Linus should buy his channel, kill it, and take the play button. F*** that little sh**, he bought that channel and then bought a play button to make himself feel like one of the big boys. I get how it's not a huge deal since Linus still has all of his success, but I think you should lay claim to everything you've earned.

i wonder if they noticed the debri on the lens and just said ''f it we got no other camera footage, use it.''

Hahaha "why do you gotta rub it in our face" hahaha you can be cruel at times Linus 😛 (but hey, they deserve it!) and that was nice to let the guy have the plaque 🙂

I don't care if the MindChop guy didn't go the conventional way to build a channel. He didn't hesitate to do the right thing here and so did Linus. Very heartwarming.

this mindchop mf really got a million subscribers doing fucking childrens cgi videos and linus's knees just fucking buckle at the guy lmfao

I had a friend in professional school who looked like and was be like Linus. Only difference is the language xddd

When I say you're a dick you really are just a fucking dick Why the fuk didn't you at least put your signature on the back of that button since you "built that channel" and you know that he's going to Rebrand the button; at the very least you put your signature on the back for the guy. You know wtf dude you're just a dick… Fuk U, Fuk any channel you're involved with, and especially fuk your wimpy CAT channel… Here's some free advice start a G.I. Joe channel and don't be surprised if it's better than your shitty Cat channel…

Those are agents trying to boost the prices for the auctioner. Very illegal. That is why the prices don't make any sense lol

What I don't get is. All this time.. Stuff was selling for normal prices.. But now in this auction, people really want to pay 3 or 4 times the price? What's up with that.Lmao..
The guy that was buying all the keyboards: "Yeah, it's here right now". Bro.. it was there all that time XD

After reading all the comments about mindchop, assuming they're true, i concluded that success on YouTube takes character, integrity and charisma. if i were that dude and someone came to me telling me that that was his YouTube award that he got for his channel i would never have accepted to take it even after being offered to do so.

Some people get there mind and heart set to have an item and will pay almost anything to get it and no one is going to outbid them, because they must have it!!!

ur such a nice guy, im rly happy u left the kid with the play button . <3 more people like u should exsist in this world

I got burned by NCIX, they got my money, but I did not get my order. NCIX was going under at that time, but had left their website up and were still taking orders. I'm still so pissed, I can't even bear to watch this channel.

Since all these reality tv auction shows came out everyone and their mother goes out to auctions blowing cash overpaying for 0 reason at all

Buying a play button, while you can just spend 100 to youtube to get it send again. Faker with fake shit channel. Sorry linus that you didnt get it

Seriously dude you went for one thing and you couldn't pull your shit together enough to do that one thing you were there for. I'm sorry to say it but you deserve to lose that play button that was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Another dumb thing pulling the do you know who I am card omfg you've got to be kidding me.

Yeah there are many people that just do auctions as a hobby….or addiction like gambling as Linus said. You have some that just don't care about what they are buying. They just like the thrill of bidding and competition

That's was cool of you Linus. You let your pride step aside for a minute. I was expecting them to be after something different or to sell the play button. They are creators wanting it and that's awesome of you to let them keep it

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