Peugeot RCZ R 270 THP Test – Car Report Online – english sub

Hello to a new episode of “Car Report Online” today i have to speak louder because i’ve got many power Get ready for the new Peugeot RCZ R! Let’s go! The ‘R’ on the rear of the triumphant sportcoupé RCZ is new and makes it to the most powerfull peugeot ever made with 270PS the ‘R’ got 70 PS more than its little brother RCZ the pistons are made of a special aluminium base … formula 1 technique the facelift makes the RCZ more fresh the ‘R’ gets some specials like big 19″ rims a spoiler and a big double piped exhaust system … sounding better inside than outside altogether the ‘R’ appears aggressive but also beautiful … like a french car should be Incredible how the ‘RCZ’ squeezes me in the seats and accelerates without any turbo lag putting the pedal to the medal you will need your right hand on the gearshift everytime big fun makes also the short reduced gear box …even on the highway with special tires for racing porpuse, made by Good Year… a 10mm lower chassis… tight springs, modified balancers… … the ‘R’ hunts every curve the torse-differential masters the stability understeering is not possible at all GREAT! Because of the front engine of the new Peugeot RCZ R there is enough space for a spacious boot in the back of the car the golf bag fits without any trouble …and also some waterboxes the tank cap is half inside the boot door Peugeot thinks about 6.3 litres fuel / 100km… but you can drive the ‘RCZ’ easily with 7,5 litres fuel rrracy handling thats what Peugeot wants with the new ‘RCZ R’ 270PS, a direct handling, powerfull acceleration and great tires making a lot of fun especially on twisting streets also on the highway… the cars maxium speed is at 250km/h… in every circumstance the car makes a lot of fun and is also suitable for every day even of its hard chassis Big thanks to the dealer “Peugeot GmbH Mainz” for borrowing the car two days if you want to take a ride with this great car you can make a test drive for sure for everybody who want to read a test report and watch the video again.. just visit our website Have fun and see you next time 😉


Der Carreport mit den Peugeot RCZ-R ist richtig gut geworden meiner Meinung nach. Das neue Intro und Logo sieht richtig modern aus. Weiter So !

wie viel muss man für neue Bremsen bezahlen  mit Scheiben ? den die laufenden Kosten sind ja auch endscheidend ob man sich so ein Fahrzeug kauft.

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