Odenza Marketing Group Auto Dealer Testimonial

Hi, my name is David Kent, I’m Vice President of Sales
at Dueck Chevrolet Cadillac in Vancouver. In our market place where we sell cars
and trucks, you can buy a red, Cobalt Chevrolet at any Chevrolet dealer. We found with the incentive program
that Odenza offered us if we had something special to offer to our customers and if we trained our sales people well in
what the incentive was all about, we found we had a great competitive edge over
our next Chevrolet dealer beside us or down the road that is selling the identical same car, at pretty well
the same advertised prices that we were having in our paper advertising and we had an
incentive of a trip to offer. Our company has been dealing with Odenza over
the last 10 years and I must say that the reliability and the consistency in which they
dealt with our customers has been very very good. For example, if there was a problem
booking with an incentive all I had to do when I got the call from the customer was to
give them a phone number and a name at Odenza which was very convenient for me to do and
it was looked after immediately and I heard nothing else back from our customer
of anything that went wrong. So for us being in the business of selling
cars and trucks, not travel, that’s a great tool for us to have.>>Narrator: Speak with a product specialist today. 1-866-883-2968. Odenza Marketing Group.
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