Pajero Sport 2018 model auto – custom dyno tune!

Hey guys, it’s Rob from Ultimate Diesel Tuning. Today we have got Cameron from Can’t Fault It 4X4’s 2018 Pajero Sport. Cameron’s brought in the car for a custom dyno tune. As you can see, this is no ordinary Pajero Sport! It’s got a nice set of rims and tyres on it, it’s been lifted it and has a swag of awesome additions. Cam wanted to turn it into a very capable rig, regardless of whether it’s on the beach, hitting the bush and off-road tracks, or on the bitumen – and he’s certainly done just that. Now Pajero Sports are not the most common car to modify. So you may be asking why he chose this particular car? Well, it’s quite simple – Cam likes to go against the grain and do things a little bit differently! So when he saw the Pajero he saw a lot of potential and from there on in, it’s been history. The Pajero is now carrying a bit of extra weight, so the usual diesel sluggishness and turbo lag is now even worse. Cam also reported very average fuel economy. The Pajero has a DPF-back exhaust system and Cam’s fitted an aftermarket catch-can. The guys have just done an inspection to ensure all the fluids are OK and there are no leaks. So the car is now ready to custom dyno tune to transform this Pajero. We then perform power runs on the dyno to get base power and torque figures, then we carry out the custom dyno tune. Righto, we’ve just finished the custom dyno tune, so let’s check out the gains In standard form, with the DPF-back exhaust system, the car ran 96 Kilowatts and 336 Newton meters at the rear wheels. After completing the custom dyno tune, it went to 123 Kilowatts and 419 Newton meters. This represents a 28 percent gain in peak power and 25 percent gain in torque! The most noticeable thing about the tune with this vehicle is that between 1700 and 1900 rpm is a 43 percent gain in torque, down low! What an awesome car this is and now it’s got the performance from the engine to back it up. This car is going to leave this afternoon with a 43 percent gain down low in torque, as well as excellent gains in horsepower and torque across the entire rev range. Cam will love it! These gains will be really noticeable, as well as a saving in fuel. So when you’re looking to custom dyno tune your car, give us a call at Ultimate Diesel Tuning – Brisbane Gold Coast and Melbourne. And make sure you subscribe to us at Ultimate Diesel Tuning on YouTube.

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