Outlawing Collective Bargaining? Stupid States Do Stupid Things

the interesting facts there are five states they do not have collectively a
collective bargaining for educators and have actually did actually deemed it
legal for educators dev collective bargaining those states and their ranking on a c_t_
n s_a_t_ scores college admissions now list do i think that standardized tests are
the best way to measure whether or not so much a blind in college this is one of the measures that we have and those states that do not have collective
bargaining for educators their ranking on a_z_t_ an s_a_t_ scores
are as follows and this comes from uh… a a commentary maki capitalism which we have those suits check dot south carolina in the nation in a_z_t_ an s_a_t_ scores now too and north carolina forty ninth in the rations nation georgia forty eighth in the nation forty seventh in the nation and the only other state the country that does not allow
collective bargaining and made it illegal for educators would be virginia which out does its competitors by coming
in at forty four th in the nation wisconsin number two in the nation so that collective bargaining by
teachers that scott walker wants to destroy as a means of destroying the union currently ranked number two an s_a_t_ a c_t_ sewers paragon so whether or not you think
that’s a good measure certainly that’s also one of the means
stabilize testing and where you get uh… federal funds which i also dun s early group but don’t tell me their collective
bargaining hurts uh… student’s ability to learn and also if you were think that this is a correlation to poverty ranga again juniors not mination per-capita income texas twenty-first georgia thirty-six
north carolina tied thirty six south carolina forty seven so i don’t know if there’s a correlation but that’s quite a coincident and i can
tell you this what he clearly proves is their collective bargaining by
teachers does not hurt a state of illegal dedicate


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Thanks for clarifying your opinion of SAT/ACT scores; those along with other standardized test scores aren't the best way to measure successful educators, but as you mention they are one of the measures we have. They're also supposed to be the best indicator of college success and involved with every college application I can imagine, so they're quite important.

You mention poverty, but I'd like to know if there are confounding variables affecting these scores other than collective bargaining.

Wow all South Carolina need do is allow collective bargaining for all government employee's and they could be second in S A T scores. Sam is such a smart man, Yes the privet sector paying for pensions instead of Gov. employee's using 401K style retirement plans as the producers have to is a bad idea. Making someone work more than 20 years in order to receive your pension is cruel and un fair

Unfortunately correlation and causation are very different animals. One can make a correlation between cheese production and SAT scores as well. Increasing cheese production in other states is probably not going to increase the average test scores. Public sector collective bargaining powers is a complex subject that requires not only a detailed analysis of our present situation, but an understanding of history and why these powers were give to public sector unions in the first place.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

These scores are an idiotic way of ranking not only a person’s education level, but the way you went about presenting you facts is very poor. Scores vary greatly by how many students take the exam. The more who take it, the lower the state's score is likely to be. In saying this, yes Wisconsin’s scores are very high, but in 2007 (according to USA Today) Wisconsin’s participatory rate is 6/100 compared to the nation.

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