Phanteks P300 TG Review – Insane Bargain!

money shot like I’m gonna cut right to
the point here Phanteks does excellent jobs making cases that are affordable
and premium so this right here is a $60 enclosure and you get tempered glass
included I’d like you to meet the P 300 I know I’m a bit late with this review
everyone else released theirs earlier in the day but this is a smaller take on
the P 400 from Phanteks which was already a great value in fact a tempered
glass edition of that case was my favorite case for the longest time up
until fractal released their defined C tempered glass Edition so like I said
the P 300 has a smaller chassis than the P 400 that’s why it’s a 300 not 400 also the basement is kind of like a part
of the chassis so you can see and feel the basement on the exterior of the case
and the tempered glass actually only goes down to where the basement begins
actually think it’s pretty cool gives us case a bit of flavor and definitely
distinguishes it from its competition also being this is only a $60 enclosure
seeing tempered glass on board is definitely a plus and no it’s not extra
tinted it’s just slightly tinted just enough in my book in terms of hardware
support we’re looking at ATX motherboards and smaller only because
there is an indention here kind of like the fractal defined C case that gives
more room in the back for cable management cable storage in general I
think that this is a worthy compromise most people aren’t going to use EI TX
cases the few that do are always going to make a big deal about how these cases
don’t support ei TX but the fact of the matter is a majority of people are using
a EXI as motherboards and smaller so I don’t see a problem going with the
better cable management in the back speaking of which it’s very clean back
here it’s very easy to kind of maneuver cables and store things that you really
don’t need especially if you don’t have a modular power supply I love the space
in the p300 it’s actually an easier case to build in believe it or not than the P
400 regarding fan and radiator support this actually takes on kind of like an
NZXT s340 vibe so you’ve got a single 120mm fan support in the back you have
up to a 140 millimeter fan on top only a single one and it does have a dust
filter included just a little magnetic one so at least there’s that
that’s something that the S 340 elite does not include a
pretty sure and then up front here you have support for up to a two hundred and
eighty millimeter AI oh I have a 240 in there right now you can see there’s
plenty of room still for a larger radiator but you can’t put a triple rat
in here and I’m about to show you why so if you remove the front panel of the
case you’ll find the hard drive tray actually turns sideways so that you can
access your drive base from the front this is actually pretty cool and at the
same time it does kind of cut into space in the basement so I have a really large
power supply here actually there are power supplies larger than this one on
the market but this one’s considerably larger than the average power supply for
a mid tier build and it will not fit including the cable links there’s no way
to get this power supply to fit in here so I had to use a smaller form factor
power supply because the hard drive tray was left intact if you want more space
down here you can remove the hard drive tray of course though there’s nowhere
else to put three and a half inch drives keep in mind this is still considered a
mid tower case so there are seven PCIe slots at the rear again that 120mm fan
rad support up top you have your motherboard rear i/o cutout down below
just a simple power supply mounting system no extra you know hinge or
anything like that to worry about here just like your power supply in from the
right side of the case the p300 stands firm on the ground with its four large
feet I’d say that’s about an inch or so of breathing room for the power supply
if you orient your fan downward and on the bottoms of the feet you’ll find
little foam pads to keep things from you know getting scratched up on your desk
that’s for front i/o the case is sporting a headphone jack microphone
jack and two USB 3.0 ports I can’t really complain here it’s a $60 case so
having the XP USB ports would have been nice but at least you got some up here
also there is an RGB cycle button up front which will change the color of the
power button up top as well as the thin LED strip at the front of the case on
top of the basement the p300 also includes extra wiring
harnesses if you want to attach some compatible LED strips or even sync it up
with your motherboards lighting system pretty cool how they’ve done this so if
you want a full on RGB build or just a rig that is you know suiting one color
scheme then you can actually control it all with this one button up top if you
really wanted I am a bit concerned about the front panel this has always been fan
Texas Achilles heel so there are two very tiny dust filters here and this is
basically reminiscent of how much this case is gonna offer you at least
four fans up front there is another best filter kind of integrated down here at
the base so there are dust prevention mechanisms built into the front panel
but the front panel itself is rather constricted I would say this is more
restrictive than the typical defined see defined s from factored design also
maybe even slightly more restrictive than the s340 elite because there are
these grill little slots here and it’s not just an open space for air to flow
through so this is probably the the most inconvenient thing about the P 300 then
again it was also inconvenient for the P 400 snaps in nice and sturdy there are
two other issues I have with this case at this point I’m just really being
picky because if you consider the $60 price tag this case is a huge bargain
I’m gonna recommend this case to anybody looking for a relatively affordable case
it also includes some amenities like tempered glass and RGB integration the
one thing that I’d like to see in with the basement is a cutout for VGA cables
there’s not one of those which means you have to route your graphics card cables
through the slots at the rear where you would funnily 24-pin at USB 3.0 and such
and that’s the other thing I want to complain about I’m not the biggest fan
of the way they’ve done this they’re angled at 90 degrees so the cutouts are
gonna make your cables look slightly and I just crushed and constricted I’ve
liked we’re seeing maybe a 45 degree angle here or just simple cutouts facing
the right side of the case but I’ve got to be honest in this regard as well this
is a huge bargain huge bargain for 60 bucks cannot stress that enough despite
the few downfalls that really I mean you can’t you can’t chop this case for it’s
60 bucks this is one heck of a bargain I’m gonna recommend it to anybody
looking for a case that’s not $100 this is yeah this is probably the best case
of 60 bucks period and I say that with confidence I haven’t built in anything
this cheap that is this nice to build in it’s this easy to build it and that
looks this good either as always you can find this product linked in the video
description along with this P 400 counterpart slightly large case but it
does offer a bit more breathing room for custom loops in one I’d be pretty
difficult to fit a custom loop in here you’d have to really cut back on
radiators and and things that are fairly important for custom loops if you want
to support us on Amazon you can click any of those links in buy products via
those links and that will give us a small kickback and we do recycle most of
that money back into the channel to bring more content
like this actually just went to Best Buy and purchased about 500 bucks worth of
storage drive so it does really help us out and it lets us build more pcs like
these and in cases that are as beautiful as this one and frankly even more
beautiful for 60 bucks this is a great case there are better cases out there
I’m gonna be honest but for 60 bucks there is no better case that I’ve come
across that is this great of a bargain if you liked this video be sure to give
it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe but if you had
already to stay tuned for more stuff like this on the channel this is science
studio thanks for building with us


Of course i get the P300 with the plastic side case a few months before this comes out. Time to upgrade the wife's computer case lol

this whole comments section seems to be full of console fanboys so may anyone shed light on this console peasant? all i want to know is if this is a good pc or not. obviously for gaming, battlefield 1, r6, pubg. would high settings or even ultra work? sorry for stupidity just remember i am from console

When is micro atx going to become more of the norm? Now that sli and crossfire is kinda becoming more stale. Would love to shell out the cash for this or the p400 if it had two less expansion slots

@2:41 Could you just fathom trying to do proper cable management with the hard drive facing that way? Yeesh!

Greg, tell me how that went, for you.

I like the look of the case EXEPT for the looks on the front. The corsair carbide spec 2 may be an inferior case but i like how the front looks vs hos this one looks asswell as i have a dvd drive and a sentry 3 so idk

I still like my fractal focus g. It does not have TG, but it is big and supports a lot of case fans. More importantly, I have 5.25 inch fan controller panel!

+The basement is apart of the exterior
+A strip of light
+Air vents coverd with dust filthers
-Not that good airflow(according to some people)

S340 elite
+Has a white version
+open to air
+/- a few mm bigger than my case right now
-dosent support 3.5 hdd
-no dust filther ontop


Just so you guys know eATX motherboards do fit. My ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME (REV 3.0) fit perfectly and I couldn't be happier. I have been looking for a smaller case to fit that damn board for the longest time.

That cheap of a price I would be willing to modify the case slightly to allow for better airflow from the front.

Honestly i don't see a big difference between the p300 and the p400, might because im dumb or something but tell me if im wrong

Only downside is with the case (mostly my fault) is that the top single fan is extremely close to the mobo. I've ordered a few phanteks halos for it but the top fan does not have enough room between the motherboard and case to add the halo to it. It could fit but you'd either need to drill an extra few holes to mount it away from the mobo or youd have to cut off a big portion of the frame of the halo.
Thought I'd say as I bet some people have had a similar issue to me.

Coolermaster has the Masterbox RGB 5 for 67 with shipping on newegg with 3 front RGB fans :/ and a full tempered glass panel

I wonder if noctua d-15 will fit inside. Huge cooler.. ordered already the pc with i7 8700K, noctua d-15 cooling and phanes eclipse p300

MasterBox Lite 5 RGB vs Phanteks P300 TG ??
P300 is so much better but the front panel looks sooo GODDAMNIT. if i have to choose between looks vs performance its a Stalemate. so how much difference can MasterBox Lite 5 RGB suffer with its poor intakes n air vents which cause poor temperatures. can u tell me the possible difference in temps between these two ?

Wait.. He’s using a 650w PSU for his build, and it includes his 8700k and his 1080ti. Is that enough? Would that be too little wattage to power his pc?

What do you have to plug in so the LEDs are lightning? I have the same case but cant put the USB 3.0 and the 12V extra cable in my motherboard cus it is to old (i am getting a new one soon).
So only with the 12V extra cable pluged in you can light the LEDs or? Cus there is a H.D. Power SW 2 pin cable too, and i question myself if I only plugged THIS cable in the wrong dspot or is the 12 V extra cable (it is build in the case i know) needed to light these god damn LEDs on? Pls answer

I am a little worried about the PSU space. Does it fit Corsair RMX650? its kinda seems to me the same size as the one you shown.

My mobo isnt rgb compatible, but if i buy some of the phanteks rgb stuff, i can just connect them to the case??

psu cover having no air holes means this is useless for me as i have to have my psu upright due to where I place my tower. Looking like the Fractal Define C Mesh for me then.

You say that this case does not support E- ATX boards, but their website and Newegg say that it does accommodate E-ATX up to 275 mm wide

El case esta muy bueno! Es cierto lo que dices de que hay cases mucho mejor pero a ese precio no! Me encanta cuando en los montajes de muestreo usan AIO como el NZXT o Deepcool Captain son muy bonitos y minimalistas! Se gano su Like 😄

Is that a Marshall head and cab I saw in the back there? You seem like the type of guy who would play a Les Paul.

Does anyone else have an issue were the bottom led strip does not light up? I got the power button to light up but can't get the bottom strip to light up. I found one connector that plugs to psu, is there a separate one for the bottom one?

Hey greg will the deepcool 240ex rgb be able to sync with the rgb button on this case? I have an older motherboard with no rgb header.

Hey, are there rooms for cables if I have G1 Sniper 5 s1150 size 30.5×26.4 cm, it is 2cm wider than yours, How will be fill ? Thx. I am looking for case with support EATX.

Hey Greg, I noticed that AIO fans are in pull position…do you prefer that instead of push. I know it'll be easier to clean the radiator but I still prefer push rather than pull fan position…you get better temps imo.

Thank you so much for this upload. You've included a lot of details that other reviewers didn't; I loved the zoomed in shots on the front I/O.

Just finished building, and my power supply will fit. It is extremely annoying, but you need to take the motherboard cable, farthest on the left, and connect it through the rack for the hard drive. For example, take the two racks out by pinching and sliding. Then, you have to squeeze your arm through that area to connect the motherboard cable. It is hard to see and you have to feel around. I used an EVGA power supply.

i know this is a year old video, but i can't get 2x140mm fans in the front, inside, just outside, and if ii put the vents outside and put the panel back is just… nothig.. the temp are going + 15-20 on thr cpu and + 10-13 on the gpu. They say that i can put 2×140 in the front but i can't see how..

I have this case and it's hard to work in this because it's hard to rout cables, the cutouts in the case are small and can be really tough to get the 24pin power connector and 6+2 pcie cables are visible.

Airflow isn't bad and you can put 140mm fans on the front and top I think but 120s work too.

It will be a tight fit for the really big gpus but it does look nice with the tempered glass

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