New GSA Fleet Programs and Solutions Help Customers Cut Costs and Go Green

Hello, I’m Cheryl Hall and I’m the Director of the GSA Region 4 Fleet Management Division. Our Fleet Program manages about 39,000 vehicles across the southeastern state area. Management of our vehicles includes acquisition, replacement, maintenance, repair and disposal of vehicles through Auction Sales. We take great pride in our Fleet operations and history of providing the right vehicle at the right price and with great service. We also partner with our customer agencies to offer the vehicles and solutions to help them achieve environmental goals, and also identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies. GSA Fleet offers solutions to enhance your mission needs. We offer short term rental of vehicles for up to 120 days and short term rental of heavy equipment for periods of up to one year. We offer competitive leasing rates for our Federal customers with internal agency-owned vehicles. We’d love to talk to you about consolidating your vehicles into our program. We’ll review your current vehicle utilization and make recommendations for rightsizing, or using our short term rental of vehicle program and car sharing alternatives. We continue to partner with our customers in achieving the environmental goals for Fiscal Year 2015 as outlined in the Presidential Executive Order on low greenhouse gas. Last year over 85% of the replacement vehicles that were ordered in Region 4 Fleet met or exceeded alternative fuel goals. I’m excited about electric vehicles coming into our inventory. We have 46 that we are expecting delivery on this year. New technology for us and for our customers. Fleet is also currently offering special leasing rates and options for hybrid sedans. In addition we have an internal fleet management tool called Federal Fleet Management System. Federal Fleet Management System or FED FMS is a Fleet Management Information System to assist our customers in managing their internal-owned Government vehicles. FedFMS allows you to analyze Fleet data and optimize your vehicle inventory. For more information on these Fleet solutions, please inquire with your respective Fleet Service Representative or contact us at the Fleet Regional Office. One of the benefits for our customers is our Fleet Drive-Thru, web-based program. Fleet Drive-thru provides a wide range of data, vehicle information, analytics, and billing information. To assist with navigating Fleet Drive-Thru, one of our experienced staff has developed training for user-friendly access. Listen?? Hi! This is Phil Lowther with Region 4 GSA Fleet. As Fleet Service Reps, we become experts at using the features in GSA’s Fleet Drive Thru. Our customers, however, are mostly infrequent users. I found myself giving repetitive instruction on Fleet Drive-Thru topics on a regular basis. I thought our customers would benefit from a short, concise video that they could access at their convenience. I liked the first one so much that I decided to do one for the commonly requested topics of Reports Carryout, PM Express, Mileage Express, Defensive Driving, CRASH, and Ordering a WEX replacement credit card. I hope you find the videos valuable and useful. GSA Fleet: Right Vehicle, Right Price, Great Service!

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