Neurotica – Ep 8 – Tender Mercies

I decided to try my hand at online
dating, and after a bit of trial and error, I finally hit the jackpot! A
woman who was willing to go on a date with me. She was a bit older, which was actually a huge turn-on. Older women have been
around the block. They take control. They’re adventurous. And like me, they’re just playing the field. I wanted to make a strong entrance,
so I scouted us the perfect date spot What can I get you? – Nothing, my reservation’s not till tomorrow. Will this brick still be exposed then? And prepared myself for every conceivable scenario. Hi, nice to meet you. Such a pleasure to meet you. I like you. Oh look, look at Mitchell’s big dick. I’m Amy and I can’t believe you have such a big dick, Mitchell, I’m so happy that I met you! You’re even more beautiful than your
photos! Hi. Mitchell? Hi, I’m Amy, and this is Russ, my son. Son? Clearly this was more than just a
casual hookup. Amy was looking for a man to fill the holes in her life! Was I
ready for that kind of commitment? She wants someone to rescue her in and this boy from their manless existence. I would welcome them into my home. (You’re safe now) and share with them all that I had. In return,
Amy would worship me. Thank you for your resources. But wait! In order to provide for them I
would need a job doing something… Something I was really good at. Mitchell! Congratulations! We are going to more money or more responsibility
because you hammer the objects better than any other male work person in this whole
establishment of employment where people earn money to support their families and
as a result have a feeling of self-worth from a job well done! And if ever it got tiring, I would remember who I was doing it for:
Russ, my boy, my pride and joy. I would teach him about the birds and the bees. Nicole is a prim and proper girl from Europe who grew up riding horses. – Good. And raise him is my own image. Of course, he would never have my image. With every passing
day, Russ would look more and more like his biological father and grow to resent
me. – You’re not my dad. I remember the pigs who came calling on Nana. – Good evening, I’m Mort, I’m here to see your grandmother. Is she in? – I did everything I
could to cock-block them. So the key to Amy’s heart is to make sure that Russ never feels left out. After all, he was the man of the house long before I swooped in and he deserved to be treated like a man. Listen, before we go any
further with this tonight, I would like to ask your permission… To have sex with your mom. Sorry? – Mom? You know, cause… he’s the gatekeeper.


It's really bewildering how little attention this channel gets. This guy is brilliant and should be famous.

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