Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks | Juicy, Tender, and Moist Chicken Drumsticks

hello everyone please welcome and join me Indian & Punjabi Style cooking best of all my easy steps cooking I’m going to bring you today mouth-watering delightful delicious tandoori drumstick I’m going to make the tandoori drumstick chicken in oven not in the tandoor and I’m going to share with you how do I do it let’s get started the ingredients we need drumsticks already cleaned the drumsticks I take the skin out I make a three cuts on each drumsticks I have 16 pieces need a 1 tablespoon of or salt black pepper red chili curry powder mango powder ginger paste garlic paste each one of them consists of 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp I’m going to use the color red color so the most important ingredient we are going to need 1 cup yogurt bring olive oil and bring all spices in there ginger garlic paste mango powder curry powder black pepper once all spices are added with the Yogurt and olive oil ginger garlic paste I will mix it you mix it all it’s all mix now I’ll bring the color good amount of color which is I would say 1 teaspoon this color going to bring our chicken as tandoori color once the color is a mix I’ll bring my chicken and this is the important thing that we need to use our hands I’m going to use my hands I’m going to make sure that all chickens are fully marinated seasoning goes inside the chicken once we eat it it tastes good all looking beautiful chicken looking good I will use a plastic wrap to seal it and all let it sit for four hours I’m going to put it in my fridge my chicken is marinated for four hours sitting in a fridge I just took it out I’m going to open it it’s beautiful looking look at that red chilli is coming up floating all over so what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna move around one time looks good so I’m going to move this one back and I’ll bring the tray up so you can see it what I will do I will lay out chicken on the tray as for space saving purposes you lay out the one this way one facing other side the same thing I’m going to do another side it’s looking beautiful couple more left two four six seven two four six and 14 so we got sixteen chicken pieces now we got 2x now so I have to lay out in the middle because there is not enough room on a side when you cook with easy steps one thing is the good thing that you don’t have to worry about greasing your pan you don’t have to put any oil on your pans you just put your chicken straight onto the pan and now I’m going to show you basically how we’re going to improve our cooking how are we going to make it more moist and more juicy our tandoori chicken so I’m going to take this one to my oven then I’m going to cook for 25 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit now oven started at 450 degree baked and it’s a convection bake I’m going to let it set for 25 minutes it’s going to be cooked well but after 20 minutes I’m going to check it I pull a tray out one thing I wanted to mention to you that when you cook with easy steps and I always keep saying please try this method and you will like it I’m going to fill up my try this one takes almost 2 cups I was smaller tray if you have a bigger tray then take more so this way when we cook so I’m going to pus h it back then we’re going to cook it this way it will let’s expedite the cooking and our meat chicken any meat it will stay moist and when its moist you enjoy the cooking you enjoy the meat so will be back after 25 minutes it’s exactly 25 minutes I said I’m going to come back the 20 minutes and then all the turn it over I just got busy so now exactly 25 minutes look at this I have my convection oven going on look how beautiful they are well cook I did not even turned over if I can show to you look at this the other side so what I will do I’m going to turn oven off and I’m just going to turn it and I’m going to let it sit maybe 1 or 2 minutes in there and look at that super moist it’s already cooked this is one of the advantage cooking with easy steps and you don’t have to turn it the chicken over once you if you set to your oven for 25 minutes you set it and forget it you know automatically shuts off and the time you come back it’s all well cook and not only well cook it will cook up to your perfection what do you really want looking at how the steam coming out and if I can show you my water the water is still there all the fat whatever it came out of the chicken that went inside that’s what’s called a healthy cooking so chicken is done I’m going to serve into my serving platter my beautiful delicious looking tandoori drumstick but made in oven with easy steps I can’t even resist myself but I have to share with you take a look how beautiful they look I’m going to share with you look how beautiful I’m gonna grab any one of them it’s so heavy I’m going to put it down I’ll grab one piece and look at this that is the moist to perfection hmm if I keep eating then I won’t be able to finish the video so I’ll finish that later so thank you for joining my indian punjabi style and best of all easy steps cooking the tandoori drumsticks made in oven if you liked it please give me thumbs up and please don’t forget to subscribe and share and i’m going to see you soon with the new recipe thank you very much bye bye


my kids and I loved it. tastes very much like the tandoori chicken from the restaurant i used to work at. thank you so much for sharing this!

It is always wonderful to cook with easy steps!! I think I have tried most of your recipes and they have turned out yumπŸ‘πŸ»Thank you for sharing such delicious recipes.

Love your personality and your recipe😊 I just can’t find the mango paste I am cooking my chicken right now πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Thank you for the Tip….. "adding water in the bottom tray"; mine always dry up….going forward I will try this method.

Did it your way using thighs (with the skin and bone) for my wife and in laws, for Xmas. They all loved it! Even visually, it looked juicy. Thank you for the water tip! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Clean up was a breeze. Doing it again tonight, but with a dry rub of spices. Should be interesting.

Plz reply soon..how can i bake it if i don hav this double broiler..i only have wire rack n bake tray with my elwctric oven..i have to bake it plz reply soon

I love the water on the tray method. Tried it tonite and it turned out excellent.. juicy chicken, man better than grilling them in the tandoor!

very nice colour tandoori chicken your method I love it one question where can buy mango powder? thank you for your video

Hi..I am trying to cook first time in the oven with chicken drumsticks.I follow the same method.though chicken cooked well but masala didn't cooked properly one side ..What should I do to avoid this

Very nicely explained .. the best part is that u have shown mode ( convection) of the oven which I was waiting for months πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Just a quick Question Do we need to preheat the oven ..?

Followed this recipe with measurements as given. I had some thigh pieces too, along with drumsticks. I cooked for 15 mins one side, 15 mins other side and then 10 mins on other side. I kept the pieces far apart, not touching each other. It was so soft and juicy, the whole batch was gone! Delicious! The tip with water is absolutely spot on.

Wow thanks for sharing sir I wanna try this chicken tandori drumstick in the oven.. looks beautifull and yummy..

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