Papua New Guinea paper 20 kina and their legal tender status.

hello people ain’t going today I just
want to show you the 20 kina from Papua New Guinea that is in the paper form and
up top we have the old version then bottom we have the newer version okay as
you can see they pretty much the same the bottom version is a commemorative
mark and the Parliament House of Papua New Guinea top version just has the coat
of arms and a stylized image here of whatever it is not too sure anyway the
design pattern is based on traditional designs from various tribal groups and
if you don’t know probably you can use last something like six hundred
languages so the tribal groupings will be very large okay reverse of these
banknotes is unchanged for the most part okay has a peak as I’m tribal jewelry
made out of seashells most of them are carries like here carry shells snails
and the mainly anekal a swarm okay and got design patents traditional designs
here and if we look at the security feature okay looks like that I go from the bank
of Papua New Guinea which should be some type of traditional jewelry but that’s
just a guess I’m not too sure I can’t really find much information on it so if
you have any information please let us know anyway the major thing I just want
to say about these banknotes is at the paperback notes for any denomination and
no longer legal tender in Papua New Guinea you cannot change them at the any
bank you may be able to change them out to bank of Papua New Guinea you cannot
use them as money and this was put into legislation in 2012 you can actually
find it on the Papua New Guinea website so that may that is the reason why this
one thing cost like a dollar or two dollars to actually buy from the
internet it’s good can’t use them in Papua New Guinea anymore and the same as
this one at the top okay so i hope that information clarifies why paperback
nesslun proper New Guinea a cheap to buy these days okay thank you very much and
have a nice day


The morning light of your latest videos looks nice and peaceful just thought I'd mention that.keep up the good work😀🤑Also in PNG They speak approx 700 languages and have inhabited the islands there for approx 40,000 years.Cheers

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