Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

[ ♪♪ ] David:This is
your Marketplace.
[ ♪♪ ] David:When should
you get your oil changed?
Six months,
or 8,000 kilometres. David:We put that to the test.Man:This is the used oil,
this is the new oil.
David:You might be surprised
what we find.
People have to recognize
this is a sales job every time you go in
to get your car fixed. David:You can’t afford
to miss your
Marketplace. [♪♪] David:We’re hanging
out at the pumps.
How often do you
get your oil changed? Every six months. David:To gauge what
drivers know about when
to get an oil change.David:Can I ask you a really
quick question for
CBC? Sure. David: Your oil
change sticker up there. Yes. David: How often do
you get the oil done? Whenever it tells me. Whatever that kilometres
on there, that’s when I take it in. David: And do you know how
often that is, every–? About every six months. David: How often do
you change your oil? Once every three months. Every 5,000 kilometres. Why? ‘Cause that’s what
they recommend to do. David: Who does?
-The– the dealership. David:But with oil changes
costing as much as a hundred
bucks a pop, is that
the right advice?
Can you read something for me? Sure. David: What’s that
line there say? Change the
engine oil every year. Davis: Change the
engine oil every year. Yeah. David: How often
are you doing it? I do it every
three months or so. David:Check out most owner’s
manuals and you’ll see more and
more auto makers now say
you can go longer before
replacing your oil.[ ♪♪ ] Siri From Phone:The
destination is on your left.
David:We want to
see what dealerships,
which are owned independently
from the manufacturer,
will recommend to us.So we choose six vehicles with
the same instructions in their
owner’s manual.That is, replace the oil when
the indicator light comes on.
Not to exceed 12 months
or 16,000 kilometres,
whichever comes first.[ ♪♪ ] David:Then we pay
a visit to one of each
corresponding dealerships.David:The service advisor at
this Honda dealership gives the
same recommendation
as the owner’s manual.
advice at this Acura garage.
David:But at
this Fiat facility.
David:How about
this Dodge dealership?
David:And at
this Ford dealer.
David:Remember, the manual
says as long as the indicator
doesn’t come on,
it can go twice that.
David:So who’s telling
the truth and who’s taking
us for a ride?Mark Wynnton is a licensed
mechanic and former instructor
in south-western Ontario.Oil changes, what if the
dealership says get it done every six months but your
owner’s manual there says only every year. The people who built the car
and engineered it and assembled it, all their
knowledge is in that book, and that is king. It overrides anything
a dealer can tell you. In most cases today, cars have
an oil change monitoring system where the car alerts the driver
to the oil change requirement when that might be. That’s what you follow. Nothing else. Otherwise, you’re changing
your oil too soon, you’re polluting
the environment, you’re wasting your money. [ ♪♪ ] David:So far,three of the five
dealerships we visit do not
even mention following that
oil change monitoring system.
So we head out for
one last test drive
with our 6th vehicle,this 2013 Jeep Wrangler.It belongs to Eric.He works for us.[ ♪♪ ] David:Just like our other
five test vehicles,
Eric’s owner’s manual says to
change the oil when that change
oil message appears.But no later than 12
months or 16,000 kilometres,
whichever comes first.It’s been eight months and
about a thousand kilometres
since the oil’s been changed.And there’s no
oil change message.
So what will they recommend
we do at this Jeep dealership?
I was looking at the owner’s
manual and it was saying that you can go up to 12
months or like 16,000 so —But why is it —
like why would —
David:A marketing ploy?Time to call in science.Fluid Life in
Brantford, Ontario.
It’s one of the largest
providers of oil analysis in
North America.Manager Mark Sherman
first pumps out
a sample to be tested.He also takes a
sample of brand-new,
unused oil.Mark:A little basis
of comparison.
David:Certainly looks darker
but does it need to be changed?
I’m using sample
stickers, Mark. David:The samples are
then shaken, weighed,
and placed in this
ICP spectrometer.
Mark:What we’re doing here
is we’re taking the sample,
inserting it into
the instrument
and it burns it
at temperatures
that are actually hotter
than the sun.
We’re really looking at whether
or not the oil looks like it is in a typical state for your
engine or whether it looks like it’s in an unacceptable state. David:The results should
tell us whether the oil in the
Jeep is still good.Give me the upshot. What have you found? Overall, these engine
oil results look really good actually. There was a slight
amount of oil degradation, but contamination level was
nice and the wear metals were quite low. David: Do you have a sense
of how much longer it could stay in that vehicle before it
needs to be changed? Well, it’s always difficult
to say that with a definitive answer but I can probably tell
you that this engine oil is good for probably another 3,000,
4,000 kilometres. David: Is there any
need to change it right now? I would not change
this oil right now. No, it looks good. David:So why might some
dealerships push more frequent
oil changes than needed?Lucas Leung,
he’s got a possible answer.
He’s a former service
advisor who’s worked
at six different dealerships.Because they’re
coming in more often, every time they walk in,
it’s an opportunity for us to find things on the
vehicle that may be wrong. David: So if you can upsell
the customer to have them doing an oil change more often than
maybe they need to do it, that’s your opportunity
to sell them other stuff. Correct. So every time they come more
often, it is a possibility that I can recommend more. David:We contact the
four dealerships whose service
advisors told us to change
the oil more often than the
indicator says.Dodge and Fiat say they stand
by the advice given by their
service advisors.Jeep’s got nothing to add.But the Ford
dealership confirms
drivers should consult theirowner’s manual to determine
their oil change interval.
So let’s take a look at this.Back at the gas station, we ask
people to take a look at their
owner’s manual.What’s that say there? However your engine oil and
filter must be changed at least once a year. It says every year, yeah. David: Yeah, it means maybe
you’re doing the oil four times more often than
you’re supposed to. Now I will go back to
Honda and tell them that. David: So, you’re going right
to the dealership? Absolutely. David: Why would a dealership
want you to come in to get something done more often? For the money. [ ♪♪ ] There’s 50 million cars in
Canada and they all take four, five litres so that’s a lot of
hazardous waste and it’s a waste of money. I mean, people have to
recognize this is a sales job. Every time you go in
to get your car fixed, there is no two ways about that.And I don’t know how to put
that any clearer than that.
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What oil , traditional, synthetic mix or full synthetic all of the got different life span to and it will tell u in the manual,

That's a lie I get my oil changed every month or two months I never go past 3 months I know their job is to persuade you to break your car so they get paid to fix it duhhh they cant make money if your car is running great 🥂 most of yall wasting your money 😔.. and I change my own oil I DYI…

most synthetic can go 12000K no problem, I can tell by reading the comments most don't know what there talking about. this must be one of the biggest mis conceptions out there, kinda like with premium fuel. good on CBC for at least trying to shed some light and make people aware and regardless of your personal preferences. The point is an OEM Dealership has no business telling you to do an oil change more frequent then the Manufacturer has specified and once they have done that then they can offer there personal recommendation.

Every 3000 miles religiously… not once a year… this video is bad. The newer cars with full synthetic every 5000 miles. Thanks to this I have a 2003 Ford Taurus at 236000 miles and no problem

I personally go by the oil life monitor on my Buick which will go to zero percent after roughy 5000 km. If you don’t have an oil life monitor, change the oil every 5000-6000 km if you use regular oil. If you use full synthetic, you and push it to 8000-10 000 km.

My salesman told me I don’t need to change the oil until the oil life minister told me to 2016 Chevy Impala it’s usually twice a year

Modern low mileage engines every 10k miles at least older engines 5-7k miles with high mileage oil or diesel oil for sure no need to change full synthetic every 3k miles unless you’re racing it daily lol

The owners manual also states, If you did not meet the recommended mileage to change your oil, then you will change it once a year. The oil life monitor on some vehicles also calculates how many cold, hot starts, mileage and idling hours you've done to determined how often to change your oil. It also states on some vehicles to change your oil once a year under normal driving conditions. Like California weather. Here in Can-Na-Da, we don't drive our vehicles under normal driving condition. We fall under server driving conditions. What the CBC is telling the public is so misleading. Someone is going to buy a new engine if they listen to this garbage.

I change my synthetic oil every 7000 miles with a Castrol 10/30 full synthetic Titanium with a premium Bosh filter. Result my 1996 Jaguar XJ 6 has reached 280,000 miles , same mileage on ZF transmission and differential. I drive only with Castrol for the last 12 years and I have never been happy. Note, my engine is almost 25 years but it's life depends on the type of oil you put in your engine. I am proud to say that I made the right decision with Castrol product for my car. Greetings from USA.

If you are planning to keep your car with its engine for a long time you have to change it twice often than recommend. Yes dealers want to make money on oil change but car manufacturers want you to buy a new car every 5/6 years. Think about that, I change my own oil and I do it 3 times as often as recommended by manufacturers and I put premium oil and gas

I want to take that mechanic srsly, and he’s right.. but he drives a POS Don’t she Chrysler product. I change mine every year or 4000 miles, I stick with conventional oil, not the BS over it charged synthetic oil changes. So with a coupon, I pay $27-32 average.

oil level needs to be checked, most engines consume oil. so in the end you should have it changed because nobody checks their oil level…smarten up fucktards

10,000 miles is absolutely way to late for an oil change. A 10,000 mile oil change means you'll be back with major issues from neglect AFTER that precious warranty expires, and need to buy a new vehicle…. manufacturers aren't in the business of fixing vehicles at all, they want you to buy vehicles.

bruh the one random jeeps oil u take isnt gonna be tarnished… thats just saying your 2015 jeep is running good. try that jeep with 250k on it then see for a fair test. Still shouldnt look bad

Lol had a lady come in with a seized engine …she thought u wait for the light as well but forgot she had 3 massive leaks.. fiats n audi etc burn oil quick… learn about something from ppl that actually know about the something u wanna learn… these ppl are the real cons their dads own the dealerships and tire kingdoms and the used car lots.. they need ur engine to be damaged to make money… the mechanics need ur engines to work so u can come back

Sarcastic*** ohh yes let’s follow the manufactures recommendation, the same ppl that claim transmission fluid is a life time fluid!!


If you are using regular oil, 3000 mi oil change is ok. If you are using synthetic you can change at 7500 miles.

It all depends on the driving conditions, you can buy oil and filter or a new engine and transmission. Its your money.

For me it just feels good to change my own oil! I know it was done right at a reasonable price. I use the oil and filter that I want to use. If I use any shady tactics, I'm only cheating myself. There's no driving away from the oil change wondering if they REALLY changed your oil or just charged you for it. I've always changed it based on the what the car manual says with no problems.

Car manual say: 10,000 miles OR 12 months whichever comes first.
Supposing you change you oil but drives only, say, 1000 miles a year…. this is only 10% of the distance recommended for oil change. But WHY change the oil at the end of the 12 months period? Can the oil deteriorate just by sitting for 12 months? What if someone change the oil and leave for a long vacation overseas (for 12 months or longer), does he have to change the oil again when he comes back? Can the oil degrade in his absence? I think the distance of usage should be the sole factor to judge an oil change. What do you say? Can an oil expert give a definitive answer here?

It depends on what kind of oil used. Conv or Syth oils do make a difference on how long the oil lasts. Basically – follow what the oil says and the owner book says. If you put syth in – it can go to 10k miles a lot of the time. Conv – probably 5k. The learning lesson – do your own oil change. Save the labor costs and know what's being put inside your car.

My 2007 Ford Fusion has 232,000 miles (373,368 km) and I change my oil every 3,000 miles (4,829 km). I take "experts" with a grain of salt. The oil life indicator is a marketing gimmick design to get people to replace their cars far more often than necessary. The manual was written by the marketing department, not by the engineers. When the average car costs $38,000 (USD) you have already wasted your money buying this overpriced piece of junk.

3000 miles conventional. Sure you can stretch it out. But why would you do that? Costs me $30 to change it. With my mileage I change it five times a year. $150 a year is a worthy expense to avoid damaging rods, pistons, cylinder bores…. any one of them would far exceed the cost of frequent oil changes. You probably spend more than that on coffees. Change it often, change it early. Good lubrication is the only reason the engine doesn't sieze on your way to work.

My advise is to change it between 5000-7000 and not just the oil but air filter oil filter diesel filter they are very important if u change the oil filter and not the others u are letting dirt come inside the engine and bigger problems will show after is better to keep your engine clean and run smoothly sow change all those three filters and the oil at the same time and you would not need to go to servise and spend more money on your car if u maintain like this

Tite clearances and synthetic is why they think they can get away with it. Engines are closed to air crankcase contamination. Now days. That helps.. But most vehicle's are really just Alliances. Replace them every 3 year's.

Follow this and be prepared for sludge in engine. Every 3000 for conventional, 5000 for synthetic with quality filter. A little now saves you from big repairs.

Most of the indacators on the dash can be changed to anything in the inboard menu. That is not accurate with manufacturers. Manufacturers go off brand new engine specs not 50,000 mile engine and so on they don't test them that long or the oil manufacturers that made the oil your report is not accurate I'm A Certified Technician and engineer

But in Canada you need to change it every 6 months cause of the temperature change. Plus Toyota recommend oil 0W16.

It depends on what kind of oil you are using to.
If you are using regular oil.
You should change your oil every 3000 ks or 3 mouths
If you using synthetic oil you can change your oil every 7000 ks or 5 mouths.
Mind you synthetic oil cost twice as much as a regular oil change.

Canada. I love you. Marketplace should NEVER go away. I live in California, USA and love the show. It's like to catch a predator: Corporate… Hahhaa

You can go longer with synthetic. I change once every 1.5-2yrs, oil barely looks used. It really depends on where you live. Cities with a lot of stop and go traffic will probably need to be changed earlier. Also you can tell by the smell of oil when its due also.

I don't change it by the month and when it says. I change it every 5000 miles. My dad told me to waste the money do it every 5000 miles if that's what your manual says they're trying to make a fast buck.

Most mechanics the do oil are rip off. Set for one hes honest If I'm not happy about to work you even give a refund and that. What it was leaking in my car told Meade referred me to someone else to put a new R window when come to find out he was something totally different so he gave me a whatever it cost for free oil changes. That's center city automotive Davis California.

4:34 SHE is right! The key is … what is the plan you have for the vehicle you drive? keep it for the longest time possible or trade in after 3 or 4 years
I have a 2007 Chrysler Aspen and 2008 300 both have had the oil changed every 5K miles since new, at the same dealership I bought them, just plain Pennzoil motor oil, never used any additives nor synthetic, both run like new, BUT if you don't want to keep the vehicle for the long run, replace the oil every 10 or 12K miles……

There is not a exact science when serviced. The variable is car, driver, weather, environment so recommend service is suggested and it's a guide and not a exact science because of the variable!

Go to any one of the dedicated oil change facilities like a quick-lube, jiffy, or even a Walmart and the minimum wage tech school dropout grease monkey with the Budweiser tattoos will love to condescendingly command you to do it every 3000 miles religiously like it’s an engraved footnote to the Ten Commandments. I’m like, “Dude, no offense, but this isn’t a 1979 land yacht. I think the highly educated career automotive engineers who designed my engine and wrote the manual know more about my specific engines oil change intervals than you do, but thanks for the advice.” 🙄

I change my own oil and filter at 5,000 miles or once a year whichever comes first and never had a problem, but to everyone else change it when you want. I have one car that states every 10,000 miles or once a year, I still go by 5,000 or one year.

This days with most car have turbo engines people have to change oil with 6000 km–8000km if you want your car to last long.
Turbo create lot more heat and burn oil way faster , oil its most important component on car.

One question I have is what if you only drive 2000 miles a year. Will the oil still break down over that amount of time that you need to change it once a year or do the miles driven matter?

There are many variables. A dealership most likely uses OEM filters and fully synthetic oil. If that's the case, no reason to change the oil before 1 yr or 12,000 miles. However, if one has an older car and has a generic "fast lube shop" change the oil where they use the cheapest filters and cheap conventional oil, then changing it every 6 months or 3-5000 miles is wise. Oil is cheap and engines are expensive. And also consider, car manufacturers are in the biz to sell cars. They just want them to last as long as the warranty. But engine damage from poor maintenance doesn't happen immediately. It happens over longer periods of time. So even if a driver didn't change the oil at all for the 1st 50K miles or so, most likely, the engine will still operate. But it will have sustained excessive wear, which will greatly lessen the life of the engine. But I digress. If you have a newer car, then follow the manufacturer's recommendation and use OEM filters and fully synthetic oil. If you have an older car like I do with higher mileage and you've been using conventional oil, then stick to a 3-5K mileage/6 month oil change schedule. And best yet, do it yourself if you can. That way, you KNOW what oil and filter are being used.

Should be changed every 7-8000 km. Period.(using synthetic) Want your car to last ? Thats the way. I would never pay 30 bucks for an oil change lol. Those are what you call butcher mechanics that reuse oil.

Dirty oil can also leave deposits in your engine ,clogged valves ,rings and other things so I kind of disagree with this article I think it's good to have cleaner oil maybe not as often as we're told but not to let it go too long.

The crazy thing is most manufacturers recommend changing every 10k miles… but doesn’t driving conditions and weather impact the life and purity of an oil? Do they think the oil will hold up the same in a city with no traffic vs one with stop and go traffic?

This is so misleading
So many factors involved when it comes to driving habits , and some engines like GDI technology engines need special atten when it comes to oil change ,
Oil change is the cheapest and most important service of vehicle

Can't believe my taxes paid to produce this. Every year or 5000km is what you should be doing. If you use synthetic oil maybe 7500 kms. Doesn't pollute anything, oil is recycled. Always change it myself, soon I'll be driving 2000 km a week for work, so I'll be changing it every 2 weeks

Maybe i'm in the minority but i don't mind changing my own oil. Saving money is a factor but i prefer to do it myself so i can use that time under the car to inspect seals/bushings/etc. and i have a preference to certain oils and filters that aren't always available at the dealership or at the oil change shops.

It’s only every year if you drive less than 3k miles other wise every 3-5k miles not changing your oil is a bad mistake for how cheap it is

This video is misleading to some degree. You never want to get near the limit. If the manual says 12 months do 9. And if it says 16k kilometers don’t go over 12k kilometers.

Dumbasses that run this story. The manufacturers put out 0w-20 for economy, and long oil change intervals to look good to the EPA. Realistically, 0w-20 oil is too thin for an engine, 5w-30 or 0w-30 true synthetic and as far as oil change depends on duty cycle of the oil. Dusty dessert driving 3k, most city cars if true synthetic oil about 12,000 miles, synthetic blends about 6000-7000 miles… Dino oil 3500 miles. I never put 0w-20 on any of my cars. 5w-30 on economy cars.

Honda's from about 2001 have a maintenance minder that calculates oil change usage through algorithm input from various driving conditions. Ist maintenance minder and current one had/have no interval calculating time driven. Means if you drive it short distance like grandma to the grocery store or small distances locally you may not need to change your oil in, one or two or 3 years as it doesn't calculate for that type of driving therefore no % oil life use change interval indicating it need a to be changed. Now they say by the maintenance minder % or every year. I adhere to the maintenance minder loosely, in that I won't go up to the 85% as I tow a trailer infrequently and may do it at 50 or 60 %. I still adhere to the a frequent oil and filter change as do many old techs but no way would I recommend a normal oil change as frequently as customer were told. Service advisers unless they are or were mechanics have no clue as to what is what's up with your vehicle, telling you oil breaks down in so many Clicks and other nonsense is exactly that.
When the Civic and Accord were first introduced the statemnt made was "The Quality The Honda Vehicle By Far Exceeds The Quality Of Service Dealers Provide" I'd say it hasn't changed much in 40 odd years. Hey H dealers I'll send your customers to a known good independent shop for routine maintenance and service. They'll get treated well and aren't overcharged or I won't recommend them. And folks if you get your service done independently or are able to do it yourself keep your receipts, make a chart and log them for the service, even tire rotation etc.
This is acceptable for proof of service and if your car is under warranty. I still recommend Honda Genuine parts though not aftermarket equivilent and the appropriate engine oil. Refer to your owners manual for your servicing and other info. This is much neglected publication that if your familiar with it will improve your knowledge of your vehicle and this supersedes anything anyone will tell you as its gospel,

been using mobil 1 extended performance and filter in an 03 hyundai elantra that my younger brother now drives we have done 10k/1year intervals for pretty much the whole cars life and it still runs great at 216k miles atm. oils have defintely gotten better and so far doing a yearly oil change with good synthetic oil and filters have treated us very well in our cars. but changing your oil a little early is never bad. but It also depends how you drive and where you drive. if your driving hard city miles changing sooner may be better.or if you drive much less lead foot city miles you may not have to change as soon same with if you drive mostily high way free way. alot of factors come into play but that shop saying 5k for standard conventional oil is pretty accurate so the fact they shoved well this says yearly in there face is a little one sided to make them look pure evil

My honda crv manual says every 10,000 miles but every after 3,000 miles the oil is in below minimum. It burns oil…. So whatever the manual says u should check your oil every gas fill up to make sure…

depends on the car older cars are every 3000 miles newer some 5000 some 7500 some 10000 and even 15000 but I recommend every 5000, better to change that not

Every 3000 Miles I don't care if it's full synthetic I change mine every 3000 miles no way I would ever go a year or 10000 miles on oil

I drive a 2017 Mazda 3 2.0L manual. I occasionally spirited drive and I do Uber. I change mine every 5,000 miles 8,047.72 Km. Sometimes even shorter because I drive hard.

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