New Tesla Model Y Leaked Details Paint Clearer Picture [highlight]


Good shot man, thanks. Just learning about the Model Y… guess he was spelling SEXY… they know they should have let Elon name model 3.. model E.

Ben, I expect that Elon would probably choose future new factory in China for making of model Y. It might be started to be built not so long from now. Will see..

I thought Elon had said that to speed up the bringing of Model Y to market it wasn't going to use the new wiring system and would be more closely based on Model 3…

Tired of these cars that never happened.
China is taking over the car market on EV 👍👍
Go China 🇨🇳!

i thought the plan was for the Model Y to be a LARGER platform to support a pick up truck and "delivery van" configuration

Tesla needs another assembly plant. The current one with the model S and model X and now the model 3 is bogged down and as Elon puts it "production hell". They also need a place to make the semi. It would make sense if they had plans for a new assembly plant somewhere in order to make the model y, semi and other models down the road.

It all depends upon the introductory price of the Model Y. If it is above $50,000 the orders will be far less than for the Model 3, since the tax rebates will be greatly reduced by then.

Polyester flex has been around a long time and is well proven, normally for low current applications. Not sure what the Tesla innovation is, perhaps high voltage, high current?

Hyperchange had a video explaining how they could build it at Fremont, check it out his explanation makes sense.

I wonder if they'll be able to salvage enough left over robots to build the Model Y assembly line with the ones they are stripping out of the Model 3 line right now. Of course hiring labor to run 88 additional hours per week on the Model 3 line, as announced in the leaked email, will cut into whatever margin is in the Model 3 so there won't be as much extra cash to build the new vehicle.

I say price of Y is about 40k-45k. I believe you are over estimating, I could be wrong though, till will tell. I believe any more than 45k and most buyers will be turned off from it.

Model 3 is superior to Model S in almost every way: weight, efficiency, price, responsiveness, agility, newness of design, simplicity of design, etc. Model S and X are only superior if one needs a much larger car, which most people don't.

Sedans are more stable, safer and more efficient than similarly sized SUVs. They are objectively superior unless one needs larger volume, which most people actually don't even if they think they do.

Most cars are used by single commuters. All of the extra space, mass and resources used to make larger, heavier cars are mostly wasted most of the time.

It's a shame Tesla didn't skip the Model 3 and go right for the Model Y

(…but I'm sure all Model Y's will be D… and they probably be $40k-$45k+ A single motor Model 3 @ $35k is still pretty nice)

Pretty lame you don't make new multiple videos per week anymore… You just break down your Monday video into little segments…. So sad, SO LAZY. 👎

They should stop producing more models of cars if they haven't been able to manufacturer the ones they already have created

The weekly videos are really good and informative. However, taking parts of it and uploading those as new videos is not cool. That makes the subscribers think a new video is available until they watch it and realize it is something that was already broadcast in the weekly video. I understand Ben wants to increase his youtube advertisement revenue by getting more clicks out of his videos, but presenting old videos as something new for that is really not the right way..

A ‘a watered down’ Model X doesn’t make sense, that implies the same body shell with less bells and whistles, surely it will be a compact SUV, like a BMW X1 compared to an X5 etc.

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