Need more sales? Watch me rewrite a “sales message” on the spot using a simple technique


the 4th type of people don't have time to read books. 😉 So they can listen to it while they do other things. Thus they also need headphones.

Mr. Halpern: I apologise for calling you annoying in a past post. You are really damn good! I can only hope to be as "annoying" as you are as I sell my Divorce Solutions. Keep up the great work.

Derek, this video was so great, very helpful.  How do I find out about your future in person workshop/training events?

This was gold, Derek and I've heard you share this concept before but, it really clicked this time. My biggest take-away was the need to shift my own Mindset about my customer(s) as in Plural and as problems I help solve or improve versus, answering the typical Ideal Client Avatar questions taught in most online marketing programs.

When I started breaking down my content into 3 different categories, it definitely helped me identify how I could market to multiple avatars, using different copy to fit each one. You could create a short course on this subject alone! 😉 😉 Thank you!

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