicked. Oh God oh Damn okay What’d you get what’d you get? Yeah, – 250 bucks Wireless Xbox 360 controller, what were you actually after? I got a No what were you thinking secret M secret M Mouse? Okay, all right you got an Nvidia shield how much you guys want for the Nvidia shield? I don’t know. I don’t even know how much these things are worth a companies. Just send me there. What do I know? Do either of you want an Nvidia shield do either of you even care making parking-lot deals, that’s a little JIT way I just bought this Nvidia shield for $95 I Don’t know all right. We’re back and we’re ready to bid our lot that we want is 881 881 so we’re really close Oh They were selling late Okay, we got it. We gotta go find that guy Did you guys just buy 881 What are you guys actually after in there? Sorry, which one the YouTube plaque okay Yeah, I’ll buy it off you Okay, I got a like I got a level with you guys here. That’s the channel I built That’s why I’m here That’s my plaque Like I’ll pay you for it, but that’s my plaque guys I didn’t I didn’t realize that this was like a choice auction here the NCIX tek-tips channel like you know who I am okay Because I haven’t worked here for five years So what’s your channel? The what sorry here, can you can eyes can I see? So this is your channel you’re running this Well you know what actually If you don’t have one I Have two I have one for Linus tech tips I’ve got one for tech quickie I was here to buy this out of sentimental value, but you know what honestly you could rebadge this really easily you know what dude massive showed he was gonna do it but Tell you what take it enjoy it? It’s the og plaque which is the one you should have exactly and it’s a lot nicer than the newer one and you probably know So okay I’m defeated on the play button But at least I have this Nvidia shield that I bought in the parking lot Okay All right, thanks, dude really appreciate it. It’s a really nice gesture. You know what go ahead though You you should have it put it on your wall and for the rest of you If you want to make me feel better You can go subscribe to my stupid cat channel so I can get a plaque for that and then my feelings can feel better Okay, I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty disappointed in our performance here I can’t feel too bad about the play button though I still feel good that someone who appreciates it Got it, and that it will like mean something to them so I got my Nvidia shield which it turns out I should have looked a little closer at it. I believe that’s an RMA number so Mass drop is back with another deal the new force II dc-3 in ear monitors are a hundred US dollars And they feature triple drivers with a neutral sound signature the original EDC version one earphone of the year 2017 for absolute sound and it comes in a lightweight housing which is entirely translucent So you can see the drivers inside? There great for everyday use so come with two cables five sets of your tips and a carrying case check them out at the link below for $99.99 unmask drop for a limited time because that’s how mass drop works limited time Good pricing. Thanks for watching guys if You dislike this video then you can hit that button But if you liked it hit like get subscribed maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured Oh right, you can’t because it’s all gone bankruptcy option and all that in the video description also linked down There is our merch store, which has closed shirts like this one and our our community forum Which you should totally join right where my keys? Where’s my backpack?


Linus should buy his channel, kill it, and take the play button. F*** that little sh**, he bought that channel and then bought a play button to make himself feel like one of the big boys. I get how it's not a huge deal since Linus still has all of his success, but I think you should lay claim to everything you've earned.

i wonder if they noticed the debri on the lens and just said ''f it we got no other camera footage, use it.''

Hahaha "why do you gotta rub it in our face" hahaha you can be cruel at times Linus 😛 (but hey, they deserve it!) and that was nice to let the guy have the plaque 🙂

I don't care if the MindChop guy didn't go the conventional way to build a channel. He didn't hesitate to do the right thing here and so did Linus. Very heartwarming.

this mindchop mf really got a million subscribers doing fucking childrens cgi videos and linus's knees just fucking buckle at the guy lmfao

I had a friend in professional school who looked like and was be like Linus. Only difference is the language xddd

When I say you're a dick you really are just a fucking dick Why the fuk didn't you at least put your signature on the back of that button since you "built that channel" and you know that he's going to Rebrand the button; at the very least you put your signature on the back for the guy. You know wtf dude you're just a dick… Fuk U, Fuk any channel you're involved with, and especially fuk your wimpy CAT channel… Here's some free advice start a G.I. Joe channel and don't be surprised if it's better than your shitty Cat channel…

Those are agents trying to boost the prices for the auctioner. Very illegal. That is why the prices don't make any sense lol

What I don't get is. All this time.. Stuff was selling for normal prices.. But now in this auction, people really want to pay 3 or 4 times the price? What's up with that.Lmao..
The guy that was buying all the keyboards: "Yeah, it's here right now". Bro.. it was there all that time XD

After reading all the comments about mindchop, assuming they're true, i concluded that success on YouTube takes character, integrity and charisma. if i were that dude and someone came to me telling me that that was his YouTube award that he got for his channel i would never have accepted to take it even after being offered to do so.

Some people get there mind and heart set to have an item and will pay almost anything to get it and no one is going to outbid them, because they must have it!!!

ur such a nice guy, im rly happy u left the kid with the play button . <3 more people like u should exsist in this world

I got burned by NCIX, they got my money, but I did not get my order. NCIX was going under at that time, but had left their website up and were still taking orders. I'm still so pissed, I can't even bear to watch this channel.

Since all these reality tv auction shows came out everyone and their mother goes out to auctions blowing cash overpaying for 0 reason at all

Buying a play button, while you can just spend 100 to youtube to get it send again. Faker with fake shit channel. Sorry linus that you didnt get it

Seriously dude you went for one thing and you couldn't pull your shit together enough to do that one thing you were there for. I'm sorry to say it but you deserve to lose that play button that was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Another dumb thing pulling the do you know who I am card omfg you've got to be kidding me.

Yeah there are many people that just do auctions as a hobby….or addiction like gambling as Linus said. You have some that just don't care about what they are buying. They just like the thrill of bidding and competition

That's was cool of you Linus. You let your pride step aside for a minute. I was expecting them to be after something different or to sell the play button. They are creators wanting it and that's awesome of you to let them keep it

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