Poor Print Quality from Bargain Brand Toner

Print output from Bargain Brand cartridges can be a bit dodgy. Independent testing agency – BLI – put Xerox and Bargain Brand Ninestar cartridges head-to-head in the Phaser 6010. Xerox cartridges produced according to BLI consistently vibrant uniform color
business graphics and photos. While Ninestar output was inconsistent at times appearing washed out and mottled. Splotchy. Xerox solid print output was well solid. The same cannot be said for Ninestar which rendered solids with significant
mottling, white spots and image voids. Now putting Xerox against Coloursoft on the Phaser 6500 was no better. For the bargain brand that is. BLI found that Coloursoft cartridges exhibited severe toner flaking So here’s the bottom line. If you want the best image quality page after page, and the toner to stay on the page never by buy Bargain Brands. Buy Xerox cartridges. Safe. Reliable, Guaranteed.

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