[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction – Episode 8] – The Elegance of Lexus IS and Porsche Cayenne

Good day, everyone! I’m Maria from Jimex Co LTD I came here to the biggest auction in Japan. And today, 11, 663 cars will be auctioned Jimex will make your wishes come true Please have a look at this amazing Lexus! The elegance of lines, flowing perfect red beauty. All windows have UV cut protection It has powerful LED lamps and Fog lamps and expressive front bumper Enjoy the graceful and smooth lines of the body Easy recognizing LEXUS IS 300H Hybrid Interior is made with dark color, soft leather seats that make us feel cozy and comfortable adjustable telescoping steering column Electronic security and traffic control systems The average price in the auction is 41,000 USD I’m in a dream car! This is what we need to feel the speed, luxury, comfort, and ardor… It is the most sporty, the most passable, dynamic and safe 440 horsepower, engine of 3600CC, black imagery It accelerates to 100KM from 5.2 sec Impeccable quality from Porsche’s family LED head and fog lamps are economical and durable Special aggressive bumper Side winker mirrors are the same color as a body Body lines are simple but very expressive AW Sports exhausting system is for sound’s fans PORSCHE CAYENNE GTS Panoramic roof adjustable from inside and it allows us to enjoy the trip Interior is made with dark soft leather. You can see the metallic parts which make the interior more elegant and stylish. Comfortable and cozy for a short trip and for a long one Leather power steering Leather sports seats 8 ways power front seats with lumbar support There is a light dashboard over the front window Electronic security and traffic control systems The average price in the auction is around 85 – 90,000 USD With Jimex Co Ltd You can buy any car from any market of the world How do we send purchased cars? It can be through container shipment or Ro-Ro Jimex Co Ltd has experienced team with Russian speakers. We are always in touch with our customers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via email, whatsapp, viber or skype Thanks a lot for your attention on this summer day, please do thumbs up for this video. To be continued

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